There is nothing better for us to accept than that of CHRIST JESUS and HIS Word. Glory be to the GOD Most High! I watch and listen to how those who are in darkness have no problem accepting all the foolishness that’s out here in this sinful world. Sometimes I sit back and wonder if they have the ability to listen and see because they follow with the program of the wicked like little puppies who love unconditionally. The church should know that that there is nothing better than what the Word of GOD promises to people and share that with others in their words and actions. Ask yourself what is acceptable to you that you have received with pleasure and if it’s something that you desire to share with others such as GOD’s Good News. GOD’s Good News is what we all need, and we must try and give it to others as well as meet the needs of those who are without. This will give us, the church, gratification because this is what we should be doing. I guess this blog is being inspired by the lack of compassion that the president of the USA lacks. Today is the mark of one full month that people have not been able to earn a living and provide for their families. We as the church need to understand that though we are praying for those without, this is the opportunity that we must show the compassion of CHRIST JESUS, that we must be about doing the work and show the love of CHRIST JESUS rather than just the Words of CHRIST JESUS.

Today is the acceptable time that we are hearing the voice of GOD in our spirit. Today is the acceptable day that we usher the lost, the hurting, the distressed, the anxious and worried to CHRIST JESUS. We must show what we as the body and church of CHRIST are about. JESUS when on earth helped, HE did not sit back on HIS principles and just pray. HE saw the need and HE helped along with HIS disciples who also received gratification in what they were doing by following what JESUS was doing. JESUS is the One who preserves us. It’s the glory we must give to CHRIST JESUS that every person who does not work for the government but private industries so that we who are earning a living can help those who lack. Today, we must show the favor of GOD towards those who do not have. Not only should we share the salvation of the LORD GOD, but we are to offer our help which comes from the Holy GOD in the name of CHRIST JESUS. JESUS is a promise keeper. Today is the day that may be marked for someone who does not know the JESUS that we serve and are in a relationship with to see the CHRIST within us. Today should be the day that the cries of those who are lost and disturbed by their situation of lack are answered. Let them see that the GOD we worship is the One who guards and protects rather than the government. Today is the acceptable day that we pray asking the LORD for guidance and that the Holy Spirit is being heard in our spiritual ears to know what it is that we the church are to do for those who are without. Let people see through us that the GOD we worship is a merciful GOD giving HIM all the glory and praise when they thank us for helping and showing them the answer to all truth and HIS salvation. Today is the acceptable day that those who lack receive help because today is the day that GOD has heard their cries. We are to be seen as little JESUS walking around here on earth not just praying for people but actually doing what needs to be done. Show them that today is the acceptable and right time that salvation has heard their cries and is here to be a help. Today is their day that GOD is showing HIS favor because HE is hearing their cries and HE is arriving within us to help through HIS salvation. But don’t be amiss to share with them that today is the day to be saved in CHRIST JESUS.

In the name of JESUS let us go out and proclaim that today is the day which is acceptable to share with those who do not know JESUS to come and know HIM through their faith. Stop relying on New Year’s resolutions that resolve nothing because most don’t have the discipline to cease doing or the tenacity to persevere to that which they want to achieve. Some of us may have the ability to hire those who are dealing with this ridiculous furlough of the government initiated by the president of the USA. And, others may have a side hustle in selling products that generate income, share that with others. We can’t make anyone receive what we have to offer but at least we invited those who are in need to receive from GOD through our efforts. Let us be the blessing they are looking for. Let us be the help they need. Because today is the acceptable day to show the blessings, favor, grace, love, and mercy of our Savior. Give GOD all the glory.

Isaiah 49:8, Ps. 69:13, 2 Cor. 6:2, Luke 4:19




0000256_doormat-brown_220Are you the type that is classified approachable? If not, it’s not a big deal. In a way, it’s a good trait to have and a bad thing to be overly approachable. We often find children with this characteristic until we train it out of them. We should be approachable but not in every circumstance. Most often, we give access to people that we are comfortable with rather than people who are strangers feeling comfortable to approach us. Case in point, some people will not just strike up a friendly conversation with others due to the fear that we have of how others will react towards us. Then, you have those who will just go out of their way to make others comfortable, will smile to those who pass by or give a friendly greeting. But let’s get away from how we are when it comes to giving access to strangers. What about giving access to family, are we friendly and transparent with our family? In most cases, it’s most likely that we are not. We may think that the way we are with family is normal but, within our family, we should be so transparent that there are no family issues that can’t be dealt with. No one should be any closer to us than our family, we all have the VIP admittance into our natural family that GOD has placed us in. And yet, for some in our own home, we are strangers because we lack having a relationship with one another. Bless the name of JESUS who has given to each one of us the access to the FATHER. Not needing anyone to go to the FATHER on our behalf because we can go boldly into HIS throne room ourselves.

It is through CHRIST JESUS that we have access to our heavenly FATHER as much as we want to commune with HIM. We all can experience the favor, goodwill, and kindness of the FATHER directly ourselves. The free unmerited favor bestowed upon all the children of the Most High GOD is known to us by faith and knowledge from our own personal experience with HIM. The FATHER’s divine influence of us renews our heart and restrains us from living our former lives of sin. Also, we have access to the righteousness of CHRIST JESUS which is applied to those sins of action that we just can’t seem to shake off us. This is where we experience HIS abounding righteousness over sin. CHRIST JESUS has reconciled all who believe in HIM back to the FATHER. It is because of our faith that we have access into the throne room of GOD and to sit on our DADDY’s lap to speak with HIM. Having access to the FATHER provides us with a liberal disposition, meekness, patience and much more which proceeds from divine influence. We have access to the promised and eternal life with the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS, we have access to the Holy Spirit who gives to us liberally His wisdom with spiritual edification, improvement, and instruction. CHRIST JESUS is the door by which we have access to enter and receive the gift of salvation. We are no longer captives as we were in the dungeon of sin, where there is no rest. In CHRIST JESUS we have that rest that we so need, and we can go and come as we like. It is only the children of the Living GOD who has access to the FATHER by the Holy Spirit. We do not have a need to fear HIS presence as the Israelites did in the book of Exodus, therefore, we boldly have access to HIM. So, why is it that we have access to the FATHER? It’s all because of the Blood of JESUS. HIS blood is our key to enter HIS door to speak directly with the FATHER. No blood key, no access. The suffering that JESUS endured was for all of us who had no type of righteousness within us. This was a onetime requirement from the FATHER for us all, that anyone who will believe in HIS SON JESUS will have salvation and eternal life. And because we will be made alive at the beginning of our faith in HIS SON, we have access to GOD. We have access to the Almighty GOD who we should know intimately as FATHER because we are no longer far from HIM but have access to HIS presence.       

Romans 5:2; Jhn. 10:9, Eph. 2:18, 3:12, Heb. 10:19, 1 Ptr. 3:18




Why was JESUS crucified? Many will provide various answers, and some will be correct, and some will be in error. Religion has provided many various answers to the question, but the answer is found in the gospels where we find the declaration of HIS crime and offense. What was written and placed above the head of JESUS is the charge to why HE was crucified. Well, let’s take a better look at what the accusation was or is.

The accusation was written against HIM, this notice is the accusation against JESUS.

JESUS of Nazareth the King of the Jews

JESUS was not crucified for all the miracles that HE did, HE was not crucified for all the people HE healed and delivered, nor was HE crucified for feeding many people. HE was not even crucified for what HE was teaching. JESUS was crucified for being King of the Jews. Do you not recall how at the announcement of HIS birth the King wanted to have HIM killed? Mt. 2

Then there are those who are accusers they find blame with who we are and what we do. Where does this come from? It comes from the chief accuser satan himself. This is what happened at the trial of JESUS, HE was being accused but no one came forward with their false testimony. Two men came forward, however. They stated, “This man said, ‘I can tear down GOD’s temple and rebuild it in three days” Mt. 26:60-61. There will always be those who will find a reason to accuse us of our faults. I call them the fault finding, police. They never find an accusation against themselves, but they can find all the faults of others. No human will ever satisfy to the full another person. False Christianity is full of legalism instead of being full of faith in the grace and rest in CHRIST JESUS. Legalism is the Law of Moses and it is because of legalism that repels people from coming to CHRIST rather than ushering them to come closer to HIM. We are quick to tell others what they can’t do rather than share with them what we can do in CHRIST JESUS. Once we come to the full knowledge of who CHRIST JESUS is to us and who we are in CHRIST JESUS we will finally rest not giving a care to what we are being accused of. We who know who we are in CHRIST JESUS will know rest in the finished works of CHRIST instead of our performing to be in HIM. Our life in CHRIST is so refreshing and simple, yet, people who don’t understand our life in CHRIST grooms to make life difficult because of religion rather than a relationship with and in CHRIST. Know this my dear siblings in JESUS that in our salvation from CHRIST JESUS who is the authority of being the MESSIAH we have within us GOD’s kingdom, HIS power, and HIS strength, to allow CHRIST JESUS to deal with the accuser/satan who comes against us all. The first person he came after was JESUS, remember the charge which caused JESUS to be crucified? That idiot could not see the larger picture which that through the death of JESUS is our freedom from him was made. It was through the death of JESUS that our freedom was paid in full owing nothing. So, don’t get angry when wrongfully accused or maybe the accusation is correct just like the accusation of JESUS, it was not a lie HE is the King of the Jews. And the temple of the Living GOD was rebuilt in three days. JESUS kept silent regarding the accusations and this is the example we too must follow. The only time JESUS spoke was not regarding the accusations but when a question was asked of HIM. “Are YOU the MESSIAH, the SON of GOD?” “Yes, I AM. But I alone can guarantee that from now on you will see the Son of Man in the honored position—the one next to GOD the FATHER on the heavenly throne. HE will be coming on the clouds of heaven” Mt. 26:64. So, let people accuse us of whatever gives them their jolly’s. Know that our big brother JESUS is our Mediator and all those accusations are being thrown out of heaven.

Matthew 27:37; Mrk. 15:26; Revelation 12:10




Wow! Did you know that when we acknowledge whatever it is that we acknowledge we are taking ownership of whatever it is? For instance, admitting that which is true. Having special regard for GOD because we have received HIS begotten SON JESUS. Confession of or admitting to something that we realize is wrong in what we did or said. Being grateful for a favor or gift that was given to us. Or, admitting who we belong to and who belong to us. Well, if we didn’t know, now we know. But how will our knowledge help us in our identity in CHRIST JESUS? Let’s find out.

In the very essence of who we are in CHRIST JESUS, we are to remember HIM from the top of our head to the soul of our feet. Share the plans that we have for each day and allow HIM to direct us. Doing this will prevent unnecessary stress that we invite into our lives. We must come to acknowledge GOD for ourselves through CHRIST JESUS. We must have our own intimate relationship with the FATHER and stop trying to ride on the coat takes of others. We must acknowledge the LORD our GOD with an undivided heart and a willing mind. After all, who are we fooling but ourselves thinking that no one knows our motives and thoughts? GOD knows them all, so, since this is the truth of the matter why not give to GOD all our desires and allow HIM to accept us? This will keep us from having those ding-bat thoughts of abandonment by GOD which is far from the truth. When we entrust all of our efforts to the LORD by asking HIM to bless them we are acknowledging that because of our relationship in CHRIST JESUS we are successful in what we do. It is because we never give ourselves entirely to GOD that we become anxious and worried about things we have magnified when they are like ants or flees in size. Nothing is impossible for GOD because GOD is limitless and we ourselves have limits. Cease being afraid to ask the FATHER for what it is you desire, acknowledge the love that HE has for you and come boldly before HIM letting HIM know in your everyday use of your language and vocabulary what it is that we need or want. But most importantly, come before the KING with a thankful heart my dear Prince’s and Princesses. Acknowledge that we all lack the true wisdom which we can only receive from the FATHER through HIS Holy Spirit who should be living on the inside of each of us. If you don’t know who the Holy Spirit is or doubt about His living within you, find out by searching the scriptures about who He is and asks Him to come into you heart. Having Him in this manner gives us the fullness of GOD. Once we acknowledge that we have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us in full measure ask the FATHER daily for the wisdom we all need to live just for today. We will come to find that decisions will become sharper and the help we offer or have been asked to provide will be effortless. In the wisdom of the Holy Spirit there are no mistakes, should we encounter any mistakes it’s because we did not ask the Holy Spirit for help or we ignored what it was that He said to us. Some of us just don’t recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit. But know this my friends, by asking GOD for HIS wisdom, HE will not delay the wisdom that we need, and the Holy Spirit will provide us the wisdom we need in generous amounts.

Now, we know that it is imperative that we all acknowledge the LORD our GOD through CHRIST JESUS from every facet of our being.

Proverbs 3:6; 1 Chron., Prov. 16:3, Phil. 4:6, Jms. 1:5




I tried and I hope that it was done successfully to raise my children to stop calling everyone that they meet, attended school with or work with as their friend. There is such an enormous difference from one being a friend or acquaintance. We need to understand that we have far more acquaintances in our lives than we do friends. An acquaintance has a slight or superficial knowledge of, rather than having intimate knowledge of. To be acquainted is to have informed personal knowledge. JESUS CHRIST became that for us, HE became acquainted rather than being an acquaintance. Let’s look at the difference with scripture.

JESUS CHRIST who is our true friend not only is acquainted with all our ways HE is also familiar and knowledgeable with all our ways. That which we are, our happiness, sorrow, anxieties, griefs, pains, fatigue, whatever we are HE knows them intimately. When my kids were still in school I would do just as my parents did with me, most times that I came up to the school it was without their knowledge because I needed, and I wanted to see for myself who my children were without their knowledge of my being around. No one could and no one can tell me who my children are regarding their character, their essence because I saw for myself who my children were out of my presence. Sometimes, at home during those warm seasons while my kids were outside with the neighborhood kids, again, without their knowledge I would be near the open door or window, close enough to hear them but far enough away for them or the other kids to not see me. Parents, this is the time we discover just who our kids really are, this is one of the ways we become acquainted with who our children are when they don’t realize that we are near as well as when we are near, and we see them in action as well as communicate with them. I can recall when I was still employed one of my co-workers saying aloud to me, “Shawn aren’t you and I friends”? I turned to her and said pleasantly and with a smile “no”. She was shocked that I answered in that manner. I had to make it plain, we never see one another outside of the job site, we never spend any quality time together and share our lives with one another, you don’t know my family and I don’t know yours, you don’t know who I am outside of this place of employment as a person and vice-versa. Those that heard me put their heads down because I guess that it gave them something to think about or they just did not expect me to have thoughts such as that. I don’t know. I have the same friends that I had as a child a crowd of four. I used to have five, but one went to sleep/died. These dear people have always understood me and stuck by me no matter what. If or when I went/go through the fire they don’t stand at the other end calling me through, they take my hand and walk through the fire with me. And I hope that I have a track record of doing the same for them.

Just as in the past JESUS CHRIST was forsaken by people, today is no different and in the future, it will not change. Don’t you realize that this is painful? We all have experienced rejection. Don’t you know that JESUS CHRIST suffered just for you and you alone? This is the way we all must acknowledge HIS suffering. Sure, HE suffered for all mankind/people but see HIS suffering just for you, we must make JESUS personal to us alone. JESUS is familiar with all our emotionalism and because of our lack of understanding, because we see GOD so far away from us rather than being nearer to us than our own breath. We turn our face away from HIM because we ignore HIM not knowing that we don’t think of HIS being worthy to us, not knowing that we don’t think of HIM being anything to us, and not knowing that we think of HIM as being nothing to us.

CHRIST JESUS is the Great High Priest to those who know HIM and to those HE know. CHRIST JESUS sympathizes with our weaknesses. As the song say, “Who wouldn’t serve a GOD like this”? We are not alone when we realize that CHRIST JESUS is more than a passing fancy but rather the GOD who is acquainted with every humanistic quality that we have apart from sin because there was/is no sin in HIM.

Psalm 139:3; Isaiah 53:3; Heb. 4:14




I have great news for all who are adopted. It’s not a dirty word and it’s a great privilege to be adopted. So, cease from being angry, depressed, feeling unloved and whatever other negative emotions that I have witnessed those who know that they are adopted go through. Much like we all are or once were we are or were strangers to the FATHER GOD because CHRIST JESUS was not living within us or not presently living in us and we were not living within HIM. But once we heard the voice of the Holy Spirit calling out to us and we believed in CHRIST JESUS from the heart we became new in HIM because what we once were, was natural, earthly, and worldly led by the lust of our emotions and flesh. But in CHRIST JESUS we become supernatural. FATHER GOD took us from being children of sin and placed HIS favor and protection in and on us. And just as GOD gives to HIS children the exact same inheritance that HIS begotten and beloved SON JESUS has, natural parents also leave an inheritance to the child or children that they have adopted because they are not to be seen any differently from a child or children who came from the bodies of their parents.

I will be bragging more on what CHRIST JESUS has done for me rather than write in the way most of you have grown accustomed. Hopefully in my bragging of who I am in CHRIST JESUS those of you who know that you don’t live in JESUS and JESUS does not live in you will come to HIM today rather than later.

I am so thankful to be adopted and that I am like CHRIST JESUS in every way. Though there are some things that I have not seen manifested in my life yet, does not mean that I can’t do them. I am victorious in every area of my life because I’m adopted of my FATHER GOD. I know that I am a child of the Living GOD who is my FATHER because I have HIS Spirit and I can without reservation call HIM my DADDY, HE’s not just my FATHER but my DADDY. It was easy for me to relate to GOD being my DADDY because males can be father’s by impregnating a female, but it takes a real and nobleman to be a daddy. Daddy’s are providers, protectors, teachers, gainfully employed and all things positive towards and for their children. This is what I saw in my biological father and daddy. FATHER GOD is my provider, protector, teacher and everything I need HIM to be for me. HE has no need to work because HE is the Creator of everything and HE owns them all. I am in the house of my FATHER GOD this house is my home; I have been given a name that carries no shame and it is everlasting. I can and will never be cut off from HIM because I am HIS daughter.

I have been redeemed by my Big Brother CHRIST JESUS from the curse of the law; paid for in full; I can’t be exchanged for something better, and I can’t be returned because the sale was final. The Laws of Moses are actually inscribed on our heart this is why we know right from wrong and why we know maybe not in accurate order but we know the Ten Commandments because we are lawless without CHRIST JESUS and because we are not in HIM, HE is not in us and without JESUS living in us and we live in JESUS, FATHER GOD is not our FATHER or DADDY. Our father is satan and we faithfully obey his commands. But once we are adopted by willingly believing and accepting the gift of salvation offered to us by CHRIST JESUS all parental rights that satan once had on us is stripped from him and there is nothing that he can do about it. Ha-ha, I love it. And because I believed in CHRIST JESUS with many others before and after me; we have been given the authority to become the children of FATHER GOD, heirs with CHRIST JESUS all because we believe in the name of CHRIST JESUS. Ha, glory to the Almighty GOD for HE is worthy to be praised! Thank YOU, JESUS, for buying me back from that serpent of old. I’m joyfully adopted!

Romans 8:15; Is.56:5; Galatians 4:5; Jn. 1:12




For some who may know the general sense of what an advocate does often will get the true meaning incorrect. An advocate is an attorney or mediator who speaks up on our behalf. Some believe that an advocate begs all because they may hear the advocate use the word plea, this is not correct. When an advocate makes a plea on our behalf, he/she know exactly what to say and when to say something that is beneficial on our behalf. The advocate’s position is to get the judge; another advocate or someone we are in dispute with to view things from another reasonable perspective. The advocate will argue in support of a claim without raising his/her voice or using words that reflect the low vocabulary in which we often practice in defense against the claim of another. In scripture, we discover that CHRIST JESUS is called our Advocate, but we may not properly understand HIS position for us in this case. In every case, there are two sides the defense and the prosecutor. CHRIST JESUS is our DA and satan is the SA. In the courts of heaven, satan is always bringing about accusations against the children of the Most High GOD because we are incapable of thinking, seeing, speaking, listening and doing things as perfectly as JESUS did. However, this does not mean that we are not perfect in the eyes of the FATHER because when HE looks at us all HE sees is HIS SON’s precious blood covering us as HE listens to the plea from the Advocate. And, better than Perry Mason or Matlock depending on your generation our case is won and unlike Perry Mason or Matlock who have lost at least one case our Advocate never loses a case and never has to petition the court for a repeal of judgment.

The Advocate our DA or Mediator will never switch sides HE cannot and will not defend anyone who is not HIS client, meaning that the only clients our Advocate will speak up for are those who are true believers, we must be washed in the blood of JESUS and HE must reside within our heart as we must reside within HIM. The test that we have as knowing CHRIST JESUS to be our helper is to know without a shadow of a doubt that we belong to HIM and HE belongs to us. Our being the children of the Holy GOD will be the desire that we have not to sin, but, because there are times when we will either willingly (most often when irritated) or unwillingly (unaware sin or a mistake) sin we have an Advocate in heaven who is praying for us and speaking with our FATHER on our behalf. CHRIST JESUS has the complete approval of HIS FATHER so that when we come into the presence of our FATHER, CHRIST JESUS is the One doing the speaking because HE is the Righteous One. The one who will always find fault with us because we do err and sin is satan and his cohort of demons. They are the accusers of the brethren/accusers of the children of GOD. What they are constantly measuring us by is the Law of Moses because the law will never mix well with grace it’s like trying to perfectly blend together oil and water, it can’t be done we will always see them being separated. CHRIST JESUS died and now is alive seated at the right hand of the FATHER speaking up for us. Regardless of our believing or not there is only one True GOD and we have One True Advocate and HE is the only One who can speak for us. Having a mortal person who has the same challenges that we have is not qualified to speak up for us with the Almighty GOD. No human, none has the qualifications to be the just Advocate that we need before the FATHER. JESUS CHRIST is the only One who is perfect, without faults and who satisfied the FATHER so completely that JESUS was given the name that is above every other name and the position that everything must bow down to HIM be it above in the heavens, on earth, and in hell and our tongues will confess that HE alone is the LORD. We ourselves can go to the FATHER without trembling but rather in the boldness of CHRIST JESUS. Never should we rely on other humans to speak to the FATHER on our behalf, doing such is no different than when the High Priest who would go into the Holy of Holies by observing to do all the ritualistic portions of a ceremony in the Old Testament. The only human we are to rely on in heaven is CHRIST JESUS because HE is all Man and all GOD. HE is not a half breed or any other type of breed labels that humans are called. CHRIST JESUS can save everyone who desires to receive HIS gift of Salvation, HE will never go against our own will. It does not matter to HIM how horrible we see ourselves and it may be true that we are sinners in the worst way just as Saul saw himself before he was transformed into Paul. We are not impossible to be forgiven by CHRIST JESUS because it is you alone that HE suffered, died and is now alive for. No matter how despicable we see ourselves or don’t see ourselves sin is sin and there is no big sin and little sin. CHRIST JESUS is the only One who will bring us from being the farthest to the nearest of GOD. And once we belong to GOD, CHRIST JESUS will be our Advocate in heaven until HE returns to gather us to HIMself in the sky. JESUS is not in the manger, on the cross or in the borrowed tomb any longer. JESUS grew up and became a Man, as Man HE died on the cross for our sins HE had none and as Man, HE was placed in a borrowed tomb where HE woke up after three days and was seen by over five hundred people at one time. Today, CHRIST JESUS is in heaven in the presence and seated at the right hand of GOD the FATHER on our behalf.

1 John 2:1; Rom. 8:34; 1 Tim. 2:5; Heb. 7:25, 9:24