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July 31, 2020


The Holy Spirit and His Wisdom-Acts 6:3

Everyone who is in leadership, not necessarily those of us who are leaders in ministry. But anyone who is employed having your own business, those who have high executive positions, those who are middle management, those who are the head of their household, those who have within their DNA the alpha personalities, and to anyone else that I may have overlooked. If you are a natural-born leader or one who leads by being put into place due to promotion or necessity and you are void of GOD’s Wisdom those who follow you have been made miserable. Yet, those who are natural-born leaders or one who leads and hears the voice of the Spirit of Wisdom who is the Holy Spirit you will lead according to the direction, guidance, and leadership of His will. Looking for, asking of, and following the direction of the Holy Ghost and His wisdom and getting understanding will never cause us to fail.

Just as those who are not in constant leadership and those who un-admittedly are natural-born followers of what others do and say, must look for people who have good reputations. Dear brethren [female or male] if you are a follower but have not recognized that this is who you are, or if you are an assigned leader or an alpha leader hopefully you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit. For anyone who is a follower rather than leaders and for leaders who lead rather than follow it is imperative for you all to look for people who have good reputations and hopefully full with the abundance overflowing within the Holy Spirit. People void of the Holy Spirit are void of the Spirit of Wisdom because wisdom comes from above, wisdom belongs to FATHER GOD. Pseudo wisdom/earthly comes from experience and learning, this type of wisdom has to be readjusted depending on who we speak with, and what we are trying to accomplish. The Spirit of Wisdom who is the Holy Spirit will not provide anxiety, stress, or worry for the things that must be done in our lives regardless of our careers, profession, studies, employment, volunteering, or home life. Leaders when looking for anyone to assist us in matters that we either need to learn, obtain clarity, or focus on look for people who are around us first, looking and listening for the type of reputation of those we may want to or need to spend quality time around. Those who possess good reputations are people who abstain from foolish things, they have good characters and integrity. So, when those who have a good reputation are filled with the Holy Spirit and operate in His Wisdom they have clarity of understanding and are exceptional and well respected.  Not because of their abilities but rather the abilities of the Spirit of Wisdom. Leaders and followers alike should not spend quality time with anyone who does not possess a good reputation or void of having thoughts that are not well among the people who know them. People who lack a good reputation always will fall into the devil’s trap.

What should we all look for in people to be of our assistance, helping us to become better people in CHRIST JESUS full of the Holy Ghost? Look for the following: (1) People who are worthy of respect because we or other people have heard of their good reputation, people speak well of them. (2) There is honor attached to people who have a good reputation. (3) They have good financial credit which means that they adhere to keep the promise of paying for all debts owed on-time or before time, they are people who respect the time and are timely. (4) The report of their character is good. (5) People with good reputations are not two-faced, do not have hidden negative motives, they are transparent of not only who they are but how they can be of help to those that ask or better yet, seeing what needs attention and will move forward to get that thing done without being asked by others. (6) People of good reputations, full of the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Wisdom do not struggle with intoxicating addictions [anything and all things which causes an overflow of our natural happy hormones which GOD has given to us all. We have and they are called dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin which are our neurotransmitters which cause us to be calm and happy located in the brain].

People need people to help us in our way of life, to help us in our endeavors, and to express and share positivity with. This is only one of the reasons why GOD said “it is not good for mankind to be alone”. People need people but that does not mean that we are to surround ourselves with people whose reputation among other people is shot/degrading. When a multitude of people have nothing good to say about a person’s character and integrity those are the people that we are to still love but love them from afar. When looking for people who possess good reputations we are to look for people who have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of themselves first but even if they have good reputations yet void of the Holy Ghost understand the following:

  •  like begets like/like fathers like
  • birds of a feather flock together/pigeons stay with pigeons
  • iron sharpens iron/people with good reputations challenge one another, coach one another, encourage one another, question one another, and helpful in showing another the error that they are making and will assist in getting the person back on the right road without judgment but through love.

As I close out this article remember this, we want to have a good reputation before people, and we need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Wisdom.


AMFBeM Newsletter

July 30, 2020


The Holy Spirit is a witness-Acts 5:32; Hebrews 10:15-18; 1 Peter 1:12

CHRIST JESUS has been exalted to the right hand of the FATHER Most High on high to be our Prince and Savior. HE alone gives to us repentance and forgiveness from sins. Every born-again believer in CHRIST JESUS believes this, knows this, and if need be will die never to deny this because we are true witnesses of this fact. But we are not alone in this, the Holy Spirit also is a witness of CHRIST JESUS. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth who will confirm everything about CHRIST JESUS. And we are to do the same, we must be the ones that people will see with confirming evidence. It is not the position of the Holy Spirit to place any type of burdens on anyone and neither should we. GOD’s most Holy Spirit confirms and touches our spirit as to who we are in HIM through CHRIST. Without any questions, we know who the Holy Spirit is and we know who we are. Besides the Holy Spirit and our testimony of who CHRIST JESUS is and what HE has done in our lives so far, there is the evidence which has been carried out by JESUS granting only HIS believers these validating gifts of miracles, signs, and wonders only as the Holy Spirit sees fit. Some continuously argue and question speaking in other languages which are recorded in the Bible as tongues. But various languages exist among mankind and there is truly a heavenly language that is possibly not used among the brethren as often as we should. However, the languages that we speak though we speak them in the power of the Holy Ghost are languages that are spoken throughout the globe in various countries and nations and can fluently be spoken by any believer who may have never heard German, or Lebanese or French and any other language not taught to them. Even when we do hear unfamiliar languages they sound like babblings to us and it is no different when we speak languages unknown to us and heard by those who hear us and are unable to understand what we are saying. This is why we should not just speak in our heavenly language unless we can either translate accurately what GOD desires for us to say to an individual and with guarantee, the hearer will be able to confirm whatever we say to them. Or, there are times when we will be prompted to speak to someone who does not speak in our own native earthly tongue/language and GOD will use us to witness to people in their earthly language/tongue and they may come to CHRIST JESUS. I know that this has happened to me only once. Would not it be a wonderful sight to see if when we speak testifying that when anyone and I do mean anyone believes in the name of JESUS, accepting HIS gift of salvation, and relying on HIM through their trust will be forgiven of every type of sin? Then also to witness the Holy Spirit come and fill them up and spilling over because of His abundance?

There once was an old covenant which has been broken over many times by us all that is no longer in existence. But many of us do not know this because the old covenant is in some of our local assemblies still be taught and pushed on to the congregants knowing full well that the old cannot be obeyed without the help of the Holy Ghost. So what happens to people who love GOD yet are made to feel inadequate because they cannot follow every dot and tittle of that old covenant? They walk away not knowing that the old covenant does not bring us into the life of freedom in CHRIST JESUS because when we make a mistake or willfully sin because we want to do a thing just for the heck of it, then we are plagued by guilt. But here is the new decree that the LORD GOD HIMself has given to every believer in CHRIST JESUS: The days are coming [actually, they have already come] when I [GOD] will make a new covenant, it will not be a repeat of the covenant which was given to our ancestors when I [GOD] took them by the hand and led them out of Egypt. That covenant was broken by their sinful adultery when I AM, was a faithful Husband to them all. MY brand new covenant, MY decree is this, says the LORD GOD Most High: I [GOD] will write MY laws within you and write them on your hearts, I [GOD] will be your GOD and you will be MY people. There will no longer be a need for any of you to go from school to school to gain knowledge about ME. You will know ME first-hand [intimately and personally] from the least of you to the greatest of you, your position in life means absolutely nothing to ME, you’re having great intelligence or as dumb as a box of rocks means absolutely nothing to ME either. I AM the ONE who forgives your wickedness, I AM the ONE who will no longer remember your sin. This is what the LORD GOD has said and this is HIS covenant and decree to us all if we choose to believe HIM. *Please, let me make this very plain, how I wrote the above covenant is not found in any translation of the Bible, I wrote the decree in easy [I hope] to understand the everyday language in the hope that you the reader will get the full understanding. If you want to read the actual wording go to Jeremiah 31:31-34 and Hebrew 8:10-13 [Complete Jewish Translation and or your favorite translation of your Bible].

GOD’s prophets of old prophesied of GOD’s grace, HIS divine blessings which are now at our disposal. The salvation that they often spoke about was not meant for the time in which they were living, meaning that salvation only came after the death of JESUS not before. It is through HIS death that the new covenant, the new decree became the legal declaration of what the FATHER desires for us to have, we know it better as a will [last will and testament] of someone. These prophets of old continuously looked trying to find out about this salvation that they needed and the sufferings of the CHRIST which had been revealed to them as well as HIS glories which were to follow. I am certain that when the Holy Spirit revealed to the prophets of old that they would not see what they so earnestly looked for happening in their lifetime, caused them to feel sorrow. However, I am certain also, that after the Holy Spirit revealed that to them that they received hope when the Holy Spirit revealed to them that these things are to happen after they have gone to sleep then released by JESUS from the bosom of Abraham which is located in hell. All that our dear brothers the prophets of old were taught to them by and in the Holy Ghost is intended for all of us today, for those who lived during the time JESUS walked this earth to the present and future until HE returns to gather HIS bride. Those of us who have been anointed to preach the Gospel/Good News of CHRIST JESUS must make it plain in the sight and hearing to everyone that we are trying to reach. Stop making following CHRIST JESUS difficult and spooky, too difficult to attain. CHRIST JESUS is approachable but it is people who make HIM unapproachable with all their nonsense. The Holy Spirit helps us to bring to the people the easiness of coming to CHRIST and growing up in HIM. Even the heavenly angels keep looking at why people are such a big deal to the FATHER and as to why the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS is not a big deal to us. And just so you will have a perfect understanding of those who were anointed to prophesy those things which were to come then, has now either come or is coming and can be found in the recording in GOD’s Word so that we would not be unaware by being told of them by the speaking of the Holy Spirit from GOD. Today, those who proclaim to be prophets of GOD have nothing new to share with us, they are only speaking what has already been recorded for us to search out in the scriptures ourselves. At any time anyone speaks to us about anything that has something to do with us directly it is not prophetic but a word of knowledge which can be confirmed by us because the Holy Spirit has already told us Himself.


AMFBeM Newsletter

July 29, 2020


The Holy Spirit helps us to speak with boldness-Acts 4:31

Once we have prayed to ask the FATHER for HIS Holy Spirit in the name of JESUS, never think that because the place where you are is not shaking that the Holy Spirit has not been given to you. When my Godmother and I attended a conference back in the eighties the Pastor taught about JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit. After the teaching had come to a close, the question which was asked of the congregation was whether or not anyone that has not been baptized in the Holy Ghost would like to have Him. First, anyone who had not believed in JESUS before coming to the conference if or when their hearts became pricked the receipt of their salvation came first and then for the remainder of us in the congregation that was already believers in CHRIST JESUS yet not baptized in the Holy Ghost. We came down and by asking in prayer collectively and there were far more souls in the place than in the upper room during Pentecost, our location did not quack. However,  many if not all of the people were filled with the Holy Ghost that very night. And, in that very night all of our lives changed, there was a boldness that showed up within us, many of us received our heavenly language in which we began to speak in unknown languages that we have never studied and possibly never heard any person speak. Unknown tongues do not mean that the language is unknown because somewhere in this big world the language is spoken natively. For instance, we may speak Chinese but have never studied the language, yet, through the Holy Spirit in our speaking to GOD, or are being used by GOD speak that language fluently. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is simply awesome and incredible. If we listen to HIs voice and follow His guidance we will not fall. Because of His dependence on CHRIST JESUS, we can be dependant on Him.

Those of us who want to be a servant of the Living GOD and yet are not filled with the Holy Spirit are intimidated by the good things they would love to do in the lives of others. But those of us who are a servant of the Living GOD and filled with the Holy Spirit, we do not sit on our hands wanting to do or say something to others. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we get things done. I in my natural state hate speaking to large groups of people, for me three is a crowd, a mega audience. I have been classically taught and trained in public speaking and yet, I still hate speaking to more than three people at a time. When I used to travel within the United States, for speaking engagements I was thrilled to go and be a servant for GOD, to share CHRIST JESUS with the audience. That thrill came from the Holy Spirit, not in my ability to speak to a large group of people. And, because I found speaking to be increasingly tiresome for me, I began to accept fewer and fewer invites until now it is by GOD that I am invited at one event to speak during a current year. And, my not speaking has given me great joy. Because my FATHER did not want me to serve HIM without excitement but with passion. So, the answer to my prayer came in the form of the apostle Paul who was not only a prisoner in the LORD but in chains/an inmate at prison throughout most of his entire ministry. I knew that what GOD did for Paul he will also do with me. So, I revamped the ministry that GOD gave to me and while still depending on HIM and HIS Holy Ghost, this ministry is reaching people that I may or may not have reached had I remained faithful to travel from here to there and my being miserable not in the traveling but in the fact that I had to stand up before people and speak. It made no difference to me that my studying, praying, listening, and being empowered to deliver with boldness had become evident within me.

For me, I speak with boldness and no fear, nervousness, or intimidation with one, two, or three people at a time and it is fun for me. I write with boldness and these news articles according to the data I receive is going around the globe. HALLELUJAH, I cannot and will not praise myself for my abilities because it has nothing to do with me because this is all JESUS. I declare the message of the LORD with confidence in JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit. And though I never spoke to an audience based on my abilities from what I learned in public speaking though they were useful. I based then and I base now in the empowerment given to me by the Holy Ghost to speak and to write with boldness, freely and courageously.



July 28, 2020


The Holy Spirit was promised and poured out-Acts 2:33

We do not have to speculate just where JESUS went or where HE is because the scriptures have made HIS destination and arrival known. After JESUS the CHRIST ascended into heaven which was a sure and great honor that included HIS entire state of being. The CHRIST is sitting beside the FATHER on HIS right side and by this, we have been given an advantage because of HIS advancement. JESUS was able to advance in glorious triumph because HE triumphed over the gates of hell; HE led captivity captive which are those fallen angels which once held positions in heaven by committed treason of following lucifer/satan who is the death of death. JESUS made an open triumphant and victorious open show of them. JESUS lead those who were once our captors captive by openly showing that HE is now their captor. Had JESUS not been victorious in this battle for our lives, we would be sinners, the walking dead, and zombies still living life according to how satan wants us to live and dying to join him and those other fallen angels/demons for eternity. We would have no hope had JESUS not laid hold of the father of the dead and his cohorts. This is our complete victory in CHRIST JESUS that we possess over those spiritual enemies. This is why we can proclaim that we are more than conquerors, we are triumphant in CHRIST JESUS. Now, understand this fact, it was GOD the FATHER who lifted CHRIST JESUS to the high place of where the FATHER is, to be seated at HIS right hand. This is the place where lucifer wanted to be seated where the FATHER is seated. This is why he failed and was evicted throughout eternity. Yet, the FATHER has made JESUS our Prince, our Prince of peace, HE is our Deliverer, Liberator, and Savior. Through JESUS we are to come to complete repentance from sin [not believing in CHRIST JESUS] and sinning [the result through action that we are sinners]. Because we believe in CHRIST JESUS, we have been radically saved and forgiven of past, present, and future sins. And because the FATHER HIMself raised JESUS due to HIS humility and obedience JESUS has been given the name which is above all other names.

Have you ever wondered what is the big deal of the right hand? Well, today you will either be reminded or informed for the first time why it was recorded that JESUS is sitting on the right hand rather than just sitting down anywhere. Understand this, that there was a coronation that took place, JESUS was crowned KING, as well as HIS, being the Prince of Peace with HIS insignia of Royalty as HE succeeded to sovereignty. The FATHER invited HIS beloved and only begotten SON up to the throne and to take HIS rightful place on the right side of HIS FATHER. The right hand denotes the place of authority and power over all including HIS enemies. JESUS our KING, our PRINCE is also our High Priest after the order of Melchizedek. GOD the FATHER promised that our King, our Prince, and our High Priest victory over our enemies and victory is what we have. After JESUS had given the charge to HIS disciples, JESUS was taken up into heaven and took HIS rightful place on the right-hand side of the FATHER.

But our victory does not end there, the FATHER had promised the Holy Spirit to us and as promised from the FATHER we have received Him but in a measure, because none of us would have come to JESUS except we heard the Holy Spirit calling out to us. But those who know that to live in the victory that has been given to us, we require the fullness, the baptism of the Holy Spirit where there is no measure, no more a little dab will do us. Having the promised Holy Spirit living within us fully and completely gives us the power and strength that we miss out on when we have not been baptized in Him. JESUS said to the disciples “I AM sending the promise of MY FATHER to you and that the power from heaven comes with Him”. The FATHER is the ONE who sent the Holy Spirit to us in the name of JESUS the CHRIST if we did not need Him there would be no requirement for Him. But we do desperately need Him because He is our Helper and He does teach us everything and a reminder to us of all the things that JESUS said.

So, how does a person get poured out into people? To pour is appropriately but not exclusive to the pouring out of liquids. This type of pouring that is being referred to is to bestow or to send forward in exceptional abundance. The Holy Spirit within our being is a continuous succession moving or rushing as a current, like a stream flowing down a mountain. However, this does not mean that He will cause us to buck and jump or by any means behave inappropriately.

Water baptism is a ritual, this ritual is reserved only for those of us who truly have repented and believe in CHRIST JESUS. Often, too many people get baptized and their hearts have not been changed, so they go down dirty and rise dirty still. But those of us who are truly repentant will go down into the waters with our brand new heart and outwardly demonstrate that we have been buried with JESUS and we rise with JESUS until that day comes that we will rise from where ever our sleeping remains are to join HIM in the air. JESUS is the One who will baptize those of us who are truly repentant in HIS Holy Spirit. When we belong to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS we are blessed and only those who belong to HIM will hunger and thirst after HIS righteousness seeking out HIS right standing which is caused by our having the Holy Spirit living within us who makes us complete and satisfied in JESUS. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Living GOD who will remain with us throughout our earthly life, He will not leave us as long as there is breath in our lungs, our heart is still beating, and oxygen is still in the brain. Jesus would not have informed us that by HIS going back to heaven yet, HE is sending to us HIS Helper if HE did not know that we need a helper desperately much like we require oxygen to breathe. The Holy Spirit will not and cannot convict those of us who belong to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS because we have already been thoroughly judged. However, the Holy Spirit will convict the world regarding the guilt of sin and its need for a Savior. The Holy Spirit will also convict the world about righteousness and judgment. Many believe that what is happening is the judgment of GOD but it is not. This is only a warning, but how many non-believers have come to CHRIST, and should the warning be lifted will remain with HIM? The Holy Spirit is a revealer of sin and what sin does, its true nature to those who refuse to believe in JESUS and HIS message. He will reveal what righteousness is, and what is a CHRISTian. A CHRISTian is one who has had a character change from ourselves to JESUS and had the lack of integrity taken over with the personal integrity of JESUS. Just because JESUS has gone to take HIS rightful place on the throne does not mean that HE is not still working with the use of the Holy Spirit informing about the certainty of the judgment that will come and that the ruler of this world, satan has already been judged and condemned. Ah, but my dear siblings in CHRIST JESUS the Spirit of Truth/the Holy Spirit must come into our lives to guide us in all truth so that we will no longer be misled in ignorance of our not knowing the truth in CHRIST JESUS. Everything that the Holy Spirit hears He will tell us all, revealing those things to come and to bring glory to CHRIST JESUS. The Spirit of the Living GOD has unlimited access to JESUS, to all that HE posses and know and that everything that the FATHER has rightfully belongs to CHRIST JESUS. Because JESUS is confident that we will be well taken care of by HIS Holy Spirit, why are we not confident of this fact? Either know this or be reminded of this, “In the last days, I will pour out my Spirit on all human flesh, we will speak with boldness the Word of the LORD, dreams, and vision will be given divinely. There was a time when blood-born/native Jews who were devout in CHRIST became amazed when the Holy Spirit without prejudice was poured into those who became Messianic Jews through repentance in the belief in JESUS. And so are some of you today, some of us are amazed when we recognized that the worse of the worse that we may know has converted from being a sinner to being a child of the Living GOD hopefully filled with the Holy Spirit. Keep in mind that when JESUS ascended into heaven to take HIS rightful place on the throne, at the right hand of HIS FATHER, JESUS placed satan/the death of death, and demons in chains for they have been captured by JESUS and our gift from HIM is that we are more than conquerors, we are triumphant in CHRIST JESUS.


AMFBeM Newsletter

July 27, 2020



The Holy Spirit spoke through the mouth of King David-Acts 1:16

Dear siblings in CHRIST JESUS, get an understanding that the Holy Spirit will speak through whomever He desires to speak through. He will speak through an animal, [Num. 22:30] and He will speak through people, [various scriptures throughout the OT and NT]. He will speak through whomever He chooses to speak through to get someone’s attention to what needs to be heard from heaven.

Here we will focus on how the Holy Spirit spoke through the mouth of King David. Whatever the Holy Spirit speaks will be what the LORD GOD wants us to know or remind us of because everything that we need to know has already been recorded for us in HIS Word. There is nothing new under the sun and none of us are the first to think, hear, say, or do anything. It is vitally important that we have our very own personal relationship with CHRIST JESUS and baptized in HIS Holy Spirit so that we may live out the remainder of our earthly lives in the manner that HE desires for our being. Let us take a look at what the Holy Spirit said through the mouth of King David that is relevant to us today because everything that the Holy Spirit speaks is relevant, scriptures are still being fulfilled, and scriptures have been fulfilled.

King David said, “my close friend whom I have trusted, who I shared my meals with, has turned against me/betrayed me”.

In some cultures still today and maybe in some homes today when we share our meals it is a sign of true friendship. However, there are times that those that we thought that we had a covenant with [meeting of the minds/mutual agreement] will not honor the agreement or promise made for whatever the reason maybe. Back when I was a wee lass my next-door neighbor and I got along so splashingly well that we pricked our fingers and made a covenant with one another to be cousins. Now, first of all, back then you could mingle blood without worrying whether or not about the health of a person. Today, I would not advise that. And, as children, we did not understand that we had entered into a blood covenant with one another, yet, not only is this my longest living friend but we are in every sense of the word cousins and no one and nothing can break that covenant. Our covenant is much like mixing salt and sugar if any person can successfully pick out every grain of salt and separate those grains from every grain of sugar than that person is exceptional. 

There are moments between people that we have placed our trust in who will stab us in the back and smile in our faces. I used to tell my children “stop calling everyone that they played with their friends because those kids and neither had they tested their friendship”. When the time came for who was the one that passed the test it was only one or two of the many who are still with them. The others have scattered who knows where. Acquaintances will come and go but true friends will stick closer than a brother.

JESUS was not fooled about who Judas Iscariot was, HE knew from the very beginning that Judas Iscariot did not belong to HIS FATHER and never would be and that is the case with some people today. They do not belong to the FATHER nor will they ever be. However, JESUS allowed the son of satan to live, dine, and walk with HIM daily. HE showed Judas Iscariot up close just who HE is, JESUS showed Judas Iscariot that he was loved regardless of JESUS knowing that it would be he that would ultimately betray their friendship. 

Everyone will not and cannot be our friend, everyone, however, can be and should be loved by us be they acquaintances, strangers, or friends to us. Treat everyone the same as JESUS did. As JESUS did HE had HIS seventy [acquaintances], HIS twelve [followers], and HIS three [friends]. 

We need to find out from JESUS who are our acquaintances, who are the ones who just want to hang around us and their friendship is limited and who truly are our friends. Because the true friends will walk hand in hand, arm in arm through the fire with us rather than standing at the end of the openness cheering us on to come through the fire. Covenant friends will not be close enough or far away enough to see what is going on. They will be right in the center with us. If we would ask JESUS beforehand who among those that we keep company with are our friends rather than thinking through a belief that everyone that we socialize with is our friends. If we would just ask JESUS to give us friends and rely on HIM to bring those friends that we either need or desire to have into our most intimate circle we will find out that these are the people who will have our back or these are the ones who have our back and there are no hidden agendas, no hidden motives, no unseen fraudulent behavior that we must work overtime trying to figure out what or why they are doing anything that pertains to us.

In the end, Judas Iscariot’s betrayal of his friendship or rather lack thereof cost him his life. Instead of repenting/changing his mind and asking for forgiveness. He in his self-righteousness and judgment took his life. When all he had to do if he had not just heard but listened to the teachings of JESUS CHRIST first hand and saw the miracles that JESUS CHRIST had done. He would have known that in his disbelief that he would have been forgiven by the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS and could have rejoined the other eleven apostles as well as our being able to live with him once CHRIST JESUS raptures HIS bride and take us all who have been cleansed in HIS Blood into heaven with HIM. Those who have eyes to see will see.


AMFBeM Newsletter

July 24, 2020

The Holy Spirit gives power-Acts 1:8


Our promise to receive the Holy Spirit is not so we can be an embarrassment to the Kingdom of GOD in becoming over-emotional which is worldly in our local assembly but rather to be filled with complete power from on high to accomplish all that we are to get done. That filling is done by the FATHER by sending the Holy Spirit to reside within us inwardly as well as outwardly. This is called the furnishing and equipping which is most often referred to as the anointing of the Spirit for ministry. Not necessarily to be one of the fivefold ministers which are apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors, and teachers. Paul said, “GOD has equipped us to become capable ministers/servants.” It is by the gospel of CHRIST JESUS that we are made a minister/servant by the gift of GOD’s grace given to us by HIS power which indwells in us through the Holy Ghost.

The power of GOD is a person, not a thing and He is the Holy Spirit the triune GODhead. For those of us who own automobiles when it is new, we must have full coverage then once we pay off the debt we pay for partial coverage. But what does full coverage protect the driver for and from, well, let us take a look? Full coverage protects you, your car, the other driver, and the car. Here is what we get from full coverage.

  • Liable, taking responsibility.
  • Comprehensive, complete coverage.
  • Collision, collide, and clash.
  • Uninsured, [un] opposite of being or having, not, zero, without.
  • Medical, the need for physicians’ assistance.

Not having all of the above negates our peace of mind should we have an automobile accident. It is the same with our salvation, not having the baptism of the Holy Spirit leaves us partially insured rather than fully insured because without Him we have no peace of mind or power. The Holy Spirit clothes us which means that He is the One who equips us with heavenly power. Without Him, all we are doing is going somewhere to cause trouble. He is the One who gives to us the words to speak, He is the One who gives to us the wisdom of GOD to live our daily lives, He is the One who causes the sick to be healed and the dead to rise, He is the One who teaches us how to pray in our heavenly language, He is the One whom JESUS sent to us to be our comforter, helper, and teacher and all that He does is to bring glory to JESUS. Anyone who does what the Word of GOD instructs us to do without the Holy Spirit is doing so out of one or all of these depictions. Ignorance to the full instruction of GOD, the disbelief of the Holy Spirit, pride,  or self-glorification. The Holy Spirit never does or speaks what JESUS has not told Him to do or say because His ministry is to CHRIST JESUS as should ours be.

We are to be witnesses of CHRIST JESUS, not witnesses of ourselves or those great Bible characters or of those that we look up to that are being instrumental in our learning. People are great but none of us can compare to the Holy Ghost. GOD uses people for HIS glory, not the other way round. As witnesses of who and what the FATHER is and does through CHRIST JESUS and who and what JESUS is and does, we will need to know from the Word of GOD as well as our own experiences as to who the FATHER is to us, who JESUS is to us, what has the FATHER done and what has CHRIST JESUS done. Who are we to them/HIM? Being a witness is this, the testimony of fact or facts, our giving of evidence which should be our life through a heart transplant by JESUS, character and integrity change that reflects CHRIST JESUS and less of us, to have personal knowledge of CHRIST JESUS to have a public affirmation to provide to others.

The Holy Spirit is also known as the Helper who has come alongside CHRIST JESUS to be our:

  • Advocate/to make an earnest appeal for us to the FATHER against what the prosecutor/devil has to say against those of us who belong to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS.
  • To be our Comforter/He gives us assistance, cheer, consoles, courage, enjoyable experiences, hope, relief, strength, support, and well-being. 
  • He is our Counselor/advice-giver. 
  • He is our Standby/a favorable resource, available for immediate action, near and ever-ready, to be relied on. 
  • And He is our Strengthener/He is the One who makes us strong and continues to become stronger.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth who comes from the FATHER and will only testify of CHRIST JESUS because He is a great witness of CHRIST JESUS. The Holy Spirit points to the truth concerning CHRIST JESUS. This way we will be able to testify of CHRIST JESUS also and be HIS witnesses pointing out HIS identity because HE was with us from the beginning and we with HIM since we repented.

In the power of the Holy Spirit, we are to go out and make disciples helping them to know JESUS so that they may believe and obey HIS words. All of us who have a personal relationship in CHRIST JESUS and have been endued with HIS power are equipped to spread the Good News/the Gospel of CHRIST JESUS to everyone who will either listen or read. I never did want to travel outside of America to speak nor do I continue to travel within America anymore to speak because speaking is not my thing. But my contribution to spreading the Gospel of CHRIST JESUS is done much like the apostle Paul, through writing. In this manner, I am reaching the eyes of people all over the globe according to the data I look at annually. I know that it is because I have the power of the Holy Ghost that people are paying attention through reading these news articles and that it has nothing to do with me outside of my being obedient. Because those of us who are filled with the baptism of the Holy Ghost and being obedient to HIS will in our lives will be heard by those who have been hand-picked by GOD to hear HIS voice because HIS message has gone and is continually going out all over the earth. There was a time that we who are now believers were once alienated through being separated because of our hostile and hateful mind towards JESUS demonstrating the sin that was in us through our sinning. Now, as believers, we can confidently proclaim that we have been reconciled/restored to a harmonious friendship to GOD through HIS physical body through HIS death in our place so that HE can present us to the FATHER blameless, holy, and beyond reproach, no longer to receive the punishment that we deserved and no longer disapproved of. Remain planted in the faith of CHRIST JESUS, do not venture away from what we have heard, tasted, and seen that the LORD, HE is good. CHRIST JESUS is our living hope and HE has been announced to the entire world to capture us all. The Holy Spirit is our messenger and He has within Him the eternal gospel of CHRIST JESUS and He empowers us to get out spreading the Good News of CHRIST JESUS to everyone in tribes and nations whether they listen or not.


AMFBeM Newsletter

July 23, 2020

Series two of the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit gives commandments-Acts 1:2

As long as JESUS remained here on this earth, JESUS continued to teach, heal, deliver, and so on. But JESUS time had come that HE had to return to the FATHER to take HIS rightful place on the right side of HIS FATHER to sit down on HIS throne. And just as JESUS had to return to heaven, JESUS will return to this earth and every soul will see HIM. But HIS return will not be to live again among HIS creation but rather HIS return is to gather/reap HIS harvest, to come for HIS bride/to come for the true church which is made of flesh. Yet, the flesh will not enter into heaven but rather our true being which is the spirit that had been born again from our belief in CHRIST JESUS and resurrected from the dead. From the time we began to believe until our final earthly breath the believer/the disciple in CHRIST JESUS must witness to others about the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of CHRIST JESUS. We must share with others about what CHRIST JESUS has done in our own personal life as we share JESUS. The important piece is to share JESUS and not get lost in sharing our testimony or those who have been recorded in the Bible who like us were sinners only.

Though the Holy Spirit was promised to us from the FATHER, JESUS works through the Holy Spirit. CHRIST JESUS through the Holy Spirit speaks, HE spoke to HIS apostles giving to them commandments. However, the commandments which were given to the apostles began there but it should not end there. Just because we have apostles among us today does not mean that they are the only disciples with the commandments to do the following. 


  • Apostles are disciples and disciples are students who learn from another, we are followers who adhere to the doctrine and precepts [Ten Commandments which are about moral conduct and the law which is to love] of JESUS CHRIST. 
  • We are to go out and bring up more disciples helping them to learn more about JESUS and less about religion.
  • To believe in JESUS and less of self, and to obey JESUS more than obeying this world system.

In time the Holy Spirit will prompt those who truly belong to JESUS to be water baptized and their baptism must be in the name of the triune GOD who is ONE, the FATHER, SON-JESUS, and the Holy Spirit. Disciples are not made by cleaning the fish before catching the fish. All disciples in CHRIST JESUS are to go out and share the life of JESUS which is Good News/Gospel of JESUS. We are missing out on our opportunity to do just what JESUS through the Holy Spirit has commanded us to do and that is because of some of these reasons.


  • Some of us are not baptized in the Holy Spirit meaning that we are not being taught by Him who JESUS is and who we are in JESUS.
  • We cannot hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to us, giving us the words to speak to various people.
  • We are void of power that we can only get from the Holy Spirit to live in JESUS through Him as well as to go out and do what JESUS through the Holy Spirit desires for HIS disciples to do.
  • We are afraid of rejection and have begun to speak and act like the world only to become secret Christians rather than being bold outgoing CHRISTians.

The Holy Spirit provides us with eternal peace unlike the temporary peace offered by the world which is based on circumstances. The FATHER sent JESUS out and JESUS, in turn, sends us out. Maybe someone told you that you must be ordained before making disciples. That is true we must be ordained by JESUS. Maybe somebody told you that you must hold a position in church/local assembly. That is a lie. We are being made into disciples/ministers in JESUS through HIS Holy Spirit. There are places and purposes for those of us who hold positions in church/local assembly and just like those who do not hold a fivefold position we too are commanded to make disciples. All disciples are representatives of CHRIST JESUS. JESUS through the  Holy Spirit commanded us to share HIM with people regardless of our liking them or not, regardless of our knowing them or not, regardless of them being of the same nationality or not, regardless of them being male or female, and regardless of their skin coloring. JESUS never said share ME with those who already know ME. Yet, that is what many of us do, we witness JESUS to those who already know HIM and that HE knows. We are already friends of GOD but we are not going out to make more friends for GOD, making more disciples for GOD. We must spread the message of JESUS, we must testify of JESUS. The testimony is not about pivotal characters that we can learn from who have been recorded into the Bible. The testimony is not about what the lead minister of your local assembly has said. No, the testimony is only about JESUS, and if we are not speaking more about JESUS and HIS testimony incorporated with what HE has done in our personal lives than we are not doing what JESUS through the Holy Spirit has commanded that we do.


AMFBeM Newsletter

July 22, 2020


The Holy Spirit is the Helper – John 14:26

Who among us who thought that we knew the Holy Ghost/Spirit has come to realize that we did not know Him at all? I can admit that I did not know Him as well as I thought and that I am nestling into the comfort of getting to know Him all the better than before.

  • JESUS said that the Helper is the Holy Spirit. 


People keep trying to help or think that they are being of help when in reality, without the Holy Spirit instructing us how to be of help we are not helping at all. Not only that but the Holy Spirit is our promise, not us. We need to rely on the promise rather than relying on ourselves.


  • JESUS said that the Helper/Holy Ghost/the reliable choice for our resource is being sent by the FATHER. 


This is our promise from JESUS that we who are in the body of CHRIST JESUS will receive from the FATHER in the name of JESUS the Holy Ghost. The promise was not to send me or you as the helper because though we may have good intentions we are not as reliable as the Holy Ghost is. This is why HE said that the FATHER will send Him. However, when we are baptized in the Holy Ghost we will be used by the Holy Ghost when we listen to His instructions as He guides us into all truth because He is the One who reveals to us what is in heaven and teaching us all about JESUS.


  • JESUS said that the Holy Spirit is the One who will teach us all things. 


We are unable to teach ourselves let alone anyone else all things. Whatever we speak should be what the Holy Spirit has given to us to speak. Nothing that we learn from the Spirit of the Living GOD is worldly/natural. Worldly/natural wisdom which edifies the flesh fades but the words which are spoken by the Holy Spirit are eternal and heavenly and can only be taught and explained from Spirit to spirit. And in due season He is the One who will cause us to remember what He has explained, deposited, and taught us.


  • JESUS said that the Holy Ghost will cause us to remember those things which HE/JESUS said. 


When JESUS rose from the dead it was the Holy Ghost who caused the disciples to remember what JESUS had spoken to them about this. Because they did not understand, because they did not question HIM about what HE had said so that they could get what HE was saying to them plainly, they did not believe. You see, JESUS does not want us to have to view anything that HE has told us before we believe. JESUS desires that we believe before we see and this comes from reliance and trust. JESUS desires that we walk by faith not by sight in HIM. Only then will we become recipients of all that we have faith for through HIM when we listen, apply, and learn all that the Holy Ghost desires to impart into our hearts. Whatever is written about JESUS before HE came down from the FATHER has already been accomplished by JESUS. Reliance on the Holy Ghost separates us because of our being anointed in HIM. To anoint simply means to apply/rub/smear; to be chosen/designated. This is what happens to GOD’s chosen, any of us who have answered the call of and taken salvation which is our gift given to us from the FATHER through JESUS has been chosen. But it is up to us to believe in the baptism of the Holy Ghost so that we will become anointed. Not all of us will have a specific gift but all of us can have by being anointed by the Holy Ghost the truth that only He can and will teach us, to give to us the illumination/revelation knowledge of GOD’s wisdom and understanding, and will guard us against error.


AMFBeM Newsletter



July 17, 2020

The promised Holy Spirit came after JESUS ascended-John 7:39

In the book of Luke, JESUS said that HE would send [authorize, commission to come and act, direct] the promise of HIS FATHER to us. That promise is the Holy Spirit whom we are to ask for then we are to wait for the arrival of the Holy Spirit which most definitely will come to those of us who truly have a repentant heart. To those of us who are Jews from our circumcised heart of repentance, those of us who are of the house of David.

The FATHER knew that without help as JESUS was when HE lived and walked among humanity was our demonstrator, guide, helper, instructor, and teacher that we would not be able to live without the power and stability of, HIS Holy Spirit. So, the FATHER with HIS love for us gave to us a promise of HIS, Holy Spirit. JESUS then reminded and informed us that the FATHER has given to us a promise and that HIS promise would come after HE had become glorified. So, the Holy Spirit did not arrive to live within us until after JESUS ascended back to heaven. JESUS made it very clear that no one should not be able to comprehend this plain message. “Those who believe in HIM/JESUS will receive the Holy Spirit who had not as yet come to remain because JESUS had not yet been exalted to glory”. Notice how in Jhn. 11:14 that JESUS said that “it is the glory and honor or GOD that the SON of GOD may be glorified”. In Jhn. 12:16; the disciples remembered what was written in Zech. 9:9; “Look your KING is coming to you, HE is Just and having Salvation, HE is Lowly and comes riding on a donkey/a colt/a foal of a donkey. Jhn. 12:23; JESUS had informed HIS disciples that HIS hour had come for HIM to be glorified and exalted. Jhn. 13:31; The time had come for JESUS to be glorified and that GOD is glorified in HIM.

In those previous books, chapters, and verses we read that JESUS never looked for HIS glory to come from the inhabitants of the earth but HIS FATHER,  Jhn. 17:5. JESUS became glorified after HIS ascension and then came the promised Holy Spirit. Is. 44:3; Joel 2:28; I will pour out my Spirit on humanity.  Ezk. 39:29; The face of GOD will not be hidden from humanity because HE has poured out HIS, Holy Spirit, this is what the LORD GOD/the FATHER has said. Zech. 12:10; The LORD GOD will pour out the Spirit of Grace, HIS unmerited favor, and HIS supplication on humanity. Acts 2:17-21; we have been assured with this. “I will pour out MY Spirit on all humanity”.

I link my desire with the FATHER’s for all to believe in HIS, SON, CHRIST JESUS. For all to receive the gift of salvation and then for us to ask for HIS, Holy Spirit which has been promised to the house of David. Of whom we become after we realize that we are forgiven from past, present, and future acts of sins all because we chose to finally believe in JESUS and have that sin of disbelief in HIM forgiven.


AMFBeM Newsletter

July 16, 2020


JESUS baptizes us in the Holy Spirit

The FATHER sent John the cousin of JESUS to baptize with water. But the FATHER sent JESUS to baptize with the Holy Spirit. Everything John did, he was sent to do from the FATHER to make way for the human arrival of GOD in the form of man and that Man, GOD in humanity is JESUS.

Water baptism should be done after the following has been done.


  • We have a repentant heart.
  •  Regret the sin of not believing in JESUS.
  •  Willing to allow JESUS to change us from the inside, out.
  •  Willing to have our mind renewed.
  •  Enjoy our changed life.


JESUS cannot be fooled and HE will only baptize those in HIS Holy Spirit who are truly repentant. Only those souls which remain unrepentant will continue to be judged and then face the final judgment with fire.

The FATHER promised that those who are truly repentant will be baptized, empowered, and united with the Holy Spirit when asking HIM for HIS Holy Spirit in the name of JESUS then JESUS will baptize the truly repentant.