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October 26, 2020

What is Wisdom-Job 28:27-28

The FATHER saw Wisdom.

There are two parts to wisdom, one being hidden and secret which we will not obtain because that does not belong to mankind. And the other is made known to us and He is the Holy Spirit. The FATHER has revealed to us HIS Wisdom by way of the Holy Spirit which was promised to us by CHRIST JESUS. The Holy Spirit can when we allow Him to do so to direct our affairs and events because He can see entirely and judge correctly in the way we are to go. Understand that GOD’s Wisdom through HIS Holy Spirit will only do us well.

The FATHER has made it very clear about the attribute of wisdom and it’s worth with us. The type of wisdom that mankind requires from the FATHER has been prepared, searched, tested, and set up for our needs. After wisdom had been completed, the FATHER said to mankind that we are to fix {pay attention, observe, look on} our eyes with wisdom to fear {highly regard, highly respect, highly revere} the LORD GOD. In this, we can see that mankind is far from having regard for GOD, that there is no respect for HIM, and that reverence toward HIM is absent. I do not care about all the tattoos, necklaces, clothing, bumper stickers, and you’re saying that you love GOD. Because when your lifestyle does not match up with the love that you say you have for GOD what you are truly saying is that you love god [self, objects, satan your father].

And because of mankind’s lack of wisdom towards the FATHER, we see how mankind runs toward evil rather than departing [leaving, run/walk away from, shun, turn away] evil. Mankind does not have the understanding to be wise in the FATHER because of our sinful nature before we come to CHRIST JESUS. The absolute essential prerequisite which is the first and foremost thing that we are to do is to fear the LORD our GOD with high regard, respect, and reverence, for this is wisdom. And just because we have been born-again through CHRIST JESUS does not necessarily mean unfortunately that we all acknowledge the possession of a teachable heart. Remember, in CHRIST JESUS nothing is lacking or missing, however, we must desire to have a teachable spirit and heart to gain some common sense and understanding. This will begin to prove not only to ourselves but to others that we are possessed by the LORD JESUS. For HIS praise not ours but HIS praise is what will stand forever.

So, now when we begin to truly have high regard, respect, and reverence for our LORD and we do what is preeminent, the essence and starting point which is to worship HIM what then is it called when people do not worship GOD out of reverence, respect, and regard which must be located in the heart? The answer is that they are arrogant fools who despise discipline, instruction, and wisdom. 

To truly gain the knowledge that we are starving for is to have high regard, respect, and reverence of our LORD GOD, Most-High. Then we will have through CHRIST JESUS understanding and spiritual insight of wisdom. 

Now, to bring this home, to tie this all up with a bow, here is what being human is all about. Having Regard, Respect, and Reverence for the LORD GOD MOST-HIGH. Keep the commandment given to us by CHRIST JESUS. For the LORD GOD is ALMIGHTY.

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AMFBeM Newsletter

October  23, 2020

We cannot afford Wisdom-Job 28:18

No country can press enough money, there are not enough precious gems, metals, oils, or anything else that is considered to be extremely valuable that causes mankind to be wealthy that is enough to pay for true Wisdom.

We all look for self-help wisdom and we spend millions investing in self-help books to obtain the wisdom of others who have achieved those things that we desire. Now, I am not knocking self-help books, I have used them myself just to see what someone has to say about achieving those goals that we have. But what worked for another may not necessarily work for you. We need to go to our power source and that is to seek out GOD and ask HIM for his Wisdom and direction to accomplish whatever goals that we have. 

GOD’s Wisdom is far more expensive than anything that we have to offer. Nothing that we desire in this life is as precious as GOD’s Wisdom and nothing can be compared to HIS Wisdom. So, instead of spending millions to attend seminars and purchasing books to obtain wisdom for your desired goals. Do the following:

  • Speak to GOD about the desires that you have on your heart
  • Remember what the letters in ASK stand for 
  • Ask for HIS Wisdom to accomplish your goals, HE will teach you how to speak and or do those things that you will like to accomplish
  • Seek HIS face, look for HIM to be of help to you
  • Knock, remain persistent as we do when we knock on the door of a place we either want entry into or want to see a person we believe and hope is behind a locked door.

GOD desires that we receive HIS Wisdom and HE wants to provide us with an abundant, exceedingly, and, a liberal amount of HIS Wisdom and it will cost us nothing.

This is my testimony, I want to be published and I had no idea how to go about it. So, I prayed, speaking with the FATHER asking HIM how to write and publish a book in the hopes that others will want to read what is being written. In less than a month’s time, I heard from GOD. HE began to show me how to put a magazine together and told me to just give them away free of charge. I was so happy to find that several churches wanted to have those magazines in their foyer so that their parishioners could pick one or a few up to share with others. I have not written and published a magazine since twenty-14 but have been asked when will I begin to publish them again. It is on my to-do list for the future but so is writing a book. I just have to take the time to learn from the FATHER how to establish an e-book and I am certain that those future e-books will be well received. In my endeavor to accomplish my goal, I had and I have to speak with the FATHER and ASK HIM for HIS Wisdom and because I really wanted this I had to be persistent. In other words, I kept nagging until my FATHER made it happen for me.

Nothing is impossible for us to accomplish when we believe, rely on, and trust in GOD’s Wisdom far more than we believe, rely on, and trust in our own wisdom or the wisdom of others which is costly. 

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AMFBeM Newsletter

October 22, 2020

Wisdom, Strength, and Counsel-Job 12:13

Honestly, there is no reason for me to write any further because if you read the scripture that I always include with the title of these newsletters, you will read that and maybe a wee bit further to gain the context. So, I will try as always to do my best with the full help of the Holy Spirit who lives within me to break the scripture down in the hope that your understanding will become open.

With the FATHER is Wisdom, is Counsel, and is Strength. Meaning stop looking for wisdom in books because Wisdom belongs to GOD and can only be obtained through HIM. Stop looking for wisdom in mankind because our wisdom is limited to education and experience only. Though I have nothing against going to a counselor or our speaking with those that we trust to gain a better or full understanding of the questions that we have. Look for wise Counsel in the FATHER first and last because the Holy Spirit is among other things, that which we stand in need of as our counselor. And, when we are weak, too weak to even pray or go on due to the trial that we are facing this is not the time to forget about the Strength of GOD but rather this is the time when we need to pull on HIS strength out of desperation. Hopefully, when we are weak like this, those who surround us will be filled with the Holy Spirit and will not only console us but will remind us of GOD’s strength. 

Understand and do not get me wrong, I am not against mankind’s wisdom, counsel, and strength but know that we are limited to all of these. We should continue to grow from education and experience but we are never to rely on these that we have gained one hundred percent. GOD’s Wisdom, Counsel, and Strength will never be depleted because HIS fullness is never-ending, HE has no lack and nothing will ever be missing.  

The Almighty GOD is wise in heart and has mighty strength. You know in the days of old anyone who challenged HIM out of pride due to ignorance met with harm and death. Thank YOU FATHER that in the ignorance of mankind YOU no longer just wipe mankind out.

Because of HIS SON, JESUS we now live and benefit from HIS grace and mercy and HE does not despise anyone nor are we looked upon as being trivial to HIM. HIS mighty understanding is powerful in strength.

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AMFBeM Newsletter

October 21, 2020

Show the secrets of Wisdom-Job 11:6-9

Ahh, Bless the LORD GOD because my FATHER has not withheld from me the secrets of HIS Wisdom as HE did in the days of old. For unto the blood-washed in CHRIST JESUS not some of our sins have been forgotten but rather all of our sins have been forgiven as well as forgotten. And to the unwashed, to those who are still dirty and stained in sin, they do not suffer from the fullness of the punishment that they so deserve for in their evil and wicked motives from their unrepentant heart, the Almighty GOD has not dealt with the quilt as HE very well can as HE did in the days of old. HE consistently shows us HIS great mercy. 

To know the secrets of Wisdom do we look for Wisdom in order to gain understanding? Do we know if our LOVING GOD has exposed HIS secrets? Do we know HIS limitations or if HE even has any? 

Well, in answer to these questions we can know them because GOD has revealed to HIS children the answers in HIS Word. And we can find them when we look for them in HIS Word when we sit down and be in intimate conversation with HIM and listen to HIS voice. However, because of our mortal mind, we cannot handle the complete answers to these questions. Even that which has been given to us for our wisdom and understanding is a struggle for some to truly comprehend. Those things exposed as well as hidden are more than double in regards to our knowledge of HIM. We do not even know the fullness of our evil as GOD knows, this is why even in our hidden parts we must come to know the Wisdom of GOD. It burns my biscuits when I hear cop-out prayers that either begin, include or end in this manner; “if I have done anything that is offensive”. Hopefully, none of us set out to be offensive to others but because it is our spirit that is saved and not our flesh, know this that we are offensive to others. This is why we need to know the Wisdom of GOD in our hidden parts, this is why we must surrender our heart to JESUS to enter every locked door within our heart so that HE may clean, deodorize, sanitize, illuminate, and freshen that part of our heart. Because we want HIM to make every part of our heart HIS home, not just some parts.   

The limits of GOD are much too high, for the Word informs us that HIS limits are higher than the heavens. The Almighty GOD is incomprehensible fully to our finite minds. HE is infinite and immense, HIS nature and perfection cannot be fully comprehended as long as our true being is trapped inside of our limited flesh. We do not fully get HIS counsel because HE counsels us all as is required, where we need HIM. We are presumptuous in our judgment believing that we are judging rightly in the name of GOD. Can we discern HIS great providence or censure HIS divine dispensation? When we speak, we speak of things that we should know that we do not fully understand. Even, I, when I minister in writing or verbally must understand that I do not have a 100% clarity of who GOD is because I do not even have a 100% clarity as to who I was outside of JESUS when I was an inmate in and of sin groping around in the darkness. None of us do. GOD’s nature exceeds our capacity now, of our understanding. But the time will come when we will get to know and comprehend the fullness of GOD. In comparison to JESUS, we are poor, weak, short-sided, a worm of the earth that is here today and gone tomorrow. However, because beloved, those of us who are blood-washed are redeemed we must daily look for more of who HE is and HE will continually reveal HIMself to us and even with as much as we will come to know of HIM, there is still so much more about HIM that is still concealed. We do not have enough numbers in our lifetime to come to know the fullness of who GOD is. Yet, it is absolutely wonderful that HE wants us to get to know who HE is and HE is willing to expose HIMself to us, that is as much as HE knows that we are able to handle at a time.

The Living GOD is far more superior than mankind or any idol mankind erects. Think about this, only those who do not know HIM will find a reason to complain about HIM. Many may be saying, LORD LORD, yet, have no knowledge of HIM and likewise, HE does not know you either. What this actually means is that HE does not consider you family and friend, there is no intimacy between the two of you. The Living GOD is exalted and those who do not know HIM cannot understand that there are no numbers of HIM, meaning there is no beginning and there is no ending to HIM. We cannot place a diving purpose into ourselves let alone place our purpose into the Almighty GOD. GOD has placed a divine purpose a hardwiring within us, that longing that we all have for GOD that can only be filled by GOD. But some of us look for HIM in the wrong direction and with the wrong organ. WE are to look for HIM with our hearts and eyes, not our mind and eyes. GOD is not to be searched for philosophically out from the knowledge of mankind, this is why HE cannot be comprehended or grasped. GOD’s plan for us has a beginning and an ending which HE purposed and placed into us in the beginning and will continue to the end.

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October 20, 2020

Wisdom and Understanding-Deuteronomy 4:6

This is your wisdom and understanding

The LORD GOD has presented mankind with, on one hand, life and good; and on the other, death and evil in that HE has ordered us to love the LORD our GOD, to follow HIS ways, to live each day according to HIS regulations and rulings. In the book of Deuteronomy, there are fourteen recorded blessings and fifty-four recorded curses. Heaven and earth are witnesses to the fact that the LORD GOD has presented mankind with life and death, the blessing and the curse, therefore HE tells us to choose life! In order for us to miss out on receiving life, we have to be void of Wisdom and understanding. It is much like my giving to you one million dollars and tell you that there are no strings attached for you to either increase or deplete the money however you desire. Those that have wisdom and understanding be it earthly or Spirit will increase the wealth but those who are without wisdom and understanding will blow all of what has been given to them. We are to listen to the LORD GOD and pay HIM great attention to all that HE says to us and cling to HIM for that is our purpose in life. Many of us have often asked the question “what is my purpose”? Well, it is here in black and white, our purpose is to seek the LORD GOD at the beginning [when we awaken] and in our ending [when we retire for the day] and in the between as well. We not only supposed to speak with; not at or to but with GOD then actively listen to HIM. This is called a dialogue because when we speak and do not give time for HIM to speak back that is called a monologue. And, lastly, we are to cling to HIM.

In our lack of Wisdom and understanding throughout the generations, the warnings that have been given to us have been forgotten. They were not passed down from generation to generation through teachings and demonstrations that we should have been giving to our children. 

Where can wisdom be found and the place of understanding? Mankind has no clue as to the value of them both. Mankind will spend thousands and millions to obtain wisdom through knowledge and yet continue to miss both wisdom and understanding. Because Wisdom and understanding cannot be purchased, the earth cannot produce enough precious gems, metals, or oil to purchase Wisdom and understanding, Earth will never press enough money either. So, where exactly are Wisdom and understanding, because they seem to be hidden? The LORD GOD understands the way to Wisdom and understanding because they are with GOD alone. The LORD GOD saw Wisdom and declared to mankind; Behold/appreciate/comprehend/grasp/recognize/see/understand that reverential respect and worshipfulness of the LORD GOD Most-High is Wisdom and departing from all evil is understanding. 

Only GOD’s law is perfect, HIS instructions are reliable/sure making wise the simple-minded due to thoughtlessness. 

The pre-requisite of Wisdom is the reverential respect to the LORD Most-High, this has to be first and foremost in our living. Lol, by doing this we gain good common sense, for HIS praise endures forever. [I wrote lol because the saying among the people today is that “common sense, is not common”], can you see a much different truth in that? Only fools despise wisdom and discipline.

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October 19, 2020

Wisdom-Filled: Exodus 31:3

Filled with the Spirit of GOD, in Wisdom, in understanding, and in knowledge.

The children of GOD are endowed with the Spirit of GOD and it is in HIS Spirit that we have the ability in whatever kinds of knowledge to perform all types of work. The Spirit of GOD causes us to be intelligent, knowledgeable, skilled, understanding, and wise. We have no excuse as to why we do not step out in faith to do those things that we will like to do. We can have these same skill sets just for one particular area and excel just in that. However, if we have a desire to work in various areas there is nothing that we cannot do when we rely on GOD’s Spirit to equip us for that task. 

Also, those things that we never had a desire to accomplish can be given to us if GOD requires you to do that which HE has placed into your heart, causing the heart to be stirred, giving us a passion and purpose. I never thought about being in ministry let alone a public speaker. When GOD spoke to my heart about being HIS Evangelist, I had no clue as to what HE meant because I had never heard of the word evangelist. After HE completed speaking with me, I can recall going into our guest washroom, looking into the mirror, and crying uncontrollably trying to figure out how I would be able to speak with an audience larger than three souls at a time. I had never spoken to more than three people at a time with the exception of classroom participation and I never volunteered to answer questions, I was chosen. 

Now, I have no problem speaking before a large audience not because I attended public speaking school and excelled but rather because the Spirit of GOD equipped me to speak not only to a small audience but a large one as well. I have and know my purpose, my heart is stirred to accomplish daily whatever GOD desires of me to either do or say. I still do not like speaking with large audiences but I know that I can accomplish the task because GOD’s Spirit is speaking through me, it is not about me but about my love for people to encourage them to come to CHRIST JESUS that propels me to be energized yet another day in the hope that I can reach someone, anyone. 

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AMFBeM Announcement

Hello this is Elder Briscoe

I want to share with every follower and reader this video that a dear brother by the name of David Buckle shared with me that I truly appreciate. I am positive that he will not be offended with my sharing with you this link so that you too may copy the link and share it with others. After all this is what we do as CHRISTians, we either speak or write about JESUS to those who are lost in sin. We either invite or remind about the LOVE, joy, peace, grace, mercy and so on of CHRIST JESUS. We provide our own testimonies of what JESUS has done for us along with the Word of GOD. So, here it is the link that I sincerely hope is shared on all your social media sites, and your e-mails. GOD Bless you all!


Elder Shawn Briscoe


AMFBeM Newsletter

October 15, 2020

Worry-Needs and Wants-Matthew 6:25, 27-28, 31, 34

Oh, the things that we worry about. Some of them are ridiculous and all is a waste of time. We worry because we do not have one of the two; no JESUS, or no faith, reliance, or trust in JESUS. My heart breaks when I see and or hear my CHRISTian siblings worry about their family or bills because these are the areas where their faith is weak and these are the areas where they need to go to the FATHER and ask HIM to help them in those areas where their faith is weak. I cannot begin to touch on every area where people worry but I will touch on those basic things which are near our heart.

Do not worry about your life” this includes not only yourself but your parents, grand-parents up to four generations, children, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. This also includes which schools to attend, being employed, and where to reside/live, money, and transportation.

The chosen verses of scripture get lost in translation because we do not read what JESUS is saying that is causing unnecessary worry in our lives at the moment. But in actuality HE did, you see when HE spoke those words then it covered what was available during that particular time, they did not have all that we have today. So, in reading the scriptures we need to close our eyes, chillax and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit as we place our faith, reliance, and trust in knowing what we speak, that JESUS is our provider. Everything that we stand in need of HE will make sure that we receive them because HE knows just what we truly need long before it becomes a need for us. 

Throw and release all your burdens onto the LORD. HE is a sustainer and HE will not allow us to fall because HE is the ONE who holds us up. We the righteous cannot fall, fail, or slip when we are grounded and rooted in HIM. Did you know that when we allow ourselves to be overtaken with being anxious which is another form of worry that we are giving greatness to something in the future that may or may not happen or be real? They are the unknown to us, being anxious/worried unquiets us with inner voices of bullying/teasing, troubling, and harassment. These things cause fatigue and tear us down emotionally, mentally, and physically. Every circumstance and situation that we must go through [key word Go Through] we are to go to the FATHER and speak with HIM about them. We must ask HIM for HIS guidance and leadership, in making wise decisions. We must take notice that prayer is simply having a conversation not a monologue with someone but in this, we are speaking with our FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. Did not JESUS instruct us to go to the FATHER and ask in HIS [JESUS] name,? I know that HE did. Jhn. 16:23-24. Our problem is that we try to sound super righteous and spooky when we speak to rather than with GOD as though we are not speaking with a friend or have something to prove. Be straightforward, be specific, and stop playing games because the only one you are fooling is yourself.

We are the apple of GOD’s eye, HE loves us more than we are able to comprehend and HE is not far from us. Knowing this we will see that what we are doing is wasting precious time with worry. 

Answer me this, does worry add or remove life from your life? Why have you allowed worry to overcome you when you are the overcomer in CHRIST JESUS? Here is a suggestion, pay better attention to nature, they too have requirements, yet, nothing or no one worries but mankind. Nature is well provided for by the FATHER. 

Ask the FATHER to help you stop being overly concerned about the unknown, cease worrying about what you have need of, and speak in plain everyday language that you speak with others. Share with the FATHER everything, be an open book to HIM, quietly as it’s kept you are anyway because HE is Omniscient the GOD who knows everything.

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