Faith Series VI-Believe in JESUS

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June 5, 2020

John 3:16

The majority of people have committed to memory the above verse of scripture. However, having the ability to remember it does not mean that it is believed. In this news article I will dissect and hopefully give those who have committed the verse to memory, yet, have not placed their faith in that to receive their heart transplant.

  1. Fact: GOD loves the world, the population of people, you. 
  2. Rom. 5:8 GOD the FATHER has clearly shown and proven through demonstration HIS great love for you, while you being a sinner, having no thought of GOD except to blame HIM for all things negative. Questioning why HE allows so many negative actions to happen if HE loves us so much. And along with many other factors that are against GOD by you and your sinful nature, your thoughts, what you say, and lifestyle are clear indications that you do not believe that GOD loves you and that the MESSIAH/CHRIST died just for you. 
  3. Eph. 2:4-5 GOD is rich in mercy towards you and HIS love for you is great, intense, and wonderful even while you are spiritually dead to HIM, separated from HIM, your backs and hearts are against HIM because of sin and your sins. But, GOD made it possible for each and every one of us to become spiritually alive in HIM, joined to HIM, facing HIM face to face and heart to heart because in an instant through faith in the MESSIAH/CHRIST JESUS you will be washed clean in the blood of JESUS, you will receive a heart transplant, and you will become righteous to GOD through JESUS. Our deliverance and salvation are HIS grace, we are not deserving of HIS favor and mercy while being sinners but we receive it from HIM. Our salvation in CHRIST JESUS snatches us from GOD’s judgment and punishment.
  4. 2 Thess. 2:16-17 when we begin to truly have faith in CHRIST JESUS that is when we will begin to experience HIS and the FATHER’s comfort which will give to us strength while doing and saying good things. GOD loves you, GOD has given to you through grace if you want it, comfort and a wonderful hope, not just hope but a wonderful hope and they will never end because they are eternal.
  5. 1 Jhn. 4:9 GOD’s love is being shown to us in that HE gave us HIS unique SON which is the gift of HIS birth. By sending to us HIS SON, for the purpose to be judged and punished in our place, of dying in our place, that we may through HIM truly live and live eternally. I used to struggle with the actual word in the scripture “might” because it continually caused me to question my having eternal life through JESUS. Actually, what the scripture verse is informing us is that we can hear and we can read for ourselves what GOD is telling us through HIS Word and through HIS messengers such as myself. But it is our own individual choice to believe or not. When we have faith to believe, then we will have eternal life, if we will not believe, then we will have eternal death.
  6. Rev. 1:5 JESUS is faithful. JESUS is trustworthy. JESUS is the first One to Rise up from being dead and walk out of the tomb/burial place. JESUS loves you, JESUS can make you free from sin because JESUS has made us free from our sin and sins through HIS precious blood which washes us clean and makes us pure. JESUS was the complete sacrifice that we needed.
  1. Fact: GOD gave to you HIS SON
  2. Is. 9:6-7, JESUS was born for you.
  3. Our first of continual gifts from GOD is JESUS, JESUS was given to you.
  4. JESUS is responsible for leading people.Dominions/governments/rulership belongs to HIM and HE does not need our help bearing the load which is on HIS shoulder.
  5. Some of the many recorded names of JESUS are as follows: Wonderful Counselor/Extraordinary Advisor, Mighty Powerful GOD, Eternal FATHER who lives forever, and Prince of Peace.
  6. JESUS was not and is not a temporary diety actually JESUS is the only True and Living GOD, the Creator of everything and there is no end to HIS abundant increase to rule dominions and governments.
  7. The peace of JESUS is neverending.
  8. The Kingdom of JESUS is established, strong, and sustainable. 
  9. JESUS rules with justice and righteousness.
  10. The LORD All-Powerful does this because of the love that HE has for you.

Now is the time, today without delay is your day to believe, to operate in faith that JESUS CHRIST was born, suffered and died for you. But it did not end there, JESUS CHRIST also rose from the dead for you. CHRIST JESUS is now sitting on HIS throne in heaven on the right-hand side of HIS FATHER. And after activating your faith in HIM, HE will be in continual prayer for you. Today should be the day that you will truly become alive, today should be the day that you will want to rely on and trust your life to JESUS. Today should be the day that though tough times will come, you will not be alone as you go through them because JESUS will be right there beside you. GOD loves __________(place your name there.

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