Looking For A Church Home

The flesh is the church, not a building


Revelation 3:7-13

Which church are we most likely to be linked with as measured by JESUS in the book of Revelation?

The seven churches that we are to measure ourselves by are as follows. Ephesus, Laodicea, Pergamum, Philadelphia, Sardis, Smyrna, and Thyatira.

Understand that The ONE who Is Holy and True, Is JESUS. JESUS alone Is The Way, HE Is The Truth, and HE Is The Life. Without JESUS no one can come to the FATHER. CHRIST JESUS Is The Amen, The Faithful, and True Witness, JESUS Is The Beginning and JESUS Is The End.

JESUS is looking at each of us individually and yet at the same time. Because The FATHER LOVES The SON [JESUS] and is showing JESUS everything. JESUS knows all of our works. So, in our living for JESUS be sure that we keep in mind the following.

  • Are we obeying The Word of GOD/HIS Teachings which is all about JESUS?
  • Are we afraid of speaking the name of JESUS because we do not want to offend anyone? If so, This is your public denial of the name of JESUS and who JESUS Is.

Through our obedience, this is what we must want to hear JESUS say to us, “See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it”. This is important for us to want to hear because going into that open door that JESUS opened just for us is because of how we lived our public and private lives in front of the eyes of JESUS.

When we play the part of being a Pseudo-Christian and calling ourselves Christians, yet our public and private lives are not lined up with The Word/Teachings of CHRIST JESUS we are liars and have unawaredly linked ourselves up to the church of satan, again. True CHRISTians have a circumcised heart and are authentic Jews spiritually. We not only speak the truth in JESUS, but we live the truth in JESUS. It is not a lifestyle of turning on and off.

Pseudo-Christians will be brought forward to the authentic CHRISTians who are Jews spiritually and they will be made to bow down at our feet and acknowledge that it is those who have been obedient and unafraid to live and speak openly about JESUS who are absolutely loved by HIM.

It is because of our faith that we chose to have endurance, obedience, and perseverance, never looking back but always going forward in The Word of GOD. That we will be kept from that dreadful hour of testing/trial/and trouble, which will come to this entire planet Earth. This world will be punished and all who remain.

It is no secret that JESUS will return quickly in fact it has been heard so much throughout the generations that many scoff at this warning. But we who continue to be gentle to all people and remain strong in our faith will hold on with a most powerful grip on our crown so that no one will be able to steal it away from us. Our crown is our symbol of being a conqueror, our victory, and that we are overcomers.

JESUS will make us pillars in HIS temple the image of security and stability close to the Glory of our GOD. The FATHER and JESUS have an unending kindness and love for us. HIS kindness and love will remain with us each day of our life. And we will live in the house of The LORD forever.

 JESUS will engrave/write on our foreheads the name of HIS FATHER and HIMself. And the name of the city of HIS GOD, who is also our GOD. And the New Jerusalem, that comes down out of heaven from HIS GOD as well as our GOD. This will be the eternal place where we are to live.


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