We are to stir, to be roused, and to be excited from our sleep be it natural but most of all spiritually. Revive from being inactive become invigorated within your new life in CHRIST JESUS. Yes, be excited that you are no longer spiritually sleeping; we will rise from the dead just as CHRIST JESUS did because CHRIST lights our way. While we are still breathing and living the earthly life, we know that we are awake to the righteousness of CHRIST JESUS.

Dearly beloved siblings in CHRIST JESUS:

We are awake in the likeness of CHRIST JESUS; praise GOD’s holy name. When we look in the mirror, we should be seeing the image of CHRIST JESUS looking back at us with our eyes because HE resides within us. The very presence of CHRIST JESUS fills us with complete joy. We are not afraid of death because we are overcomers of death; death has no hold on us because just as JESUS got up and walked out of the borrowed tomb we too will awake and walk out of unfortunately the purchased plot or tomb. Those of us who have and will die believing in CHRIST JESUS will live again. See Matt. 27:52-53 if you don’t want to believe me. They did so when JESUS lived here momentarily on HIS created earth and it will happen again. I think (me) that when those who believed in CHRIST JESUS had awakened from the dead and walked away from the grave that they lived with their families again much like Lazarus had done when JESUS CHRIST woke him up. However, after living great and miraculous lives among their family and friends they died/fell asleep again and will arise with us when CHRIST JESUS comes to gather up HIS bride; HIS church. Now, some believe that the cloud of witnesses is those who were resurrected, and this may be true; I don’t know but I also have not found a foundation that substantiates that those who rose from the grave ascended into heaven. It is my belief (and I may be mistaken) that when we awake when CHRIST JESUS comes for us that Lazarus and a crowd of witnesses who lived when JESUS walked this earth along with those who we know and don’t know will travel to meet CHRIST JESUS all together. There may come a time when mankind will die once; this is a natural death but if we are alive spiritually in CHRIST JESUS we will come forward from our grave with a shout for joy. We will live again our bodies, not the ones we had before but a perfect body that no longer is troubled with addictions, aging, diseases, pain, and sickness. We will have a refreshing dew because the LORD JESUS has revived those of us who have fallen asleep waiting for HIS return and our resurrection.

This is an encouragement only for those of us who have accepted the free gift of salvation; who believe in CHRIST JESUS and have no problem confessing with our very own mouth that CHRIST JESUS is the LORD because we believe be it for a minute (meaning that with your dying breath your heart changed to believe in CHRIST JESUS) or for a day, week, month, year or years. We are not afraid of death; death has no hold on us because we will awake again.

Psalms 17:15; Is. 26:19





We all know what it is to be away be it far, forever, or near. We understand that whatever or whoever is not close by is away. People go away from our presence for example by going out of town, or to accomplish their daily routines these are a temporary absence. Then we experience that through loss, things have gone away from us such as possessions or the loss of employment. The last example is when we just leave a room for a moment; we or others have gone away but will return. We all understand that going away signifies moving from one place to another. Most people don’t realize that JESUS CHRIST shared that HIS Words will never go away but everything that HE has created will. So, why are we so very hard pressed to keep close to us the possessions that we have obtained? There is nothing wrong with enjoying anything that we have been gifted with or that we purchased with the money that we worked for. However, it is not in things that we are to lose our mind over once they have gone away through a tragedy such as a burglary; fire; tornado and such, or to trip because someone who has gone away due to death did not leave their possessions to us. Keeping the Word of GOD near should be our priority. Don’t misunderstand me, sure we will experience sadness emotionally, but it should not be a lifestyle.

The heavens and the earth will literally go away, the things that we believe or never considered will go away, why are we clinging to what is temporary and not clinging to what is eternal? The Word of GOD is eternal! GOD said let there be and because by HIS faith HE spoke into existence all that we know, and HE did so by the craftsmanship of HIS holy hands. HIS very creations will all one day go away. CHRIST JESUS and those who believed in HIM will remain forever along with HIS Word. Imagine the world as we know it wearing out like old clothes and being thrown away. Look up towards the sky it’s laid out beautifully now, look around at the earth though it has been destroyed from the beauty that it once was it too will go away. Imagine the sky going away like a vapor. Imagine the people who have not been raptured up into the sky with CHRIST JESUS when HE returns dying like mere flies. The salvation of CHRIST JESUS is eternal it will never go away. HIS righteousness never fails. Our first birth is out of our human effort and because of the sin of Adam every birth from his first born between he and his wife Eve have been born corrupt and will continue to be born corrupt. But our second birth our rebirth is not done out of the effort of humans, so the blood of sin will no longer be present. Our second birth comes from the everlasting Word of GOD and HIS Word is indestructible. GOD’s Word endures eternally forever, and this is our Good News. When CHRIST JESUS returns to gather HIS own, those who do not believe in HIM will not be prepared and because they too will witness this will mourn because they did not believe and are being left behind. The analogy that was given to us is that none of us are ever prepared to be burgled be it our person or our home. Sure, we may have the grandest alarm system on our homes and auto’s; we may even have those personal keychain alarms but let’s face it we are still caught off guard when the thief has come and targeted you. So, when CHRIST JESUS comes back to earth gathering those who believe in HIM the heavens will pass away and it will be done with a thunderous roar. The universe will be burned up and destroyed. The actions of the people will be exposed. There will be no escape for them. And once the completion of what CHRIST JESUS is doing is done everything will go away as if they never existed.


Matthew 24:35; Ps.102:25-26; Is.51:6; 1 Ptr. 1:23-25; 2 Ptr. 3:10




The word awesome inspires awe which in its former use was dreadful fear, especially when used with GOD. Today because of the New Covenant/Testament we have no reason to be in dreadful fear of the Living GOD, but we should be in fear with respect. For example; when we don’t fear fire, we have no respect for what it can do. Fire can either keep us warm, cook our food or destroy us. The Living GOD no longer destroy mankind because of sin because HE gave us a gift in the form of HIS SON CHRIST JESUS. And because of what JESUS did for us we no longer are destroyed by HIM, but we choose to be destroyed by not believing in HIM and receiving HIS gift of salvation which is free to us but cost the FATHER dearly. We are to admire the works of CHRIST JESUS; become amazed at the daily expectation of what HE is doing in our lives and express amazement of not only who HE is to us but what we are in HIM. When reading the Word of GOD, we should be filled with the wonderment of how the heart of the people who knew not the Living GOD and for those who do can be seen in our today? We have so many illustrations that surely, we can find at least one example that fit our profile if we will only look.

The LORD GOD is the One Holy GOD and we should praise HIS awesome name rather than blaspheme, curse or use it for profanity.

We are not alone because CHRIST JESUS has informed us that HE will never leave us, nor will HE forsake us which means that HE will never leave us. CHRIST JESUS is the Mighty Awesome One. JESUS is not against us rather HE is on our side.

The LORD JESUS is the great and awesome GOD; HE keeps HIS covenant promises even when we break our promise to HIM. HE reveals HIS mercy towards us and HE does not do so based on the condition that if we do, HE will do. CHRIST JESUS loves us even when we did not or do not love HIM.

This is only a small fraction as to why HE is the Almighty Awesome One.

Psalm 99:3; Jeremiah 20:11; Daniel 9:4; Ex. 20:6




How do we know for sure if we are in a backslidden state? Have you fallen off your relationship with CHRIST JESUS to live as our flesh dictates by returning to what it knows? Have you abandoned the principles of your faith in CHRIST JESUS? Do you find yourself gradually turning from attending your local assembly to be around the other saints for something that you deem takes priority; of studying the Word of GOD; praying and being thankful and worshipful to CHRIST JESUS? Are you actively and willfully sinning and unknowingly worshipping through idolatry because anyone or anything that is put before CHRIST JESUS is idolatry?

If we can answer yes to any one of the above questions, we are welcome to come back to CHRIST JESUS our LORD and Savior. We are encouraged to stop being rebellious. CHRIST JESUS already forgave us on that cross for our unfaithfulness. We did not surprise HIM we surprise ourselves to find ourselves back into that thing or with people that we are familiar with who have nothing in common with the true light of the Almighty GOD. Come back, CHRIST JESUS is the LORD our GOD. HE has never left us we are the ones who leave HIM. When we gradually leave JESUS, HE is patiently waiting for our return and HE will not chastise us but heal the wounds we received from the darkness of this world. We are not outcast we belong to CHRIST JESUS and slowly we feel uncomfortable being around people that we know we should not be around and slowly we ignore those alarms being set off inwardly. We can’t shake thinking of CHRIST JESUS even though we have returned to what our flesh love. The world does not care for us as we care for them because we have the same love for people as CHRIST has for people. CHRIST JESUS is a healer of our city the place and homes of HIS beloved children and HE is also a restorer. Not the city of the world. CHRIST JESUS will heal HIS people not the people who are of the world. CHRIST JESUS gives HIS people peace and security. Not the people of the world. Return to the LORD because the world tears to pieces its inhabitants but JESUS is a healer and HE will bandage our wounds. CHRIST JESUS has said to us that HE will cure us of our unfaithfulness and we need to believe and rest in HIM for this. CHRIST JESUS loves us freely HE is not angry with us as so many people will like for us to believe.    

Jeremiah 3:22, 30:17, 33:6; Hos. 6:1, 14:4




The administration of the sacrament of baptism or christening. Baptism is the total emersion which symbolizes the death, burial, and resurrection of CHRIST JESUS. When christening it is simply sprinkling water into the face and providing a name to the child publicly.

We first learn about baptism from John the Baptist who is the cousin of JESUS. He baptized many into the changing of their ways and thoughts, this is what repentance truly is. But he also made those who were being baptized aware that HIS cousin JESUS is the only One who can baptize people with HIS Holy Spirit which comes with fire; this is the far better baptism because it’s the true baptism. CHRIST JESUS is the One who owns all authority in heaven and earth. So, if we are true disciples of CHRIST JESUS we can go out and make more disciples who will follow and live for HIM. And if there be any body of water nearby or we can take the person or people to a body of water and baptize them as CHRIST JESUS has instructed disciples to do in the name of the FATHER, of the SON and of the Holy Spirit. We are to continue to share the information that we have on how to observe all things that CHRIST JESUS has commanded us as well as encourage one another that CHRIST JESUS is always with us, this seems to be overlooked among the disciples of today. The LORD JESUS has and will wash away our filth, HE will purge us from the blood of sin and give us a blood transfusion of HIS righteousness, we’ve already been judged by the Spirit of Judgment having all sin burned out of us.

John the Baptist taught about the baptism of repentance which is to change how we think and how we act. That was how in the Old Testament people would show that they were believers, they were not saved but they had the faith of Abraham, Isaac, and Moses. So, those who died before the death, burial, and resurrection of JESUS they joined Abraham and all the many believers in the bosom of Abraham where they were kept safe from torment until CHRIST JESUS came and set the captives free. Today, that empty gulf remains there as a witness of what was once. The New Testament only came into being after the death of JESUS and it is through HIS death that people are saved in HIM. John the Baptist baptized with water, but CHRIST JESUS baptizes with HIS Holy Spirit. So, whoever believes in CHRIST JESUS within the heart before being baptized is already saved but anyone who is baptized without believing in CHRIST JESUS within the heart is still condemned.

The promise that the FATHER made, and that CHRIST JESUS told to HIS disciples is that HIS disciples will be baptized with the Holy Spirit it was true and evident then and it is true and evident now. One example of the Holy Spirit residing with us is that we will possess divided tongues which will rest in us. Not rest as we may think of rest, but divided tongues provide us the ability to speak with the rest of our cause on the truth of scripture as only the Holy Spirit can.  It is a great thing when we actively and willingly turn towards GOD and daily change the way we act and think. Just as it is a great thing that believers in CHRIST JESUS are baptized in water and better to be baptized in the Holy Ghost. We must realize that just as salvation is given to us freely as a gift so is receiving the Holy Spirit given to us freely as a gift. The Holy Spirit is who provides us with the power to accomplish in boldness all things that we can do in CHRIST JESUS. Outward baptism for the believer is the outward showing that we are baptized in CHRIST JESUS, in HIS death, and in HIS resurrection. Remember, I explained that baptism is a total emersion in a body of water not a sprinkling in the face.

It does not matter what our nationality is, what color our skin is, it does not matter if we are male or female and because unfortunately slavery still exists it will not matter if you are a slave or free if we believe in CHRIST JESUS then we will want to also receive HIS Holy Spirit and be baptized in CHRIST JESUS this will cause us to drink freely from the Holy Spirit.

All of us who have been and will be baptized into CHRIST JESUS will also be completely dressed in HIM as well.

This is a good example I often like to use when speaking about the Holy Ghost. Think of insurance for our automobile and or home. Do we benefit from full coverage with our car or do we benefit from just having liability or collision insurance? Do we benefit with what we perceive is necessary when we purchase home insurance or do we benefit from having the type of insurance by knowing the value of every possession within our home as well as the correct coverage that will protect the lives within the home and  from what may cause the destruction within or of the home? The Holy Ghost is our full life insurance. He is not our term (renting) insurance. Without being baptized in the Holy Ghost we will not speak, think, and live in the victorious power which is offered to us. There are many beloved children of the Living GOD who possess fire insurance, meaning they are saved from the pit of hell. But why not have, the total package, why not speak the truth in confidence, why not pray as only the Holy Spirit can pray, why not live our lives as the overcomer that we are instead of continuing to be beaten up by the devil and his minions?

Matthew 3:11, 28:19; Is. 4:4; Mark 1:4, 8, 16:16; Acts 1:5, 2:3-4, 38; Romans 6:3; 1 Corinthians 12:13; Galatians 3:27




Simply put its when we beat or strike up against something. Many of us are in a battle and don’t know it; we battle with the use of our attitude and our words. And, please let me not forget the battle of our mind. Battles are only applied to what or who we see as enemies and therefore we attack others and most often ourselves. That’s right we strive and struggle with ourselves.

We are always trying to handle situations with others and with ourselves; maybe the problem is not so much the situation but in our trying. This is my thought on being in battle with others and ourselves; cease and desist; stop trying we most often never successfully accomplish coming to an end of those very tough situations regarding others and ourselves. I believe that we place far too much belief; confidence; and trust in ourselves rather than in CHRIST JESUS. HE has never lost a battle, yet our first instinct is not to run to HIM with our problems but to try and work them out ourselves. CHRIST JESUS is the One who determines the outcome of each battle and HE is not going to sit by and watch us be destroyed unless we don’t include HIM. The number one reason why we are in a battle is that of fear. When fear comes upon us, we need to decide which we will allow to control us; are we going to allow fear to cause us to forget everything that we know in CHRIST JESUS or are we going to face those fears boldly in CHRIST JESUS and rise? In CHRIST JESUS we need to know that the battle is not ours so cease being afraid of what people have said or is saying about us. Stop trying to keep up with those who may have better possessions than you in time we can have everything that we desire regarding possessions. We need to learn how not to covet what others have. Don’t you want to have things without being in debt; don’t you desire to have the ability to walk into any store see what it is that we will like to have and pay for them in full without spending that which should have gone towards paying for that which we already are in debt to? Cease from trying to do the job that GOD is more than able to accomplish without our help. Ask the LORD GOD to help you through the Holy Spirit to stop being so concerned with how the world sees us and rest in how CHRIST JESUS see us. Transform your mind by casting down every imagination that is nothing like GOD. If it does not line up with who CHRIST JESUS is, what HE said we are to HIM, and what HE is to us; we better know that those thoughts are not godly but deadly through the devil. We cannot battle our thoughts with thoughts to battle the thoughts we must speak out using our mouth and tongue to form the words which are GOD like. CHRIST JESUS desire that we think thoughts that are good, pleasing and perfect in HIM. When the Holy Spirit resides within us, we can live with a new attitude in the character and integrity of our Savior CHRIST JESUS. So, when we begin to have thoughts about people that irritate us remember that JESUS CHRIST died for those people also and that HE loves them too. In the book of Philippians, we are given the blueprint and instructions on how we are to think. Look at Phil. 4:8.

1 Samuel 17:47; 2 Chr. 20:15; Rom. 12:2; Eph. 4:23




JESUS CHRIST was struck many times with repeated blows not only to HIS body but to HIS face and character as well. The Roman soldier beat JESUS CHRIST with a cat of nine tails, in history it is known that the Romans used teeth, iron balls, hooks and the like which were attached to the leather straps to inflict wounds on the one being punished with scourging. But the people who were growling for JESUS CHRIST to be crucified hit HIM with their open hands, fists, reeds, or with whatever instrument that would inflict pain. Many of us have read in the scripture from Job that he said people gaped at him and may have either not known what that meant or did not know the complete definition to the word gape. What was meant not only for Job but for JESUS as well is that the people sneered at them, mouths were opened and used with the desire to injure and devour the person’s character. You understand because we are all guilty of gapping at people. This is a no-no.  I’m not going to cover all the torture that JESUS CHRIST endured for us all but I will only cover HIS being beat.

Unlike JESUS, we are ready to inflict serious harm on anyone who dares to spit in our face because we understand that this is an act of hatred. JESUS CHRIST endured having HIS precious face spat upon, beat and slapped repeatedly. Unlike JESUS, we are ready to fight anyone who will strike us. JESUS CHRIST endured being spat on and hit over the head with sticks. Some of us can barely take it when others have something negative to say about us. From being a small child I can recall that if anyone dared spoke negatively about my mother or father I was ready to fight. When I was a kid this is what turned the kindest kids who never want to fight into a raging bull. Gapping about the parents of a child was just a no-no. And as we grow up into adulthood; we are not going to allow anyone to speak negatively about us; some of us are ready to rumble just because someone told us that someone said something about us that was unkind. These are busybodies with nothing better to do than to antagonize another and witness them become upset to the point that they approach the one that set their mouth to gape on them. JESUS CHRIST had to deal with being sneered at; HE did nothing. We all believe or believed in the lie “stick and stones may break my bones but name calling can’t hurt me”. Well, this is an untruth, those of us who have survived physical abuse have healed outwardly, sure there may be some ugly scars but none the less they are no longer bleeding or infected. Inwardly, negative words destroy people; often those negative words remind us of how others see us as being. We believe those negative words and for some, the words have caused addiction, anger, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem; promiscuity and worst of all suicides. That’s because those negative words and continually bleeding and are infected. JESUS CHRIST gave willingly HIS back to being beaten and bruised to the point HE barely had a back any longer. HIS back though beaten with forty stripes became one large stripe; an open hole where HIS back was. The beard of JESUS was plucked out in clumps by the hands of others. JESUS withstood the many none ending insults to HIS character. And the spitting in HIS face. This is our example setter that when people speak insults about us and they will cause emotional pain; when people hit us and we will want to strike back; we are falsely accused and we will want to defend ourselves. Do what JESUS did; accept it. Should, the time come when in the proper place to be justified speak your peace without animosity. Believe me when we allow the Holy Spirit to speak on our behalf JESUS will set the stage for our justification before our enemies. Here is an example of what happened to me many, many years ago when I was still employed in corporate America. There was an employee that had a propensity for rubbing people the wrong way, no matter what I did to try to bring down that wall of treachery within her, nothing worked. Instead of me being the one to infect her with kindness she infected me with irritation. One day she was sitting at her desk and I had, had enough of her mouth and actions toward me and took matters in my own hands. I kicked her chair and she fell out of it. When she reported the incident to our manager we had to go before a review board which was a mediator, the manager and ourselves. When I was asked had I done the thing that I was being accused of I simply told the truth; yes, I did it. When asked why I did it; I calmly explained what had happened. When I returned back to my office those that had heard or witnessed what had happened was glad that someone finally gave her what for. But I had not done what I had done to receive recognition for exerting my anger towards an individual so I did not give into all the accolades given to me. What I had done was wrong as wrong as for how she treated people and I was suspended for a few days when I could have been sacked. The thing is that upon my return her attitude towards me had completely changed for the better and we got along great. What I did was exercised injustice but because I allowed the Holy Spirit to speak through me in our meeting JESUS gave me justice. So, if at all possible endure the beat down and know that CHRIST JESUS sees and understands all that we are going through because HE gave HIMself to be beaten for us.

Matthew 26:67, 27:30; job 16:10; Is. 50:6; Lam. 3:30