In the Bible we find the words abide and dwell and take for granted that both words actually are the same in vocabulary. To a degree we are not inaccurate, however, there is a slight difference and we must make up our minds as to where we desire to be in the living GOD and HIS Word. There are Christians who abide in the Word of GOD like they are staying with family, friends or in a hotel or motel. We may be there in our continuance to stay there but we know that this is only indefinite. As soon as trials that we in our own self can’t overcome our faith begins to weaken. When during trials this is not the time to try to do anything within our own efforts but to rely completely and totally on the strength of GOD and the power of HIS might. There are also Christians who take the word of abide and have a more permanent state of being in completely and totally resting in GOD and HIS Word. It’s not an indefinite life for them regardless of how things look around them they remain firm and immovable they endure because they trust that JESUS will deliver them from their trials. We need to make up our minds to become a resident in JESUS and not just use HIM for a temporary lodging. Our residency in CHRIST JESUS must be permanent in mind, soul and spirit. We must speak the Word as well as live the Word through exhibition. What we demonstrate outwardly and through every day communication demonstrate to believers and non-believers who and where we are in CHRIST JESUS. Do we need to consistently quote scriptures which is proof of nothing to anyone who hears that? Absolutely not. People know who we are by our demonstration in action more than by what we say. Our demonstration of character and integrity informs the world whether or not we dwell permanently or abide temporarily in JESUS. Make up our minds to have a fixed attention on the things of JESUS.

When we dwell in the security which is the shadow of CHRIST JESUS we have a shelter of protection in HIM giving us continual blessings and favor. JESUS is our inseparable companion. The power of JESUS cannot be withstood by the enemy. Living under the protective shadow of the wings of CHRIST JESUS provides us daily security of the attacks that we witness in our life. Being in the body of CHRIST does not quarantine us from trials we have them the difference is we know where we can go when the trials are attacking us. JESUS hides us and places us up on high on a rock. JESUS is our ensign who gives notice on the attack that comes after us. We have on us a banner which is the flag of whose authority we are under. When we have taken permanent residency in the shelter of JEUS protection the enemy who is mankind comes looking for us to conspire and plot against us but because we are so well hidden those attacks cannot find us. We are safe in HIS shelter of protection from strife and the negative tongues that pursue us.

In CHRIST JESUS is the fullness of the living GOD in flesh and HE expresses the complete divine essence of GOD. JESUS is the Word and HE came down to mankind to dwell in mankind but to abide in the world. CHRIST JESUS is full and never-ending of grace and truth. JESUS is the glory of the FATHER and JESUS is glorified, HE is unique and there is no other like HIM nor will there ever be. JESUS is free of deception there is no darkness in HIM. JESUS is pure light. This is why we need to dwell in HIM as HE desires to dwell in us and stop abiding in HIM as a temporary lodging only when things seem to be great for us in appearance.


Psalms 91:1, 17:8, 27:5, 31:20, Colossians 2:9, Jhn. 1:14

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