Oh, how I bless and praise the LORD my GOD for setting us free from having to do anything to obtain eternal life. Well, let me clarify that we do have to do something and that is to believe. And for many, this is work in the beginning because we have so much worldly junk in our heart and mind to push through to believe that we are so loved and that JESUS died in our place.

Take a look at the ending of the law rituals of life before JESUS would go to the cross here when a ruler came to JESUS and asked HIM what he had to do to obtain eternal life. Notice that eternal life before JESUS died was based on self-effort because JESUS had not yet gone to the cross and JESUS walked this earth and operated under the Mosaic Law which is completely perfect and without grace or mercy. The Mosaic Law informs us what to do but will never leave room for grace or mercy nor will it teach us how to flow in it. The law is filled with a rigorous task that was impossible to be obeyed then and now. If you do not believe me how many of us obey to the letter each and every law that we are to obey in our government such as traffic, finances, household, school and such? This ruler was very wealthy and with wealth comes stature. When JESUS asked him to give those things up the ruler was grieved because he could not depart from them. They had a hold on him, he did not have a hold on them.

Now we are free from rituals, self-efforts, and tasks because JESUS has set us free and HE is filled with grace and mercy. And through HIM the Law of Moses is complete and we are able to obey not in rituals but through morals. All we need to do is simply believe in JESUS to have eternal life. Believe that JESUS is the Son of GOD and that HE died for you and that you are forgiven of your sins, past, present and future. That JESUS rose from the grave and ascended and is sitting at the right hand of the FATHER GOD. And that JESUS will return for you. You must know that GOD is the only true GOD and that CHRIST JESUS was sent to us by HIS FATHER. Because we believe in JESUS we do have eternal life we will not die and descend into hell but we will have everlasting life in heaven with the FATHER and CHRIST JESUS forever. Our eternal life begins the moment that we know CHRIST JESUS personally for ourselves not through another. That moment that we know that there is only One true and living GOD who is the FATHER and HE is the One who sent HIS only begotten Son CHRIST JESUS to us as a ransom for us all. JESUS came because the FATHER sent HIM to speak the words of HIS FATHER. We cannot say that we believe in GOD and refuse HIS Son it is imperative to believe in JESUS in order to have everlasting life. There is no backdoor or climbing through windows to obtain eternal life, there is no good deeds that can be done to obtain eternal life. It does not matter how nice or good a person has been because if we do not believe in JESUS we will not see eternal life in heaven with GOD the FATHER and CHRIST JESUS. What awaits for the person who rejects JESUS is eternal life in hell with satan and his demons in the lake of fire. It is true that when we believe in CHRIST JESUS that we will have eternal life beginning here on earth with the FATHER and with CHRIST JESUS who will enter our heart and when our life is over and CHRIST JESUS come for us we will be resurrected with HIM to live our eternal life with HIM and the FATHER. So please do not allow your education, your logic, your senses, your wisdom, your wealth, your stature or anything else that you deem important and tangible because they are visible and you can understand them hold you back from an eternal life with JESUS. Come and understand your Creator and HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS believe in HIM, confess HIM as your Savior make HIM your LORD over your life. Allow the LORD GOD to exercise lovingkindness, righteousness and delight as you have never experienced in your life before. HIS judgment in your life once you come to HIS will Passover you because it was nailed to the cross.

Dear one, you are being called to eternal life, you have been prayed for by generations who are no longer with us, and by those who are alive today. You have been running long enough. Come to which you were called. Confess the good confession and that is JESUS is the Son of the living GOD, born of Mary who at the time was a virgin, HE died for your sins, HE was buried and that HE did rise from the grave and was seen by many. And then HE ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the FATHER.

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