Forgiveness-Psalm 130:3-5

The LORD JESUS asked this question to those who wanted to condemn another for sin; “who among you is without sin”? I bless the LORD with my entire soul because although I’m saved; I’m forgiven; I’m no longer guilty; I don’t have a sin or guilt conscience. Within me is still the ability to conduct myself in a sinful manner. Each and every day I have to make a choice not to conduct myself in wickedness; to participate in a violation as to what is right and immoral. Before I became a child of the Living GOD; I did not know that I had a choice and even if I did know without accepting JESUS as my Savior trying to live without committing sin would have been like trying to remove the wet from the water. It’s impossible. Because The FATHER has forgiven me and has caused me to become HIS daughter through HIS SON’s precious and holy blood that has regenerated me; I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me. One of those attributes is to forgive others and most importantly myself. When we evaluate who we are and what we have done and what we think; yet, JESUS has forgiven us; who are we not to stand in a position of forgiving others? Our perception of GOD’s mercy will create within us and cause our heart to be cultivated with righteousness. The Word of GOD is what we use to cultivate our heart and it’s impossible to know what we are to think; focus on; speak about; allow ourselves to listen to and to act on if we don’t know what the Word of GOD instruct us. Let me keep it real as I always strive to do; when you are a child of the Most High GOD you will continue to make mistakes. But what is different about the believer and the non-believer is that the believer will not live a habitual life of sin. There may be an incident when you will slip up and use profanity or go to bed angry or in your anger do or say something that is not justified with GOD. Sometimes we allow our flesh to get the better of us but this should not be a habitual practice.  We don’t owe the flesh anything but to keep it washed; clothed and fed natural food. However, when you slip and fall into the mud; don’t be like Adam when GOD walked in and asked Adam where he was. The question was not for location the question was to have Adam see what he had done. GOD already knows where you are but it’s important for you to know as well. JESUS has already forgiven you of past, present and future sins; this is grace and mercy. HE already knows that when you accept and believe in HIM that you are going to make some sinful mistakes this is why when you read the Word of GOD you will see how HE has made provisions for you when you do slip up and you know that you will; I have and you have also. So when you slip and fall into sin be quick to say to The FATHER what you did and thank HIM for HIS forgiveness. We must be quick to see our mistakes. Never try to justify yourself and never stand in a position of not forgiving others. Remember, if GOD was to judge you on every sin committed by you; how would you be able to withstand HIS fierce and terrible punishment that we so deserve. What if GOD punished the two year old for his/her sin; what if HE punished you one hour after you by faith accepted HIS SON JESUS as your Savior? Always remember to operate in forgiveness this is an act of true love.

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