GOD is my Strength

Hab. 3:18-19

Is HE really or is HE only when things go very well for us?  Do we realize that regardless of the circumstances of our lives; we are to fill the earth with HIS praise? For sure you must understand that the heavens are filled with HIS glory. Of course not; our minds find it difficult to capture this. GOD has stood and measured the earth; HE has startled nations; scattered mountains and hills have bowed before HIM. What… do I understand this correctly? Of course I do; I have noticed how the trees keep their branches raised up in praise; how often do we lift up our hands which are to be holy to HIM and praise HIM? I have noticed that there are some trees which are designed to bow continually before HIM. When was the last time we bent the knees or laid flat out on the floor with our faces nose down on the floor to offer up praise to the one True GOD? GOD will never change yet we are to change and become more like HIM. It’s not so difficult; after all we do have HIS DNA. Is HE on our minds in the morning; during the day and before we slumber for the night?

Oh how my GOD loves us so and keeps us on HIS mind and heart. My GOD rides in HIS chariots of salvation. HE has divided the earth with rivers; only HE can walk HIS horses through the sea with HIS horses as the water cover the land; only HE can hold the rivers and seas in HIS hand. Mountains have enough sense to tremble before HIS presence; what about us? My GOD goes forward with salvation to gather HIS people and HE brings with HIM the Salvation of HIS Anointed One. I stand in awe when I realized that in all the righteousness that I strive for daily that will please GOD. That when I stand before HIM; I am still rotten in my bones; my words become lost because I know that HE knows my every thought in my heart and mind. I shake before him in fear; not so much that I fear HIM because I don’t. But because I realize that I am nothing compared to HIM and that I am nothing without HIM. But in HIM, I’m striving to be all that HE has created me to be. In HIM I find my strength to stand and walk with courage to do my daily task for HIM. In HIM I find my words to speak to the lost and to encourage those who hurt. In HIM I am able to move and live a life of joy and peace. If I live long enough when this world will succumbed to more evil than ever imaged. I must find the strength to continue to live and die because of JESUS. I may suffer unbearable torture; I may go hungry and starve; I may suffer from the cold or heat. I pray that if this time comes that I will continue to find the praise that my GOD deserve; I pray that I will continue to find joy in the LORD. I pray that I will be able to walk on my high heels as a deer while suffering because I refuse to deny my GOD. It’s only today that I know and understand that GOD is my strength because I live today. I pray to stay in HIM so that I can have strength each day that HE continues to breath into my nostrils.

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