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Our GOD is a conquer, a refuge and HE has power when we are in trouble. Our GOD is not off in the distance somewhere but HE is right there with us in the now, face to face, in the thick of it, in the existing, ready and at hand to move swiftly on our behalf. Our GOD is very attentive and never absent. The thing is we never call on HIM by faith or we only utilize HIM as we utilize the 911 or 999 call and expect HIM to perform. It’s not that HE does not help those who are not in a relationship with HIM, HE does all the time but they fail to see HIS hand of mercy in their life. So they miss out on the fullness of HIS grace. GOD is impenetrable and mighty nothing can destroy or overtake HIM.

Each year the majority of the world acknowledges that a most blessed child was born into this world for us. HE is actually the gift given to us the Son of man. And what do we do with gifts? We give them and that is exactly what was done with GOD in the form of JESUS, HE gave HIMself to us. When we read and think of the government which has been placed on the shoulders of JESUS, we think of the offices that we cringe at where all those rules, millionaires and a lot of nonsense is going on. But this is not what is meant at all, what is meant here is that JESUS will give the direction and regulation of how we are to conduct ourselves. To control, restrain and temper our passions. HE will be the One to teach us to exercise our authority in and through HIM. Hence the meaning of GOD’s name. Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty GOD, Everlasting FATHER, Prince of Peace. It is for this purpose that GOD gave JESUS to this world and that is because HE loves us. JESUS is a most wonderful gift and the most expensive gift we will ever have. All we need do is believe in JESUS and we will not be judged, we will not die the second death, we will not go to hell and we will not perish in the lake of fire. It is promised that we will have everlasting life with CHRIST JESUS. For all the names people call GOD, Wonderful is acceptable. However, it is the name of JESUS that causes demons to run, it is the name of JESUS that all tongues will confess even those who were unwilling to do so. It is in the name of JESUS that each and every knee will bow down, face towards the grown in respect to JESUS. I have a daily growing family which is enlarged every second of every minute of every hour of each and every day of the week, month and year. JESUS receives a new soul into the kingdom just that often and we have a blessed hope in HIM and that is to one day see HIS beautiful face. To thank HIM face to face and worship HIM face to face for all the glorious things that HE has done for us. HE is our GOD!

Our GOD is a covenant, GOD. Which means HE gave to the world a contract this contract simply spells out HIS works and HIS promises to mankind. We have HIS covenant of grace, HE gave us HIS salvation, the terms believe on HIS SON, JESUS the CHRIST. We have HIS covenant of redemption, this is a mutual agreement between GOD the FATHER and GOD the SON for the redemption of sinners through CHRIST JESUS.

It is for this reason our spirit rejoice in our GOD who is the Savior and our blessed hope. How acceptable and how good this is in the sight of our GOD who is our Savior?

Who is JESUS to you? Is HE merely a teacher, prophet, evangelist, miracle worker, or a good man? Then you don’t know JESUS, for HE is LORD, HE is the Son of man and HE is the SON of GOD, HE is the CHRIST.

Are your needs met? What is it that you don’t have that you can’t live life without? Where do you go for your supplies? Who is your supplier? My asking these questions is to get us to face the fact that all of our needs are met. Life, health, food, clothing, and shelter. These are basic needs to sustain life anything after these are called wants. Want better life, health or shelter go to the supplier. Want more food and clothes go to the supplier. GOD is our supplier and HE has never ending wealth and we panic over bills. We do so because we don’t take those bills or any other concern to our supplier who has the ability to supply us with what we need to take the concern away. JESUS is not going to leave us in need or in want HE is a very good Shephard.

And as I come to a close who is this GOD that I’ve shown is so near to us? HE is the GOD that is LOVE and because HE loves so are we to love.   

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