Holy Spirit-Matthew 3:11

Why is it that we don’t see more of our sisters and brothers living in victory as we are to live? I believe that it’s because they have not made JESUS their LORD yet HE is their Savior. What makes JESUS our LORD is our being sealed in the Holy Spirit whose job is to witness to us continually about JESUS. When we are baptized in the Holy Spirit it’s not all about speaking in tongues though I’m completely in agreement with. But being able to think, see, speak, feel, smell and taste as JESUS does. Our senses are no longer geared to the world but to the heavenlies. We find it easier to love even our enemies; we are moved by compassion to help those who are in dire need. We are compelled to witness about JESUS; we think about things according to Philippians 4:8 and we live according to Galatians 5:22. It is crucial that every child of the True and Living GOD makes JESUS not only their Savior but their LORD. Experience life as JESUS intended for us while we are still here on earth.  

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