Titus 2:1-8

          JESUS is coming back and it’s time to stop living our lives as though HE will never return or HE’ll return many years after you have had your fun and have done all that you wanted to do in life.

          First of all, get this understanding serving GOD is not a drudge or drag. You don’t need to walk around looking like someone has dipped your face in lemon juice. You don’t need to beat up on people to get them to listen and to serve the Most High GOD. No need for us to walk around as if we hold all the answers and look down our nose to those who are lost or disagree with you or us.

          When GOD gave you humor and you have the ability to make those around you laugh, don’t stop… keep being funny just be clean about. You love to dance, don’t stop… just change partners and dance respectfully. To you who take life too seriously, lighten up and get a life.

          Now with that being said, if you are a mature CHRISTian you should be following these commissions given us for the young folks in CHRIST JESUS.

  • Teach how to be wholesome from this doctrine that we hold so dear to us. That our character will be recognizable by others as true CHRISTians.
  • Older men should be self restrained; not over indulged by your passion. Because of your age you are commanded to be respected, however your dignity must be impressive. You must be sensible and sound in your faith in love with a firm purpose in your faith. You don’t become unsteady in your decisions.
  • Women you are to be deeply respectful towards yourself and others. Be sincere in everything you do and say. Do Not defame a person it’s malicious/evil. Do not become a slave to drinking an occasional drink once a month or for special occasions is okay. Your mind must remain clear so that you can teach what is right and provide good counsel/advice.
  • Mature women are to train young women in wisdom to be sane and sober so that you can love your husband and your children. What does it mean to be sane? Clearly you must understand that you must be free from mental derangement; have good sense and you provide sound judgment.
  • You must hold the ability to be self controlled; not engaging in sexual intercourse with anyone other than your husband; not having sexual intercourse with animals; not having sexual intercourse with someone who is the same sex as you are and I’m sure there are more yet I’m not aware of them. You must were clothes that don’t give you the appearance of a prostitute. You must be able to keep up with your choirs in your home. Be approachable and polite which in other words being kind. Adapt and yield yourself to your GODly husband. Now if he is abusive and or he is not giving you and your home and your children the respect that he is commanded in the Bible then you must go to GOD and ask for help in what direction you are to take. No human should remain in an abusive environment.
  • Young men you must be trained by the older men to be self controlled not allowing your hormones to overtake you. Also you must take life seriously yet have fun.
  • When people see CHIRSTians they should see in us a pattern of good deeds and that we are ready to be an example, a mentor to the young. We take GOD and HIS Word seriously it’s critical to us. We have a strict regard for our pure motives and we must at all times be truthful.
  • We must be able to put to shame the enemy and his demons, we must be able to have the unbeliever look at us and marvel at the instructions from GOD that we hold so dear. As a tree that grows by the river of water, its roots grow deep into the ground. Our words are to be powerful in action.

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