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Daily we hear noise. How much of what we hear is joyful? No need to evaluate that because of all the pollution in the atmosphere meaning the airwaves, none of it is meaningful if it does not bring glory to GOD. Between the demons speaking continually, all types of electronic devices being played for entertainment or information purposes, the various chatter between people, machinery and even doors opening and closing much of it is useless noise. How awesome would it be if on our electronic devices we only got to listen to the praises of our LORD and Savior or if people were sharing with one another the Goodness of the LORD?

It would be splendid if we would suddenly with a loud outcry, in joy, because we know that we are triumphant this is why we show our exultation for the LORD all over the earth. We willingly serve the LORD because we are pleased and full of cheer with our mind being in complete satisfaction because we have a permanent pleasure which is not dependent on a sudden excitement. And HE welcomes us to come before HIS presence with singing in joy. We fully recognize that there is no other that it is JESUS our LORD who is GOD alone. JESUS is the One who made us and we are nothing without HIM. We belong to HIM. So we don’t have to and we don’t dare to enter into the kingdom with our heads hung down but we enter singing and dancing joyfully giving praise to JESUS and giving HIM thanks. JESUS is good and good is GOD so praise HIS Holy name, bless HIM with thankfulness and be joyful. JESUS is full of mercy towards us and has nothing but loving kindness for each and every one of us which is everlasting and HIS faithfulness endures from generation to generation. So be joyful. Shout with excitement to the Rock of our Salvation, be joyful to the Passover Lamb for passing over you and dying in your place.  

Psalms 100, 95:1


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