People are always using this escape as though it means anything when it means absolutely nothing. Because when you say this, you don’t realize what it is that you saying. “God knows my heart.” The truth of the matter is, HE does but you don’t. And many times people fail the test and never realize that fact because they repeat the same cycle over and over again and say the same thing again and believe it’s alright. But motives are a critical part of our living and we don’t even realize this. Because what the thoughts are in our heart that is what GOD is weighing us on. Daily, people have natural heart transplants and their characters are changed based on the heart they receive because it’s what is in that person’s heart that drives the individual. Some have become gentler, kinder or meaner. When people come to JESUS we are surrendering that heart we once had and HE gives us a brand new heart and that heart is filled with HIS character and integrity, however, we must learn from HIS Word how to grow up in that character and integrity so as not to corrupt that new heart that we received. Our spirit that was once dead within us came to life, we received a new heart but our flesh remained the same and we must make that thing submit.

Children of the Most High GOD, it is imperative that we not only be saved in CHRIST JESUS but we must also have HIS Holy Spirit residing on the inside of us as well. JESUS is forever searching our hearts and JESUS knows the mind of HIS Holy Spirit. This is how JESUS makes prayer for us where HE is today according to the will of our FATHER. If I were you, I would not want to be caught short of anything that the FATHER has offered to me. I am always explaining salvation in this manner. Salvation is wonderful and we all need to be saved but JESUS also said that HE would not leave us comfortless and that we need HIS Holy Spirit. The Apostles also prayed for those to receive the Holy Spirit after our siblings in the faith had already believed in JESUS. It’s a fact that we get JESUS when we ask for HIM to come into our hearts because we believe but most never ask for HIS Holy Spirit and without the Holy Spirit we are without HIS full power. It’s like having insurance for your automobile instead of having full coverage you either have collision or liability but when you have full you have no worries. Some people use JESUS like homeowners insurance not knowing what they are covered for when your home is flooded you find out you are not covered. All hell breaks forth in your life you are saved JESUS is in your heart but you don’t know how to lean on HIM properly because you don’t have a relationship with HIM. HE’s just your 911 JESUS and not your everyday JESUS.

We know what makes us tick, we know what get us excited to cause us to smile and be happy and we know what irritates us and cause us to explode on the inside to the point that others get the brunt of our anger. Ok, well, it’s no different for GOD, no one knows the things of GOD like GOD’s Holy Spirit this is why we need Him. We need His wisdom and understanding to live this thing called life and to stop doing the dumb things that we do. As well as to make the important decisions we have to make from day to day. The Holy Spirit is our teacher, our guide, our leader to instruct us in all aspects of JESUS in HIS character and integrity.

Unlike those of the world who stand on the shaky ground forever being put down we are standing on a solid foundation forever being encouraged. With that foundation is a seal that proves that of the LORD GOD, HE knows us to be HIS, HE does not take HIS eyes off of us and we are in HIS hand. So what we are to do is that we are to boldly proclaim the name of CHRIST JESUS without being ashamed and walk or run away from sin. There is no greater foundation to be found in people, places or things other than that which is found in CHRIST JESUS. My LORD JESUS is a good GOD, I know this because HE has shown HIMself so very faithful in the many times when I had been unfaithful during my growing up process in HIM. But when I was in my darkest place, when people had evaporated from my presence with the exception of the faithful ordained of GOD few in my day of trouble. There were times even then when I had no choice but to cry out to HIM and speak with HIM. I was left in a place when it was just HE and I and I found that religion and the remembrance of scripture are not my salvation but having a relationship with JESUS one on ONE is my true Stronghold in my time of trouble. HE showed me that HE knows those who truly trust HIM. And I’m trying to tell you that most don’t. It’s all pretense.    

Romans 8:27, 1 Corinthians 2:11, 2 Timothy 2:19, 1 Corinthians 3:11, Nahum 1:7


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