Let everyone who names the name of JESUS depart iniquity

2 Timothy 2

I don’t think that the Popeye cartoon comes on any longer; however, whenever he needed to be strong he would reach for his can of spinach and win the battle between him and Brutus. Our spinach is the Word of GOD; are we strong in it and because of it or are we week because of our lack of it? To be strong in the grace of CHRIST JESUS we must know who HE is, what HE has done and what HE is doing. We must know who we in JESUS CHRIST are and what we are to do in JESUS CHRIST. We are to endure hardships and most of us are knocked out by hardships; we give up the fight because we don’t know what to do. I love my country America; I don’t always agree with why we must enter into the fights of others all the time. However, I will always support them regardless of why we are fighting because somewhere in that fight I know that what they are fighting for is equality and freedom. They are soldiers through and through; they have tunnel vision; they are always on alert even in the times that they have a right to relax. We are soldiers in CHRIST JESUS; yet, I wonder where our head is at. Where is our vision (what are we looking at); what are we listening to? When our American troops are away in battle they are not concerned with the affairs of the crime waves; the Dow Jones Index; who’s doing this or what’s doing that back home in their country, state or city. Born-again CHRISTians are too concerned with the affairs of what is going on in this world. We can’t stop it; so why are we concerned? Should we pray; yes without question but know this; this world will come to an end. JESUS CHRIST will return and this world is groaning and moaning due to the sin in the world. Things are going to continually get worse; another promise that the bible has given to us has already come to pass and that is the mark of the beast. People are willingly having themselves chipped or others chipped not knowing that this is the devils Devine plan to destroy them. JESUS CHRIST is our first fruit who was raised from the dead and seen by others. There were also others who died as believers who were raised from the dead as well and they were seen by family and friends. Matthew 27:51

People maybe chained and imprisoned by fear to witness the Word of GOD but the Word of GOD is not chained and is free. It will be heard by all; all will not be receptive however. We must stop being wimps because people rejected the Word of GOD or your testimony; so what. We are to endure to the chosen ones who will receive salvation in CHRIST JESUS with eternal glory. It’s not about us; it’s about JESUS. Here is a condition found in this book and chapter that we all must adhere to.

  • If we died with JESUS; we will also live with HIM.
  • If we endure with JESUS, we will also reign with HIM.
  • If we deny JESUS, HE will also deny us.
  • If we are faithless towards JESUS (and we sometimes are); HE remains faithful.
  • JESUS cannot deny HIMSELF.

Remember these things before the LORD JESUS:

  • Don’t battle over words; you will not profit from that.
  • Be diligent; present yourself approved to GOD, a worker who’s not ashamed.
  • Rightly divide the Word of truth and you can only do this by the Holy Spirit and GOD’s Wisdom through CHRIST JESUS.
  • Go away from profane and idle talk; they will bring us down to ungodliness the more we listen. We can’t serve two masters. And what they are saying is not profitable and will spread like cancer. Now we go on all these cancer walks to find a cure; the LORD GOD has given us a cure from this type of cancer because we know that cancer will kill.

The LORD GOD is a solid foundation for us to be set into. And we have a seal: “The LORD knows those who are HIS,” so depart from evil and evildoings. Day by day become a vessel for / to honor. We who belong to the Most High GOD can all become vessels of honor because we have been cleansed by the blood of JESUS. However, some of us like a dog return to our vomit or fesses and lap it back up. This is what we do when we return to sin willingly; so let us clean ourselves by the renewing of our minds through reading the Holy Living Word of GOD so that we can be sanctified and useful for the Master; prepared for HIS work. Run away from lusts of the flesh and pursue righteousness which is located and found in CHRIST JESUS. They are faith, love and peace with those who call on the LORD from a pure heart. Many will call on the LORD and do many things in HIS name; yet their heart is deceitfully wicked and HE will say to those “get away from ME, I never knew you.” Avoid foolish and ignorant disputes; they are entrapments to pull us into evil competition. Though we are sons and daughters of the LORD we live to serve HIM for HIS pleasure which becomes our pleasure. So don’t allow yourself to get into an argument; it’s really not worth the stress. Be gentle to all regardless of how we are treated by them; we must submit ourselves to the teaching of the Holy Spirit so that we can teach others. Try to correct those who have a misunderstanding of who JESUS is and HIS Word. Hopefully they will listen and not be defensive and the LORD GOD will lead them into repentance. The LORD GOD desires that we all come to our senses and know the truth about HIM, HIS SON and HIS Word. The devil has set an elaborate trap for all of mankind and sin is fun only for a little while; then we get sick and tired of being sick and tired of the life that we are living. We don’t know it at that time but the Holy Spirit is trying to bring us all out of the will of the devil. http://about.me/amfbministry

walk by faith

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