We all want power and some of us work hard doing whatever it takes to achieve power. But what is true power? Temporary power is a strain in which we must exert some type of force, be it emotional, mental, or physical. True power is found only in GOD, HE cannot be exerted in HIS efforts emotionally, mentally or physically. As a matter of fact, everything obeys HIM. HE speaks to storms and they cease, HE shows up in the midst of chaos and peace is restored. Where nothing is HE creates just from spoken words and faith.

Most of any of us who has been found by JESUS were so far gone in sin and rejection, we didn’t even love ourselves. I’m certain if you are anything like myself, you would have preferred that JESUS would have found us without us having to go through all of what we went through. But my dear brothers and sisters in JESUS, though it was tough it was for a purpose. JESUS did raise us up out of that dark ditch of despair so that we could see that it’s only because of HIS power that we are saved. We have to recognize that when we received the gift of salvation it had nothing to do with our own power, our own ability or liberty to do anything. Our freedom from bondage is through the Holy Spirit of CHRIST JESUS. In our own power and ability, we have tried nearly everything to escape to happiness, peace and to find love and joy. And let’s face it, these are the most requested attributes every human desire. But everything that we’ve tried only tightened the shackles around us, we went deeper into the pit of despair because of sin. But when the FATHER saved us through HIS SON, JESUS. HE did not use what seemed logical. Because the last thing GOD needs is the use of what man can explain away.

Congratulations! Now, we are confessing to being Christians but some of us have been saved for many years and we have no power. It’s what I call Insurance coverage. Some of us only have it in part.

  • Life – we have received the gift of salvation through faith in JESUS. So now we are truly alive.
  • Liability – we do not have the power to discontinue hurting one another with our words or actions.
  • Property – we do not have the power to have self-control of our flesh.
  • Health – we still speak disease, illness, sickness over our lives. Whatever is going on we caught it, is catching it or have it. We don’t have the power to speak health to our mortal bodies.

JESUS gave us a promise that is from the FATHER. And it is up to each of us to observe with great care to fix our attention on Him, the Holy Spirit until we are filled and clothed with Him. I believe that if salvation and the baptism of the Holy Ghost were taught together that when we received our gift of salvation that we would look for our gift of being baptized in the Holy Spirit as well. And at least He should come the same day we received our gift of salvation or at most a few days after if we earnestly request Him. As for myself, I knew immediately that I was baptized in the Holy Spirit because I felt bolder and I also began to speak in an unknown language. But what stood out most is that I was bolder in my wanting to share JESUS. The Holy Spirit’s assignment is to teach or reveal to us JESUS and it is simply impossible for us to keep this Good News to ourselves once we have an understanding. And it does not need to be a vast understanding, just speak on what we do understand about, the Holy Spirit will give us the words. Now I understand that there is controversy regarding speaking in unknown tongues but I’m sharing with you that the Holy Spirit is the one who gives us the power to speak. The language is not a language we may have been taught educationally but it is a known language somewhere to someone. I myself recall speaking to a gentleman who spoke another language and the Holy Spirit began speaking through me. I don’t know what I said but he did and we communicated well. And a soul was won that day. The person who knew me asked me when did I become bi-lingual and I told him that I’m not. JESUS is exalted and is sitting down on HIS throne at the right hand of HIS FATHER and JESUS received from the FATHER the promise of the Holy Spirit which is given to us if we want Him and will ask for Him. We know that we are to be baptized but we find it more important to be water baptized than Holy Spirit baptized. I say, take Holy Spirit baptism over water baptism. There is nothing wrong with water baptism but if John spells it out for us that the baptism of JESUS is more powerful than the water baptism which is only for repentance sake, why not go after the baptism that will give us the power that is promised from on high?

As I wrote above, I knew that I was baptized immediately in the Holy Ghost because I became bolder in my need to speak freely about JESUS. I never considered myself ashamed of JESUS or HIS gospel but I have to admit and maybe some of you will as well, I was somewhat a closeted Christian. My behavior and conversation surely were not a witness to my being a Christian because I had no power. And though it is this same power that ushers us to the gift of salvation and everyone who believes will receive. It’s this very same power that we will need for the duration of our life here on earth. It will be by the power of the Holy Spirit that we will be able to,

  • Boldly proclaim the Good News of righteousness
  • Reveal GOD’s righteousness within our heart
  • Declare the faithfulness and salvation of CHRIST JESUS
  • Reveal JESUS lovingkindness and truth

The apostle Paul mentioned that he prayed for the Ephesians and what that prayer was is to have spiritual wisdom. Spiritual wisdom differs greatly from worldly wisdom. Worldly wisdom is obtained from worldly knowledge, written correspondence, oral communication, reading literature, formal education, observation, or on hands experience. Spiritual wisdom belongs to GOD and GOD alone. The only way to get spiritual wisdom is to have the Holy Spirit living within us and to ask for wisdom daily and while getting wisdom to get understanding. I personally have found that studying a Proverb a day is a great source of wisdom and I also ask for wisdom just for the day and to get understanding along with that. Let’s take a look at what the apostle Paul prayed concerning the Ephesians and what we too should pray for.

  • Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of JESUS
  • Eyes of understanding are illuminated, know the hope of JESUS calling, what are the riches of glory of JESUS inheritance in us
  • What is this limitless great power toward us who believe according to the Holy Spirit’s mighty power

This world does not believe that we are actually living in the last days. When we were not living in the last days, the FATHER spoke through the prophets. Pity, some did not heed the Word of the LORD. And today the FATHER has chosen to speak to us through HIS SON, JESUS. And again, the Word of the LORD is not being heeded. The FATHER has given everything and I do mean everything to HIS SON, JESUS. JESUS is the rightful heir and JESUS is the One who actually created the world and everything in it. (Gen 1 and John 1 read those chapters) Some of us are so legalistic and unknowledgeable of GOD’s Word that we don’t truly believe that who JESUS is and what JESUS did is completely enough to rid us of sin. I hear what some of us are saying and it goes against what the scripture and teaching of the Holy Spirit are providing. It’s JESUS alone and nothing to do with you or myself that is going to make us righteous and sinless. What keeps us in sin is unbelief and our conversation. To be a confessed Christian with no power and operating in unbelief is putting JESUS back to an open shame and proclaiming that HE is not enough. That we need more to secure our salvation. We are saying that JESUS is no better than the angels though HE created the angels, actually, HE is better than they. And it is in the name of JESUS that everything must and will eventually bow down to, be they in heaven, on earth and in hell. The name of JESUS is excellent! JESUS has an inheritance and because we are in JESUS we do as well. So for the people who continue to say, “I’m unlovable, I’m too bad, you don’t know what I’ve done, I’m unforgivable and such”. Here is some encouraging news for you, JESUS is able to save you and HE is fully aware of who you are and has always been aware. No matter how far you may think you are, you are never too far that JESUS is not willing to come for you. To the Born Again CHRISTian, JESUS is praying for us daily. JESUS, our great High Priest who became our sacrifice which was pleasing to the FATHER. CHRIST JESUS only needed to do this once for the entire world. Now that’s true power!

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