Let us get a clear understanding of the definition of rebellion from a dictionary and bible standpoint.

An open and avowed renunciation of the authority of the government to which one owes allegiance; open resistance to lawful authority.

We are all guilty of denunciating the authority of JESUS and we are all guilty of denunciating the Kingdom of GOD. The Kingdom of GOD is a government. JESUS has all authority. It was done in total ignorance. For many of us, we grew up in homes where the teaching of GOD’s sovereignty did not exist. We may have attended church service but in reality, we did not truly believe in GOD, we just believed in the head knowledge of HIM. It may or may not have gone as far as we saying that we know that JESUS loves us and died for us but we really did not or do not believe that. Because if that were true, why are we still being rebellious towards JESUS and HIS Word?

And the definition found in scripture is that rebellion is like the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is the crime of idolatry. Do you know that this is the act of rejecting the Word of the LORD? A witch is a female who practices enchantments, given to unlawful arts and has made a pact with the devil. A male witch is known as a warlock does the exact same thing. Craft is a skill and ability, craft in and of itself is not a bad or good thing. But link the two words together, witchcraft and you have one who is rebellious and has rejected the Word of the LORD GOD by obeying and practicing sin which is from the devil himself. The enchantments that are commonly used is alcohol, drugs, pornography and illicit sexual activities. We can even enchant someone with our empty words of conversation, lies, and deception.

In the days of old, Israel who is our example setter of what not to do, exercised great rebellion against the LORD GOD. JESUS went before them at night by the fire and by a cloud during the day. HE found them a home, choice land for them to rest and still they denied HIM. So how did the Israelites deny JESUS? By continually complaining, by relying on their own efforts and strength. Thank YOU, JESUS that we no longer have to die for our rebellion. YOU are no longer angry with us as YOU were in the days of old. Now, YOU show us YOUR grace, love, and mercy. YOU know that we don’t know any better and that we can’t help our own selves. And because the Israelites were rebellious they never got to enter the promised land of Canaan, only Caleb, and Joshua.

Some of us may say that our GOD is the same yesterday, today and forever and then believe that because of HIS love for us that HE will never send anyone to hell. Well, to a degree you are correct. You see, because of HIS Love, Grace, and Mercy HE doesn’t send any of us to hell. The FATHER sent HIS only begotten SON to come and take the full punishment that we so rightly deserve because of our rebellion so that we may not take on that punishment of going to hell into the everlasting lake of fire. Yet, with all the technology we have, with all those who stand out on the streets to proclaim the saving grace of JESUS and with blogs such as this. There are people who still rebel against JESUS. And because of denying JESUS we suffer the exact same punishment as satan and will be burned.

This is a promise.

The godless [rebellious] are as thorns to be thrown away, they shall be burned.

But for those of us who stop being rebellious with the help of CHRIST JESUS, we have this promise.

GOD guaranteed HIS covenant with me,
spelled it out plainly
and kept every promised word
my entire salvation,
my every desire.

Rebellion also brings with it pride. What was satan’s fall? Pride. Pride gives to us a hard heart, we build up walls in the hope that no one will ever hurt us again. With this, we stop listening to those who speak in wisdom and avail ourselves to silly, loud, uncontrolled willed and unwise people. And if you do hear the commandments of the LORD you don’t obey them. Some of us who are truly saved will even take the Word of GOD and twist it to mean what we want it to mean because we are not willing to turn a particular sin over to JESUS. And some of us beat up the ungodly with the Word of GOD preaching legalism instead of love. People don’t need to know that they are in the wrong, this they know. What they need to hear over and over again is how much GOD through CHRIST JESUS loves them and who we can be in HIM. Those that preach condemnation and legalism are the very same one’s who practice such things themselves. They are present day Pharisees and Sadducees. Our loving GOD remains in the ready to pardon all of us. The LORD GOD is not willing to punish anyone, HE is not up in heaven angry at any of us. Actually, HE is very slow to be angered and HE provided HIS grace and mercy on all of us whether we belong to HIM or not. The LORD GOD is abundant in HIS kindness and HE will never forsake or abandon us but we are guilty of forsaking and abandoning HIM. The LORD GOD is faithful towards us but we are not faithful towards HIM. Even those of us who serve the LORD GOD is guilty, yet, forgiven because we still may have idols that we have not let go of as yet in the form of people, places, and things.

We are still guilty of speaking against what the Word of GOD informs us about. The Word has provided us with information that we are healed, yet, we still claim illnesses, we still believe the report of the doctors, our language is not different from those who are not believers. This is another example of rebellion which is a sin.

The FATHER and CHRIST JESUS is our GOD, we are the people of HIS pasture, HE is the One who provides and takes care of us. We must daily request to hear HIS Word as HE speaks to us, we must not turn away and harden our heart to HIS Word, HE knows what is best for us, we don’t. Let us not be as the Israelites who too saw the goodness of our GOD and yet they stilled rebelled and tested against HIM.

And always test the spirit by the Holy Spirit because everyone who says that they are something does not mean that they are anointed and ordained of the LORD GOD. We have an example of a wicked prophet also known as a prophet-liar, the name was Hananiah. This is why we must know the Word of GOD for ourselves, wolves will dress up in sheep’s clothing and twist the Word of GOD to satisfy you and themselves. The Holy Spirit will only witness about CHRIST JESUS, He will never point the finger at Himself or promote anything that will satisfy your hungering flesh. Those that practice this art such as pimps in the pulpit, those who claim that signs and wonders follow their ministry but when you go up and you are not delivered from what is attacking you. Then they will tell you that you have no faith. JESUS healed most that had no faith! These are only small examples but they are teachers of rebellion.

If you know a brother or sister in the faith of CHRIST JESUS and they are being rebellious, gently and lovingly point out what is wrong. If they don’t want to hear from you leave it alone and keep that person in your prayers. This, however, does not mean that we have a license to be fault finders. We are not ordained or anointed to be fault finding police.

I know that I’ve written this before but I can’t stress this too much, please do not harden your heart toward JESUS and HIS Word, do not complain, and do not trust your own self-effort and strength this is rebellion. Remain in the posture of listening to the voice of the LORD.

Those who are rebellious are no different than Cain, he had anger issues and murdered his brother. Balaam was a prophet he pimped out his anointing. Anyone in leadership that will pimp the anointing for profit, because they know that most people do not know the Word of GOD, will take advantage of you.

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