Every human on the planet must be filled with true righteousness or face eternal death. True righteousness is JESUS HIMself, there just is no other way to obtain righteousness. During the time before JESUS went to the cross, everyone including JESUS was governed by the law. JESUS is the only person who was able to keep the law be because HE had no sin to be magnified by the law. JESUS had no need to live righteously because JESUS is righteousness personified. JESUS always thought, spoke, moved and lived in righteousness. It’s us the human creation that is made in HIS and the FATHER’s image that strain to be righteous because it’s not our total nature. For example: before anyone receives the gift of salvation from CHRIST JESUS our entire nature is unrighteousness. Yet, we had a tendency to be righteous sometime, not every thought, spoken words, movements that we made was unrighteous. We did well sometime, yet, we were still sinners because true righteousness was not living within us who is CHRIST JESUS.

Our country, our beloved United States of America is at this moment in utter turmoil because the voices of the unrighteous appear to be louder than the voices of the righteous. We the righteous outnumber the unrighteous and because of this, we can exalt our beautiful country and nation.

The righteous operate in continual peace, not quietness. We are prayer warriors, we show others the JESUS within us by obeying the Words that JESUS left for us to follow. JESUS is our shining example and because of this we have an assurance. Others may believe that we are weak but it’s because we lean on JESUS that we prevail and the unrighteous never heard us coming because to them we were quiet. Our fruit is peace towards ourselves and towards others. Our peace is unexplainable and our peace comes from our CHRIST JESUS. We must begin and continue without fail to sow righteousness in public and when alone.

We are to put on our breastplate of righteousness and continue to wear it. Never once did I read in the scriptures that we are to take it off. Some of my brothers and sisters have been or are being attacked in their sleep by demons. You find it difficult for you to say anything, you feel a heavy presence on you, and some of you have actually had sex with demons. I know it to be true what I hear from other beloved children of the highest GOD because those things had happened to me. From my young innocent child years until I became a mature CHRISTian. Once I received my total deliverance in JESUS demons could no longer overtake me in my sleep because I had a revelation that I was to put on my total armor and never take it off.

I am covered from head to toe, I am standing with full authority, and I am no longer a weak soldier. My beloved brother’s and sister’s in CHRIST JESUS you should be as well.

One of the names we should use and have strapped to us is JESUS, the LORD our Righteousness. Say this to yourselves consistently, especially if you are living a life that has you enslaved. Tell yourself that you are the righteousness of JESUS, say it even when you are doing anything unrighteous. Eventually and quickly that desire you now have will leave you and you will be totally free from whatever you were involved in. My dear loved ones remind you that you are redeemed, righteous and sanctified in CHRIST JESUS.

Stop wavering, changing your minds, being influenced by what you see, feel or hear others tell you. When you do this you are believing that over the promises of GOD and you lose strength because of that. When we listen to any type of negative conversation that is within our mind we are adhering to the voice of the devil, he will have you do and say the dumbest things and cause you to say that god prompted you for that. Notice that I wrote god in lower case, it’s because in part you are correct in what you have said because satan is the god of this world. You thought that you were listening and obeying the voice of the Almighty GOD when in essence you obeyed the voice of the all weak god who is empowered by your obedience to him. Our faith in the Almighty GOD provides us with strength and gives glory to our highest GOD. We must be completely convinced in the promises that have been given to us we must know that regardless of how we feel, what we see and what we hear our FATHER is well able to produce HIS promises to us. It is in this that we are accounted righteous in JESUS.

It was not done in vain that our FATHER made JESUS who knew and does not know sin to be sin for us, for me and for you. Because of this JESUS is righteous and we are righteous in JESUS. Become that, be that if JESUS is truly in you, you are righteous.


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