JESUS CHRIST, the Redeemer, who has opened the way to everlasting salvation by HIS obedience and death, and who is therefore called the Savior by way of distinction, the Savior of men, the Savior of the world. JESUS is that promised Child that was born and given to us as a Son. You see even as HE entered into this world as a newborn infant, JESUS came as a gift to mankind to be given.

When Moses asked who am I to say who is sending me, JESUS said I AM. As Savior JESUS lets us know that I AM is the LORD and that the LORD is our GOD. JESUS is the Holy One not only of Israel but of the world. JESUS is the Savior.

We should not have a season when we reflect that a Child was born in Bethlehem or that HE was crucified for the sins of the world but we should reflect this often. Considering that JESUS is our Savior who is CHRIST the LORD.

JESUS has been exalted to the right hand of HIS FATHER. It is HIS FATHER who has made JESUS LORD and CHRIST. This very same one that people deny and  reject, blaspheme, curse, and every wicked imaginable thing they can think of. The FATHER has exalted JESUS and HE is a Prince and Savior to this dark, evil, perverse, sick and wicked world. JESUS is the One and only One who gives repentance and forgiveness of sins to those who desire from HIM with a sincere heart.

Just as JESUS is under the authority of HIS FATHER, those who abide in CHRIST JESUS are under HIS authority.

JESUS is an Overcomer and so are we, in other words, you can’t overcome anything if it’s not under your feet. Everything is under the feet of JESUS so being in JESUS means that every wicked thing is under our feet as well. We are the body of HIS glorious church and JESUS is the head of this church. JESUS is our Savior.

Those who truly believe will suffer, here are some examples that will help you relate. You may lose your employment, you may receive a diagnosis from the doctor, your car may break down, and the kids begin to act like straight up fools at any age and so. Will you join the naysayers and complain or will you remain faithful and stand on the Word of GOD and remind yourself what HE has and is telling you? When we remain faithful we will be rewarded for our faithfulness in HIS Word. Our GOD is alive, our GOD is our Savior, and our GOD is JESUS. Just believe and trust. JESUS did not come out of the tomb and quickly ascend up into heaven to sit at the right hand of HIS FATHER. JESUS took a stroll down through the neighborhood to HIS homeboys hang-out to show HIMself to them, some of the faithful ladies had seen HIM and let us not forget the breakfast meeting that was held where HE left instructions for them and then HE ascended while HE was chatting with them. So JESUS appeared as Savior JESUS the Anointed One who has annulled death and has given to us immortality to light instead of immortality of darkness as we once faced. And we can trace this throughout the gospels.

So, set your heart on that blessed hope when we can finally see JESUS face to face and touch HIM. JESUS is our glorious GOD who came down off of HIS throne and clothed HIMself in flesh to walk among HIS creation and to save us from hell, the lake of fire and sin.

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