The most common avenue success is obtained is through education. And all too often mankind will promote their success as being obtained through self-effort. When this happens somewhere along the line the success obtained will vanish. Why? Because it was not obtained with wisdom.

Wisdom belongs to the LORD GOD and can only be given to us by HIS Holy Spirit. We must ask daily for wisdom and not only that we must ask for understanding as well.

This type of success will never vanish as long as the one who obtains this success remembers to give the LORD GOD glory and to pass this on to their successors. True success has and always will be given to us by JESUS CHRIST. Wisdom will always bring success they go hand in hand, just like water brings wet.

So if you desire true success in anything at all be it what you think, say or do. Ask the FATHER in JESUS name to provide you with HIS wisdom from HIS Holy Spirit and with that wisdom add to that understanding. Get a fresh dose daily.

Ecclesiastes 10:10

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