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In accordance to the Word of GOD, there was a time when mankind was not able to look on the face of GOD and live. This is because the Living GOD is much too holy for mankind to behold. Before the birth of JESUS flesh and blood had never beheld the face of their Creator before. The closest mankind had ever gotten was Moses, Aaron, Nadab and Abihu along with seventy elders of Israel. And they only got to see the feet of JESUS.

The heavens proclaim the authority and glory of JESUS who is GOD, Creator of everything. When HE speaks in the heavens winged creatures drop the movements of their wings. The throne of JESUS is so radiant that it is described as best as humanly possible. HIS throne is adorned with a Sapphire stone and HE is high above that throne. On HIS waist upward and downward which leads me to believe this could be a band of some sort, it had the color of amber, fiery in brilliance all around and within it. As the most brilliant clearly shown and radiant rainbow we may be able to catch a glimpse of in the clouds after the rain is the best description mankind was able to offer up regarding the glory of JESUS. And though these are great descriptions, to even come close to appreciate what Ezekiel was trying to convey to us we would need to go to the best jewelers to see the best gems listed in the bible and then we will need to see a rainbow that is not fading away so we can see its brilliance. Then lastly, witness liquid fire it’s almost hypnotic. Then we will understand how difficult it is to describe the magnificence of JESUS in heaven or heaven itself.

The gold in Arabia must be extremely beautiful. Why else would Daniel describe JESUS as wearing gold around HIS waist from this country? After all, have you ever wondered why we are willing to pay so much for something that angels walk on and we will too one day? The streets in heaven are not paved in gold but made from gold and that gold is so pure it’s like crystal.

Now we have seen a very tiny portion of JESUS in heaven, HIS authority, glory and appearance.

In the gospel of John as it is written that “no one has seen GOD at any time”. John was setting up the backdrop as to what was; before he tells us what is. John began by telling us these very important points.

  • Word/JESUS the beginning
  • Word/JESUS with GOD
  • Word/JESUS is GOD
  • All things made through JESUS
  • In JESUS is life, life the light of men
  • JESUS/GOD was in the world
  • JESUS/GOD came and was not received
  • You receive JESUS, and HE gives the right for us to become children of GOD because we believe in HIS name.
  • We are born of GOD/JESUS, not of man
  • Word/GOD/JESUS became flesh and lived with mankind.
  • Mankind saw JESUS glory, the only begotten of the FATHER, full of grace and truth.
  • JESUS was before because JESUS is the beginning.
  • JESUS fullness is grace for grace
  • Grace and truth come through JESUS the CHRIST.
  • See JESUS, see the FATHER whom we could actually touch and smell. GOD!

The FATHER GOD is a Spirit so we would never be able to see HIM. Until we all return back to HIM when JESUS returns for us. However, because HE has such an enormous love for us, HE clothed HIMself in flesh and came down to us so that we could behold HIM. Even now I believe that JESUS enters in and exits from the bosom of HIS FATHER. Because the angels are charged up also just from the sight of JESUS.

So if you get bumped out of the way when we are in heaven, understand it’s because I want to see the Man the One and only who was able to save me from satan’s grip. I already know where to look for HIM, HIS throne is surrounded by seven lampstands and HE has on a garment that comes down to HIS feet and around HIS chest is a golden band. HIS head and HIS hair are white, eyes like fire, feet like brass and a voice like many waters. In HIS right hand, seven stars HE speaks with the truth as or sharper than a two edged sword and HIS countenance is brighter than the sun shining in full strength.


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