What a cute baby



They may look cute and sweet but we all come into this world with trouble. Huh? How could a baby come into the world with trouble; how is that possible? Job 5:7 explains that humankind is born to trouble. And right from the very start godly parents must begin to steer that cute baby into obedience; we can’t allow all that cuteness to overtake our senses because when we do this is what happens.

 Each and every time they cry we will be at their beck and call. A good parent recognizes each and every cry of their cute baby. They understand when their cute baby is hungry, soiled, lonely, hurting, sleepy or irritable. After the parent has verified that all the needs have been met the parent has to continue to take care of the home or return to their business that they work from their home. They can’t allow that cute baby to rule over their entire day. Yet the parent can’t ignore spending quality time with the cute baby also. There must be a balance; Prov.10:1.

When we don’t begin very early to steer our cute babies into obedience those cute babies grow up to become rude youths that disobey and destroy. I’ve witnessed on the news and in person mothers and others say “oh, but they have such a good heart” or “they are such a good person”.

You know at some point on cute babies need to have their little hands or thighs tapped. And when they become youths you will need to apply correction to their back side; take away some things that bring them pleasure and take away their freedom. These are all things that will help instill discipline in their young lives. Stop allowing others to tell you that correcting your once cute babies who have now become rude youths; that applying corporate correction will ruin or destroy the child’s creativity and or personality. Let me explain something to you; kids who join gangs are beaten severely; people who go into the jail or prison system are severely beaten on. Had they been corporately punished at home with love; maybe they would not be unlovingly punished away from the home by unloving people.

Now your cute babies have become adults without mercies. Unrighteous humans do not realize that they have the life of beast and are cruel. Cruel, disobedient, rude and wicked people are into everything that brings pleasure to the flesh. They are selfish and unloving; their mentality is “it’s my thing and I’m gonna do it”. They stay in the darkest of places and with the darkest of people and will pull anyone they can get there hooks into that same hellish pit they swarm in.

They are so far down the rabbit hole that when someone presents the love of CHRIST JESUS to them all they want to do is kill the person. They don’t want to hear the Good News that they are loved by JESUS and that GOD has a wonderful plan for their lives. They don’t want to hear that GOD is waiting with open arms and that HE wants them to come to HIM. They don’t and won’t listen to shared scriptures. Objects are thrown at dear ones who try to share the gospel with people like these once cute babies. Dear ones have been badly beaten and killed by these once cute babies all because they did not want to hear that JESUS loves them.

Some people believe that by being water baptized that this is all it takes to make it into GOD’s good grace. Nope; water baptism is only an outward showing of what’s needed spiritually from the Holy Spirit. Yes, JESUS was water baptized this is the demonstration of our being buried with JESUS and rising just as JESUS rose on the third day. The baptism that we need is from the Holy Spirit; Mt. 3:11.

Understand these cute babies that grow up and despise JESUS will be destroyed but cute babies can prolong their lives if only they will trust in JESUS. Yep, you see GOD is a merciful GOD; HE’s not sitting up in heaven on HIS throne mad with a weapon to beat anyone upside the head.

I mean really; does it make sense for HIM to be angry and wanting to hurt us after HE sent HIS SON JESUS who died on the cross and shed HIS precious blood to pay the penalty for our sins? Of course not; yet, JESUS is rejected all the time.

Another thing that gets me is that those once cute babies who don’t believe in GOD or JESUS; is always calling on HIM when they are facing a crises. And then there is the blaspheming of the names; I mean you never hear buddah-damn; hari-krishna damn; confucius-damn and so forth and so on.

I know it’s because out of the blindness and ignorance we have due to the enemy; we blaspheme what has power and that which is not a threat is no need to speak blasphemes of. You see it’s a possibility those same cult leaders are in hell if they did not surrender their live to JESUS.

Many people never consider that it was GOD that kept them from dying which means they are being given another chance. Many people like to call it a second chance at life but the reality is that GOD is a GOD of a hundred, thousand, million or more chances when you really come to think of it.

GOD desires that all cute babies come to HIM at every age be it five years old to one hundred and twenty plus years old. Maybe you’ve heard the term “repentance” and just don’t understand what that means. Repentance simply put is to turn your back on sin.

With our own once cute baby mouths we will need to confess that we need JESUS and that we are a sinner; we are rebellious and that we rightly deserve hell. Then we ask JESUS to become our Savior and our LORD. Believe that JESUS has saved you with every ounce of your heart and never ever doubt that for any reason what so ever. It does not matter where you are; you do not have to be in a ministry building to do this; you can be in a bar; a drug den; on the toilet; in a place having sex with someone you have no business having sex with; it does not matter where you are. What’s important is that you come to JESUS right where you are just as you are.

JESUS does not care what you have done or what you are doing at this moment; all JESUS cares about is you the individual and JESUS is always in the forgiving position.

The second we ask JESUS to forgive us and to come into our heart and we truly accept, believe and trust in HIM fully. We will now be a child of GOD; JESUS is our brother; we will have a host of brothers and sisters in the LORD JESUS and most importantly we don’t go to hell to spend eternity but we go to heaven to spend eternity.

Reference Scripture: Proverbs 10:27, 12:10, 13:9, 13, 16:6; 22:15; Jeremiah 17:9; Heb. 9:22; 2 Ptr. 3:9; Rev. 14:11, 20:15

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