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We have a tendency to show a great warmth for so many things we care about in our life and the range of those things are pretty vast. However, when it comes to prayer I’ve noticed that most people seem to freeze, they seem to feel as though they are inadequate and unqualified for a simple conversation with the FATHER. People look to others to get a prayer through for them, now there is nothing wrong with collective prayer. But each person must have their own personal prayer time their own personal relationship. In other words, do husbands rely on other men to speak with their wives and vice versa? Marriage and family unity work because of the intensity of spirit that we share with one another. When we just pass each other or only speak when we are in need of something but acknowledge that we are kin but have no fellowship, what type of relationship have we developed? The feeling is not everything but it’s something if feeling were not something GOD would not have given it to us. What do we feel for GOD, what do we feel for JESUS? If what we answer is positive then we must be enthusiastic for HIS will. And just as passionate as we are for doing whatever it is that we enjoy doing for ourselves fervor must be elevated to living for CHRIST JESUS.

I am a watcher of people, always have been. And what I’ve noticed is that one of the reasons why it appears that the church is defeated is because we have so many chronologically old saints who are spiritually immature. This is due to several reasons but one of the reasons I will disclose is the fact that we pull into our Christian walk which stunts our growth wanting to grow up faster than designated. In the natural, there is an appointed time for us to mature as it is in the spirit, now how we mature in the spirit is by reading and studying the Word of GOD and speaking to the FATHER and listening to what HE speaks back to us. As well as being baptized in the Holy Ghost to obtain His wisdom and to get understanding. But this is not what is done in most cases, we feel that if we are not on the same level as brother broad shoulders or sister gorgeous that we are not getting it done. ECC. 9:11, I again saw under the sun that the race is not to the swift and the battle is not to the strong, and neither is bread to the wise nor riches to those of intelligence and understanding nor favor to men of ability but time and chance overtake them all. If what we have which should be our personal testimony and the application of scripture we should be sharing this with others. Every single born again believer has the first initial testimony and that is their encounter with JESUS. After that, we must begin to build our relationship with HIM. I’m certain we recall how passionate we felt when we first received the gift of salvation and knew that we were forgiven of all our sins, past, present and future. So, where did our fervidness go? Who or what caused us to lag behind in our aglow for all things JESUS? Have we actually realize that we lost our ability to be fervent for HIM? Or is it because we sometimes attend church on Sunday we believe our fire for JESUS is ever-growing? It’s a pity that some of us believe that going to worship service on Sunday or the occasional bible study or ticking a like on the social media is being enthusiastic about serving JESUS.

When we know JESUS intimately we have no problem speaking with HIM about all things. Bringing to HIM everything that is in our heart and I do mean everything which includes those natural desires that we still struggle in the flesh with. We are the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS and as HE is so are we [Rom. 3:22, 1 John 4:17]. Do you not know that a heartfelt prayer of a believer in the truth and justification of CHRIST will accomplish many things? When our FATHER GOD put our request into action it will have tremendous power behind it. Here is an example, when Moses prayed after listening to the many complaints of the Israelites GOD grew angry with them and began burning things up which caused some to lose their life. Moses began to pray and this calmed GOD down and the fire ceased. It was not that the Israelites were not getting on Moses nerves as well because I’m sure they were, but his passion for them outweighed his detest for their ignorance and complaining.

Today, we live in a technological time that we most likely will not miss most things that we will like to be a part of. But we need to consider who and what is more important than attending sports events, going shopping or partying each and every weekend instead of going to worship GOD with our entire heart passionately. Is satisfying our own desires more important than being with our family at least three or four weekends of the month and we take the one weekend for ourselves, depending on the number of weekends there are in a month. And when we see our brothers and sisters in CHRIST step out from the obedience of GOD’s will is it for us to gossip about it or is for us to pray them back into step? We need to stop being so unkind and selfish towards one another and fervently love one another and in doing so we will be able to easily love JESUS who we don’t see in the flesh. Yet.

Acts 18:25, Ro. 12:11, James 5:16, Nu. 11:2, 1 Peter 4:8


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