Matthew 27:26-35

Many people have no idea what JESUS did for them when HE had been tried and found guilty after that sham of a trial HE had received. But it was all done for you. In this publication I want to paint a picture; after you read this you may want to go and read the scriptures regarding HIS death for you and then close your eyes and think about what HE endured just for you.

  • JESUS was scourged/flogged/beaten
  • JESUS was stripped of HIS clothes
  • JESUS had a Royal robe placed on HIM so HE was teased
  • JESUS had a crown of thorns (like from a rose-bush) pushed on HIS head
  • JESUS had a reed/tall stalk of grass placed in HIS right hand to be HIS scepter
  • JESUS was ridiculed severally
  • JESUS was spite on
  • JESUS was hit on the head
  • JESUS was mocked/made fun of/imitated what HE did and said
  • JESUS had the robe removed and HIS own clothes placed back on HIM
  • JESUS was given sour wine mixed with gall; which is bile/urine/fesses
  • JESUS was crucified; which is to be nailed to a cross

This is what JESUS went through for you. None of us like having one of these things to happen to us; how about all these things happening to you in one day. Remember the last time you took a beating. Have you ever had your clothes removed in front of on lookers? How do you like being teased? Remember the last time you got stuck in the finger by a thorn? Ever been hit upside the head? If so did you like it? Ever been spite on; what did you do? When was the last time you were offered urine or bowel to drink hidden in a liquid?

The crucifixion of JESUS is really something to think about. But the resurrection of JESUS is what we live our lives in. Imagine having this hammered into your hands and feet.

 These are reeds behind the nice gentleman.










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