It should go without saying that the Almighty GOD is perfect in every way. We can say all we like that HE has made a mistake in who we are in our outcome, where we live, to whom we are related to, our financial situation, or how we look. But the truth of it all is each and every one of us is fearfully and wonderfully made and we all have a designed purpose engraved within us from the Almighty Creative GOD. And HE does not make mistakes. HIS Word has been spoken and it will be proven over our lives and circumstances, the Almighty GOD is all around us and we can run but we will never be able to hide from HIS perfection. The key factor is we will have to trust in HIM so that HE will shield us from the attacks aimed at us.

When the LORD GOD speaks and when HE had spoken HIS words were then and now are pure, perfect. We can trust everything that is said. As a matter of fact, we should train our spiritual ears to hear from HIM. HE speaks to us daily but we can’t hear from HIM with all the other noises that we are listening to. So how do we begin to hear the voice of GOD? We must have the same spirit, we must be born in HIS likeness. We have already been created in HIS likeness now it’s time that we were born in HIS likeness. Our first birth placed us in sin now we have to be born again without the effort of flesh but spirit. Believe in JESUS CHRIST as the beloved and only begotten SON of the FATHER GOD and believe that JESUS CHRIST was born of a virgin birth then believe that CHRIST JESUS did get up from the grave and is sitting at the right hand of our FATHER GOD. Believe this in your heart and you’re golden and if you can speak (not mute) say/confess that from your mouth. Now when you read your bible, our side the New Testament, Acts-Revelation it will all make sense to you. These are the books that are specifically written for the blood washed.

We who are victorious because we believe in the perfection of our FATHER GOD and CHRIST JESUS will one day sing this song in heaven.

“Great and marvelous are YOUR works
LORD GOD Almighty!
Just and true are YOUR ways
KING of the saints”!

When we become the children of the living GOD we become perfect just as our FATHER in heaven is. We are no longer a representation of the slim and sludge of sin given to us by our former father satan. There are those who unfortunately are shown firsthand what it’s like not to have a father to not love them in the natural, not provide for them, not be there for them in very positive ways in their lives as a loving father should be and they are living. They have no excuse and because of this, it’s difficult for them to trust that GOD will and does love them as their FATHER. Our living GOD, our living FATHER is perfect, HE’S not that way with HIS children. We will experience firsthand HIS loving kindness and tenderness for us. We will experience HIS provision towards us, we will hear HIM speak to us and spend time with us, and everything we want and need in a DAD that is what HE will be to us individually. None of HIS children will be lacking or wanting HIS attention or love because they will have it.

And before we know it will be said that we sound like and or look like JESUS. Why, even if we have never seen our natural father before, we can’t escape our DNA and family and those that may have known that person will say, that you may either look like or have personality tendencies of your father. And as spiritual children of satan also we did have his personality. Let’s face it your father is your father but your father is not necessarily your dad. A father is your ancestor but your daddy is your provider. This is who our perfect GOD is, HE is our FATHER and our DADDY and we will begin to sound and look like HIM in perfection not in heaven but right here on earth.

Today is always a perfect day to begin to begin even if it’s a small step to prove that we are children of the living GOD. We do so by no longer acting and speaking as those who are not saved do or as we once did. We get into the Word of GOD and begin to learn how to speak and how to live according to the kingdom of GOD. This takes a new mindset.

When GOD’s Word graduates down into our hearts we find ourselves speaking to others about HIM. Warning people about death, hell, and sin. We want to introduce CHRIST JESUS and the fullness of HIS grace and truth that all may be saved.

As children of the living GOD, we stand perfect in HIM because HE is perfect.

We have turned from Mount Sinai to Mount Zion the city of the Living GOD our heavenly FATHER. Where there are far too many angels to number. Just because someone does not worship and praise or pray or do whatever religious thing you deem is right doesn’t count people out. Because as long as people believe in their heart that JESUS is who HE say HE is and has done what HE did they too are a part of the general assembly and church and we are all over the world in the most unexpected places imaginable and everyone who believes is a registered citizen of heaven. GOD will eventually sit as Judge of all both Jew and Gentile and HE will judge us based on the law for unbelievers in HIS SON. Those of us who believe in JESUS and HIS Word are made perfect and are more excellent, we have an inheritance. CHRIST JESUS is our Mediator/Attorney of this new covenant; HE is the middle person that goes between both parties, GOD and man, to bring them together in this covenant, to keep them together notwithstanding the sins of the people and GOD’s displeasure against them for sin, to offer up our prayers to GOD, and to bring down the favors of GOD to us, to plead with GOD for us and to plead with us for GOD, and at length to bring GOD and HIS people together in heaven, and to be a Mediator of fruition between them forever, they beholding and enjoying GOD in CHRIST and GOD beholding and blessing them in CHRIST. 

Psalms 18:30, 12:6; Rev. 15:3; Matthew 5:48; Eph. 5:1; Romans 12:2; Colossians 1:28, 4:12; Hebrews 12:23


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