ABANDON: to give up or discontinue any further interest in something because of discouragement, weariness, distaste, to finally and completely leave or forsake.

RENOUNCE: voluntary decision to give something or someone up.

Matthew 27:46

No person on earth from earliest man to the last man on earth like being abandon. It’s a hurt to the spirit and soul of man. It’s not easy to bounce back from abandonment. It causes trust issues between people. It’s a cause for depression which will lead to oppression.

I sat on a bus one day and listened to a homeless man on his way to a shelter. He had been standing at a bus stop where a young mother had her son in her arms. Both riders chose to sit in the front of the bus; neither knew each other. Then the young mother decided to relocate her seat to the rear of the bus. When the gentleman noticed that the young mother was no longer seated near him; he asked another rider who also was at the same bus stop; where had the mother and baby gone to. The other lady said that she moved to the rear of the bus. Then he began to speak about how he never knew his father and his mother left him when he was a little boy. He spoke about how when he was growing up he often wondered if a stranger that he sized up to possible be his dad; was his dad. No one ever gave him a clue as to who his father was. I heard him say; my father must have really been a bad man; no one even dared discuss him. Then he said that the woman he knew to be his mother; one day just up and left. He added it creates such loneliness when you have been left alone without anyone to care for you. He also said I wonder if anyone really understands the importance of having a mother and father; it leaves you empty and you grow jealous of those who have parents. I watched the woman’s face as she listened to what the man told her. I could see the hurt in her eyes. I don’t know what her story was, but I wondered for a moment if she thought about her having parents?

In the above scripture, I believe that JESUS was able to withstand all that HE had to go through. But HE could not handle HIS FATHER turning away from HIM. The story of his brutal beatings and the injustice that HE had to go through brought about fatigue, hunger and thirst; pain from the torture. But have you ever noticed that JESUS never cried out until HE realized that for the very first time in HIS earthly life HE was all alone. HIS loving mother was near and watching in agony what was being done to her baby; but it was not her HE cried out for. JESUS lost HIS very life force when The FATHER had to turn away because HIS SON now had the sins of the world upon HIM and GOD cannot look on sin.

JESUS has been where you are if you are suffering from abandonment and the repercussions of this destructive emotion. Come to JESUS; let HIM know that you no longer want to experience the pain of being abandoned. Open up the door of your heart and let HIM come in to live. Allow HIM to clean all the loneliness away; to turn on the lights and to furnish your heart with all HIS wonderment.

Whoever confesses that JESUS is the SON of GOD, GOD lives in HIM, and HE in GOD.  1John 4:15

That CHRIST may live in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love, Ephesians 3:17

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