Pt. 6

What is it that we expect to hear when we attend worship service on Sunday?

For me, I want to hear about the CHRIST JESUS, who HE is to me and who I am to HIM. For me, I can never get enough of hearing about JESUS. Being an evangelist JESUS is all I speak about. It is always my hope to introduce JESUS as the One and only Savior, to encourage every listener and reader that we are exactly who CHRIST JESUS say we are and that every promise given is ours for the now and not the later.

Any preacher worth salt will preach about the CHRIST and that HE is the SON of the Living GOD.

Every child of the Living GOD will never have a problem proclaiming that JESUS the CHRIST is their LORD. In other words, JESUS is their GOD and HE is the One that we are enslaved to. HE is the One whom we obey according to HIS Word by the power of the Holy Spirit. By HIS flesh, HE is the seed of King David on both HIS mother and step father’s side. We are to take our example setting from JESUS and do as well as say what HE did and said. When we no longer wrestle with the fact that we are heirs with JESUS we will with the same boldness as HE had proclaim to be the son or daughter of the Living GOD. We will know and operate in the power given to us through HIS Holy Spirit. And we will walk as one who has been resurrected from the dead. Because we will no longer have anything in common with darkness, we are children of light and this world is no longer our home.

We will recognize when people are trying to keep us entangled with the law and legalism. Through familiar traditions and religiosity. These things could not help us in the flesh before JESUS fulfilled the law and they can’t help us today. Grace and Truth through CHRIST JESUS is how we are helped. Our FATHER GOD did this by sending HIS very own SON in the likeness of carnal and sinful flesh, yet HE Himself was not carnal and sinful. The only way to deal with sin in the flesh is through CHRIST JESUS in HIS flesh.

Romans 1:4, 8:3, 32; Acts 9:20, Heb. 9:14


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