Part I

In the hopes to do this study of Integrity any justice it was important for me to study also on Character. Integrity and Character go hand in hand; one cannot exist without the other. As a matter of fact these words are synonyms of one another.

 The Bible is full of people of negative and positive characters. However I’m choosing to stay close to the positive due to the fact we are experts at the negative and must become acquainted with the positive.

 From the Old Testament I gleaned from these books:

Exodus; 1 Samuel; 1 Chronicles; Psalms; Proverbs; Isaiah; Jeremiah; Ezekiel and Ecclesiastes.

 I suggest that in your study time that you research these books and read about all the people who walked in negative and positive characters. You will find that nothing has changed with the exception of time in how soon one executes their part in the negative. Take note on how GOD punished or rewarded character. Remembering that GOD is the same in the past, present and future. So it would be wise to make good decisions in our walk with GOD.

 When we think of some ones positive character, we should be looking for someone who has the qualities or features of kindness. A positive moral nature; strength; how one feels when we think of how a person acts, is it considered nice? The conduct of knowing right and wrong yet doing what’s right. The reputation of how others perceive as truth that is a foundation of what you say and do. A rule of action in your conduct. Upright; honorable. Practicing what is right versus that which is wrong.

 GOD took the time to write out the Ten Commandments. This is the measuring rod of how we are to behave. It has been said and I tend to agree since I applied this principle to my own children. That between the ages of 1-6 you write on their lives as to what type of individual that person becomes. Teach the child to have no restraints and the child will grow up into a mature age without structure or law as to become productive. The child has grown up defiant a negative character. Teach the child to obey and the child is more likely to grow up positive in character; knowing right from wrong and will more often than not choose to do what is right.

 The 10 Commandments

1.You will have no other gods

2.You will not bow yourself down to any image or serve them

3.DO NOT take the name of The LORD in vain

4.The 7th day of a week is Holy

5.Honor your Father and Mother

6.DO NOT kill

7.DO NOT commit adultery

8.DO NOT steal

9.DO NOT lie

10.DO NOT covet 

I wrote these commandments out for two reasons:

1.To show that this is the measuring rod by which we should teach our kids so that they will become positive, productive citizens and

2.To realize that no matter how positive our character is; if we have failed at just one of these commandments it’s a declaration that we can’t fulfill this without the help of GOD.  

Are we willing to examine our own self behavior or are we willing to examine another? Criticizing or judging the character of someone else is always easier to do. When you speak about another person who has flaws you deflect the attention from self. Have you ever considered criticizing or judging yourself to others? I’m certain the answer is no, who wants to take charge of their short comings when it’s so very easy to pick apart someone else. 

Remember, positive character traits are qualities or features of kindness.

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