Unnecessary labor that we bring on to ourselves or by others. The spirit of a burden is grievous, worrisome, depressive and oppressive. The repetition of that on which we ponder knowing that we have no control of it, the place that we have taken residence in, in our mind so much so that what we think has become a weight/burden. This used to be me, bowed low beneath the burden of worry which caused me to become depressed, oppressed and grievous. It was what I thought a never-ending roller coaster ride that I did not enjoy. This emotional and mental burden often caused me to think about killing myself and when we get there we have living within us the spirit of suicide. Yes, I often share my testimony of how the LORD my GOD delivered me from the spirit of anger, depression, oppression and self-loathing. But we are not born with a burden, we are given burdens by our parents, family members and those outside of the home. They are the ones who beat people down so much so that self-esteem is crushed beneath the weight of negative words which are hurled. People don’t understand and this is primarily because as children we are taught this famous lie that has lived for many generations given by the devil.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”.

Most of us have been abused physically and we healed even if a scar was left to be seen, it’s still healed. But inwardly those wounds are wide open, no one can see those wounds that become infected and are constantly bleeding and oozing pus. I am so thankful that GOD through CHRIST JESUS delivered me from the burdens that were placed on me and in me that the spirit that dwelled in me was evicted and the Holy Spirit took over my life completely. You see the Holy Spirit cannot live in the same house that a demonic spirit lives. It’s impossible. I know that some of you who are Born-Again CHRISTians is still plagued with burdens and I’m sharing with you that we have to get to that place of trusting in the Word of GOD so much so that we have grown sick and tired of being sick and tired. When we have the spirit of a burden in us we repel people from wanting to spend time with us even if it’s for 1 minute or more. But when the Holy Spirit is in charge of our character people are drawn to us and we are better approachable. JESUS never repelled HE drew. And we must have HIS character and integrity.

Our GOD is not dead or far away, HE sees, hears and knows the condition that we are in and HE desires to take us out of all things harmful and in the way of our living victoriously in HIM. HE is the great I AM, and only HE can bring us out from under the burdens we have. Only HE can free us from the bondage that we are in and it is possible for us to be Blood-Washed in JESUS and still remain in bondage. And we are this way because we are not being taught the full truth about Grace and Truth who is CHRIST JESUS. So many of us are still trying to live according to the Old Covenant because of the teaching we get weekly. But we can’t live freely with an oil and water teaching meaning we can’t live in the Law of Moses and the Grace of CHRIST. Grace is the unmerited favor that we can’t earn by doing. So, what is wrong with the Law of Moses? It’s righteous but it will never show us how to live obediently and it’s all about our self-effort to comply. No one in the Bible was ever able to obey the righteousness of the Ten Commandments the laws of GOD and the Law of Moses. However, in CHRIST JESUS, HE has taken away our self-effort to obey the laws and provided us with HIS Holy Spirit to give us the ability and power in HIM to overcome the burdens we have.

We are to live according to the blessing that was once spoken:

May the LORD, the GOD of your ancestors (our fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) add to you a thousand times as many as you are and bless you, just as HE has promised you”!

How many of us are aware of this? Is having burdens a blessing?  How can we alone bear the weight and pressure and burden of our strife, struggle, contention, anger and complaining? We should seek to find for ourselves experienced, understanding and wise people filled with the Holy Spirit who is respected. Speak with them to get things off our chest.

Many of us do what is called a corporate fast when the congregation agrees to fast with the Pastor in accordance with something. But we must know whether or not this is the type of fast that we are to be partakers of. Check to see if GOD is asking for the type of fast that is requested of us. If the fast is a burden maybe it’s not what GOD desires. Here is what I found regarding a fast that will not be a burden to the body of CHRIST.

“Here is the sort of fast I [LORD GOD] want —releasing those unjustly bound, untying the thongs/straps of the yoke of bondage, letting the oppressed go free, destroying every yoke, sharing your food with the hungry, taking the homeless poor into your house {make sure you are actually hearing the voice of CHRIST on this one}, clothing the naked when you see them, don’t pretend that you don’t see the need of our kinsman/neighbor. Then your light will burst forth like the morning, your new skin will quickly grow over your wound; your righteousness will precede you, and the LORD’s glory will follow you”.

Those of us who are mature in the body of CHRIST should be a help to those who are being burdened by whatever. We must operate in self-denial to help our brothers and sisters in the body of CHRIST. We are allowing the babies and immature in the body of CHRIST to become overwhelmed all because we don’t take the time to be there for one another. We take the easy road and tell others that we will pray for them when most times prayer never occur. No, what we are to do is pray and then be of help. Talk is cheap but actions are valuable. And when we help our siblings through difficult times don’t talk about it or look for something in return from them. The LORD GOD is totally aware of what we do. Remember, when we begin to tell others what we’ve done for someone our reward has already been provided in our sharing what we’ve done. Let it be in secret and if what we have done for others get out, let it be done by the ones we help to relieve the burden from.

Be a disciple of CHRIST JESUS by obeying that which HE require of us in HIS Commandment which affects our moral conduct in HIM.

We are not supposed to practice the life of our former unchanged life. But being authentic about what I know, we do. So, if we are caught sinning by our siblings in CHRIST we can be helped and not judged. How do I know this? Because the one who will actually be a help to us is the one who is being directed by the Holy Spirit and that person will not put us to shame but will speak to us in love and be guided how to speak with us by the Holy Spirit and should we listen we will be prompted to change our minds [repent] and be restored never to have the desire to continue in that thing which we were in bondage to that burden.

Now, today, throw your burdens on the LORD JESUS and allow HIM to bear, support and uphold you. CHRIST JESUS will never permit HIS righteous to be moved by burdens once we release them to HIM. We will have no desire to fall, fail or slip back into those burdens that held us captive.

Place all your trust in CHRIST JESUS and know not just in the mind of knowledge but know this where it’s important and that is the mind of the heart. That in CHRIST JESUS we are linked and connected, we are coupled and paired together to be one in HIM. And because this is true the yoke of bondage in CHRIST JESUS is easy and HIS burden which never comes across as burdensome is light/weightless.


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