2 Corinthians 1

The majority of us only see comfort as to be relaxed or to be physically eased from pain. However, the LORD GOD designed comfort to be so much more for HIS children. Recognize that the LORD GOD is The GOD of all comfort and encouragement. Notice that comfort and encouragement goes hand in hand. We can’t experience comfort and not be encouraged and we can’t be encouraged without experiencing comfort. Understand; though we belong to the LORD JESUS CHRIST that there will be times when we will experience trouble; being saved and filled with the Holy Spirit does not remove us from trouble. However; being saved and filled with the Holy Spirit does afford us the hope to be comforted and encouraged during those times of trouble. And when we have hope to be comforted and encouraged we too can provide hope to others with the same comfort and encouragement given to us by our heavenly FATHER during their time of need. It’s a process that is to be shared continually by us all when we are in need and when we see others in need. We proclaim to suffer with JESUS so proclaim to be comforted and encouraged with JESUS. None of us are in love or like to go through hardships in life be they pre-personal salvation or post personal salvation. However; this I know to be true; that the sufferings we each have endured once we are delivered out of them all; we are to help those who are being tortured in the same manner as we once were. I’ve never been an alcoholic; drunk; drug abuser; prostitute; murderer and the like; yet, I had and have many faults. I was still dead within; I was still on my way to hell and I still needed JESUS as I still do today. But if you lived a life that had you by the throat in whatever your addiction was or whatever your life style was; does it not make sense to help those who are where you once were? Sure, I trust that the LORD GOD through the Holy Spirit will give me the right words to help another but those of you who have lived it know the game; you know what to expect in attitude and response; you are equipped in a manner unlike me in your testimony of how the LORD delivered you. Our personal testimonies are antidotes; vitamins; something others can see; testimonies are great witnesses of the LORD JESUS being just who HE said HE is. So, because HE has done it for you HE will do it for another. Let’s not be ashamed of our past; become transparent; we survived to tell of the LORD GOD’s goodness and we survived to share with others. We are not our past; we are new creations through the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Sometimes the problems of life we go through can seem like a death sentence; the burdens can be just that great because the pressures of guilt; worries; shame; condemnation and sometimes not knowing where our next meal will come from or where we will live because we are being evicted due to unemployment. We are to rely on the living GOD; sometimes HE allows us to go through turmoil to get us to wake up and know that relying and trusting in ourselves is a major mistake and that we are to solely rely and trust in HIM. Our hope is not on ourselves but on the living GOD the FATHER of the LORD JESUS CHRIST and the GOD of comfort and encouragement. The LORD JESUS CHRIST is our life line; HE is our rescuer. Know and understand that the LORD JESUS CHRIST is not a yes and no man. In all the promises given to us in the living GOD there is on only one answer “yes” and because of this we say Amen. Our Amen gives glory to our heavenly FATHER. Our heavenly FATHER has set us in union with the LORD JESUS CHRIST and has anointed and sealed us in HIS Spirit within our hearts as a guarantee. Stand firm in your faith in the LORD JESUS CHRIST; never allow discomfort to discourage you because the living GOD is the GOD of comfort and encouragement.

yes and amen

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