Our miraculous GOD


Religious Christianity is irrelevant in this cold and cruel world. That means that people are only exhibiting their faith in the confines of the four walls of where they attend church service. If we truly believe in the finished works of CHRIST JESUS we must bring our faith outside of the four walls. We must show the miraculous power everywhere because wherever we are GOD is and HE is there ahead of us just waiting for our arrival. As true believers in CHRIST JESUS, we are the ones who bring the love of CHRIST with us and we must share that with others. We must infect people much like people spread their germs (colds and flu) with others either intentionally or unintentionally.

Matthew 9:36 JESUS saw and HE sees us where we are, HE sees that we are bewildered, dejected, distressed, harassed, helpless, troubled and weary. This is why we need a Good Shepherd, One who cares for us, who has compassion for us, who takes pity on us and, One who will teach us everything we need to know about the nature of the FATHER and the SON.


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