Created by GOD

Psalm 139:14-15

We all; every one of us is fearfully and wonderfully made. None of us are mistakes; some of us may have come by a mistake made because we were conceived from a criminal act; selfishness; lack of education of how conception is performed or just straight up disobedience. But none the less none of us are a mistake. GOD even had a board meeting and said “let US make man in OUR image”; Gen. 1:26. We must understand that when GOD created us fearfully it was not to cause panic, dread or any way possible to cause anyone or anything to be scared. Fearfully towards man actually mean that we were created in awe and reverence. The same as GOD is; when the scriptures inform us to fear the LORD it does not mean that we should be afraid of HIM; this is not what HE desires from us. GOD Loves us greatly and HE desires that we Love HIM back with greatness. We are to reverence HIM; in other words respect HIM. This is why I have such a problem with the title within the clergy, reverend this means respect; all humans are to be respected not just the clergy. Sure I believe that the clergy should be given the respect for which authority we walk in; just as the President of the US; the police/firefighter; politicians; King/Queen just to name a few. We were created in the thoughts of GOD before we were born. GOD loves us so much, shouldn’t we also love ourselves? Self-love is a healthy respect for ourselves as individuals created and accepted by GOD for a special purpose. I know that if we would learn to love ourselves we would easily extend love to others. Self loathing creates the action of causing harm to ourselves and then we turn that loathing towards others. We disrespect ourselves and others because we do not understand who we are in GOD and how HE views us. We disrespect ourselves because we do not know how to love ourselves and others basically because we were not taught from our parents how to. Today I watch how children are born into this world and basically are left alone to fend for themselves. I listen to young mothers scream and yell at their babies and children during those tender learning years. They grow up without love and the love they think that they receive is so twisted that when true love approaches them they do not recognize it. We are very important to GOD. HE made us just the way we are-our outer image (looks, height, stature, coloring) all given with a purpose that is pleasing to GOD and HE calls it good. Then we destroy HIS great work with false hair either on our heads or eyes. We pay people to alter our appearance to fit into a mold that you think is pleasing but later you find that the original was better than you realize. When I was a teen and in my 30’s, I wished I was smaller in weight I fluctuated between size 5-7 and thought that I was huge; now I long for that size even a 10-16 would make me ecstatic. Then I wanted to be better looking than I thought I was; now I look back on those old pictures and think to myself or ask others “what was wrong with me; I was gorgeous”! I’m gorgeous now but the difference is that then I did not know it because I was not validated by my parents and to tell you the truth; this is the validation that we all want first and foremost. Do you understand where I’m
going with this? Our inner person which is spirit must be fed daily with the Word of GOD so that we can learn and begin to understand the great Love that
GOD has for each and every one of us. HE said that we are wonderful which actually means from HIM that we are excellent, great and marvelous. How
exciting is that? All our abilities and strengths as well as our limitations; come from HIM to be used by GOD for a particular purpose and plan. If we see ourselves as GOD sees us, as fearfully and wonderfully made; we can give thanks and offer ourselves as we are to GOD and others for HIS special purpose for us.

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