MY Name Is JESUS – 5

The World Was Made By ME


WoW! How amazing it is to find out that the Light of JESUS is no longer for the tribe of Jacob, those that survived the judgment. Now, the Light of JESUS extends to the very ends of this planet that we call the world. What this tells me is that JESUS is not someone who is hidden or can be hidden. Everyone will hear of HIM but not everyone will be invited to come to HIM. What I mean by this is to make someone or something enticing we may need to introduce a person or a thing more than once. Sometimes, our first introduction may cause us to think about who we met and ask questions later about knowing the person. This happens with things as well. We may be introduced to something and will shy away only to ask questions about it later or find that yet again the person or thing has been brought into our presence and this is when we focus our attention on finding out just a little bit more. Today, we have the technology and in the privacy of our home or as we move about our day we will begin a search to obtain some type of answers as to who a person is or what is this thing that has come into our presence more than once? Hopefully, we will be introduced to the proper person not only for general relationships, but for business, friendship, and long-term relationships. People who come to us and speak about JESUS, especially if they have a personal relationship with HIM will entice us to want to know more. For some, it will be a thought that refuses to allow them to rest. For others, it will be a decision that they will want to know more about JESUS in the now and begin their faith from the heart to receive JESUS as their personal SAVIOR but in all honesty, we do not accept JESUS as our LORD until we are broken and made over by the application of the Word of Truth. Through people, the Light of JESUS will be seen and we will make the most critical decision of our mortal lives and that will be to accept through belief in JESUS.

It saddens me when any leader does not fulfill the call for which they have been entrusted and that is to introduce JESUS to the people who do not know in their hearts who JESUS is. And with others, they are to continue to build up the people’s holy faith encouraging them through remembrance as to who JESUS is and what JESUS has done and said. If there is anyone that is required to be spoken of repetitively it is JESUS.

But speaking about JESUS alone is not enough, JESUS is the testimony to signs, miracles, and wonders and we who are true believers need to show not as a parlor trick mind you. Yet, we do need to demonstrate that when JESUS said that we will do greater things, [John 14:12] then we must operate through the guidance of the Holy Spirit things that people need. What are those things that we need to rely on the FATHER for from JESUS? We are to heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons [Matthew 10:8]. Instead, we are calling for our pastors and depending on those that we know receive answered prayers. Rather than studying the word of GOD for ourselves and applying the truth to what we can do when we operate in our faith in JESUS. After all, we are not the ones who can operate in miracles, signs, and wonders through our ability. No, we operate out of faith in JESUS’ ability.

I will rather look towards the FATHER through JESUS who created not only the world but the heavens and all that lives in heaven and on the earth. In the solar system, there are nine planets that we know of and of those nine planets the only planet that the FATHER through JESUS made habitable meaning everything that humans need is only found on planet earth. No other planet has been given what humans need by GOD. Planet earth was made to perfection until sin crept in. When the flood destroyed all life it did not destroy planet earth, this is why Noah’s family was saved along with every animal and insect that is male and female and through them, the world has been repopulating even to the present time.

When leaders do not habitually speak about JESUS they become guilty of nailing JESUS to the cross again knowing full well that JESUS is not guilty of any sin. The ministry of leaders is not to use their platform to speak about politics, the current news situation, or any other hot topic. Whatever or wherever we are we are to speak about JESUS to continue to build up the hearers’ faith and to ignite the faith of those that do not yet believe in JESUS.

This should make clear to those that say that they believe in GOD yet do not live through JESUS. As for the truly blood-washed CHRISTian that is daily turning their lives over to JESUS by choice, I say to you this. For us, there is only One GOD. HE is the FATHER and HE is our FATHER our DADDY. Everything that was and come from HIM. And there is only One LORD and HIS name is JESUS and HE is the CHRIST our MESSIAH. Everything that was and is made was made through HIM. True living does not begin until we come through JESUS and this is how our life in JESUS stands.

JESUS is not just to be thought of on Sunday, Easter, CHRISTmas, and as our last resort to praying for something that we want after we have exhausted everything else we know to do. JESUS is and should be our first thought when we awaken for the day and the final thought when we rest. JESUS must be included in everything that is in the midst of us because JESUS is just that important. Here is the breakdown of how things work; everything that we purchase comes with its manual that is given to us by the manufacturers. What we do with the manual is up to us so it is not the fault of the manufacturer if something is not operating according to how the manufacturer designed for our purchase to look and operate. The weekend hobbyist who tinkers around with automobiles refers to the manual, those that use power tools to build, too refer to a manual, nothing that exists is void of a manual. Even we have a manual our manual teaches us about who the FATHER is, who the SON is, who the Holy Spirit is, who everyday people who were not perfect yet chosen to do the will of the FATHER were, and who we are in the FATHER through JESUS as well. Our manual is to be used daily when we familiarize ourselves with the manual we know how or where to go for answers. When our bodies are not operating in peak performance we do not turn to Genesis 1:1 for the answer but may go to such scripture as Matthew 4:23 or scripture that deals with a specific sickness or disease. When we desire financial wealth we must use the manual and learn properly how we may attract financial wealth to come our way. There is nothing that involves humanity that is not found in the manual and we know our manual by its most common name the Bible or the Holy Bible. We are familiar with what the acronym for the letters of the Bible may stand for and that is Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. People are hardwired to be instructed be they instructed to live as JESUS desires or to be destructed as satan desires the choice will always be left to every individual. So, because we have a manual called the Bible for daily use why are we relying on blockheads for the answers and demonstrations that we seek? The FATHER through JESUS Created things in heaven and earth, seen and unseen, JESUS is all powerful and all power and authority have been given to HIM. JESUS is ruler over every person in authority regardless of their titles, get this in your understanding everything was made by CHRIST for CHRIST [made by MESSIAH for MESSIAH, made by the ANOINTED ONE for the ANOINTED ONE, made by JESUS for JESUS].

All people need to stop looking and waiting for the last days because the last days have been present since the crucifixion and resurrection of JESUS. Every generation has become more wicked as it was when Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed when all living creatures except eight people the family of Noah and the chosen animals and insects that came together by two, male and female. I have lived for three generations, if I count the generation using the twenty years when I was born I was the fifth living generation of my immediate family. With the generations of family members becoming ever younger due to tragedy or lack of discipline from parent to child generations are swelling and we can see the Bible unfolding as to how the younger generations are to be. What is given to us to know is not a good thing but the information is there for us not to be surprised when we see them so that we can recognize what has been instilled within us from the scriptures. Such as 2 Timothy 1-5, Remember this! There will be many troubles in the last [final] days. In those times:

  • People will love only themselves and money.
  • They will brag and be proud.
  • They will say evil things against others.
  • They will not obey their parents.
  • People will not be thankful or be the kind of people GOD wants.
  • They will not have a love for others.
  • They will refuse to forgive others and will speak bad things.
  • They will not control themselves.
  • They will be cruel and will hate what is good.

In the last days:

  • People will turn against their friends.
  • They will do foolish things without thinking.
  • They will be conceited and proud.
  • They will love pleasure.
  • They will not love GOD.
  • They will continue to act as if they serve GOD, but they will not serve GOD.

Stay away from those people.

This scripture cannot be any clearer than what it has laid out for us to learn. The FATHER chose to use the Prophets to speak to the people today JESUS speaks to us and JESUS in the last days used ordinary people to speak through. As I shared with you before, the FATHER Created everything through JESUS and JESUS Created everything so because we have a need to hear from others the chief person that we should have our inner radar tuned to is the appointed heir of all things JESUS,  the Author and Finisher of everything from beginning to end.

John 1:9-10

Scripture References: Is 49:6, Acts 13:27; 1 Cor. 8:6; Col. 1:16; Heb. 1:2


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