deliver Wow, look at some of the things JESUS has given to those who believe in HIM.

  • Freedom
  • Release from sin
  • Removal of the chains
  • Set at liberty
  • Rescued us from the bondage of sin
  • Saved us from hell and the lake of fire; from the wrath/anger of GOD and judgment.
  • JESUS CHRIST saved us
  • JESUS CHRIST transferred HIS righteousness to us and took our sin on the cross.
  • CHRIST JESUS put into our hands the power that HE supplies us with.
  • CHRIST JESUS pronounced, HE still speaks and sends forth in words through HIS living Word/the Holy Bible and through HIS disciples of the past and the present.

All we need do through faith in CHRIST JESUS is to give up the life that we now know with surrender to resign the life of sin and to yield to the life of HIS righteousness.

Just as David as a shepherd boy was delivered from the lion and the bear we too must trust that CHRIST JESUS will deliver us from every snare that has been laid down to trap us or the distractions that are meant to destroy us. We are no different from David, he was delivered and we too are and can be delivered if we only place our trust in CHRIST JESUS. When our desire rests completely in CHRIST JESUS, HE keeps us in perfect peace, it’s preserved all because we trust in HIM. Join me and commit yourself to CHRIST JESUS, keep the mind on HIM and follow HIS will to the point that it’s our will as well. Not in the sense of being a robot because we are purposely designed to have free will, however, what can be freer than living in CHRIST JESUS? Our hope is confidently placed in HIM. We must believe that when things get hot to us that we will be delivered. After all, we have never experienced the type of heat that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego went through. I know that it may seem like it but because JESUS delivered those three precious and faithful Hebrews/Jews from that fiery furnace we must know that HE will do the very same for us. JESUS is not a respecter of certain people HE loves and cares for HIS very own.

Have faith and know that everything about JESUS is true so be assured that JESUS does not need to seek the way to deliver us because HE already knows how to deliver us out of any temptation and trial that we go through.

1 Sam. 17:37, Is. 26:3-4, Daniel 3:17, 2 Peter 2:9


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