The depth of GOD’s love for us is unfathomable HIS love for humankind is so deep that the limit or extent is hard for humans to conceive in their minds. This is because most of HIS children are looking at themselves rather than looking at CHRIST JESUS. We are more sin conscience than grace conscience. For non-believers, the forgiveness, grace, love, and mercy that HIS children are engulfed in is not easily explored. GOD’s love for us is infinite and no matter how much we love HIM the depth of HIS loving care and blessings can never be searchable. The breadth and depth of the love of CHRIST are its vast extent. We read the Word of GOD how HE gave HIMself as the redeeming sacrifice to cleanse humans from sin if they will only believe. But, even when we do believe the measure and extent of the depth our understanding will never manifest because of our finite minds. For example, I dislike when I tell someone that I love them and they return with “I love you more”. What this informs me of is that your love is measurable and conditional. How does another person know that the person who genuinely loves is less than the one who is a receiver of the love? I know that there is only One who provides forgiveness, grace, love, and mercy that is unmeasurable because of HIS vast depth towards us and HIS name is JESUS.

Because of JESUS death and resurrection, all those who actively believe in HIM are recipients of being a super conqueror in all things. We must be actively convinced that death, life, angels, anything that now exist or anything that will someday exist, that no power above or below, and any created thing has the power to separate us from GOD’s love which comes to us through CHRIST JESUS who is our LORD.

Romans 11:33


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