552Steady in application to anything undertaken, constant in the effort, exertion to accomplish what is undertaken, attentive, industrious-not to be idle or negligent, constant in the effort, regular application/attendance and or occupation.

I’m often awestruck at how the generations born from 1980-present are more often to have the attitude of entitlement rather than willing to be diligent in working to obtain their dreams, goals, and vision. And it’s not that they are not diligent because they are for example they are diligent to play games on the computer, television via some type of box or their cell phone. They are diligent at coming up with excuses as to why they are not doing anything industrious rather than being idle with their wonderful minds and hands which are able to create wealth. It’s true that the possibility to become a millionaire or billionaire may not occur, however, it’s also true that the possibility to become those things are more apt to happen when we are diligent at making it happen. Those who are diligent in getting the proper education and legally working to obtain those things that they desire rule their desires while those that are lazy in their minds and with their hands will be forced to do illegal activities to obtain money only. Take a look at your community or step outside of your community and look at the young people who are diligent in illegal activities. The supply and demand to sell what it is they have to offer are there which means that all of them have the ability to be entrepreneurs, CEO’s, vice-presidents of a corporation or any top executive position. They understand the market yet they have listened to the nay-sayers who told them that they will never be more than what they are doing. They look around with blinders on and believe that they are prisoners of their surroundings. They don’t realize that they can attend school to learn business management to either run their own business or work for another in upper management. This is what the idle and the diligent have in common, an appetite of the soul to gain wealth. The difference however between the two is that one is idle, lazy, the desire to sleep and full of excuses while the other is diligent, energetic with purpose, will wake up and move to achieve his/her goals and will voice the motivation why they work. And with each pay-check the diligent will hopefully deposit a fee in their future, their children’s future or at the very least have the funds to pay their utilities, mortgage/rent, insurance (any and all types), and purchase groceries. Those were just to name a few.

Though I covered the expectations of what we are to be diligent about in the natural most people especially immature CHRISTians put forth diligence to please the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS as though we must work to be approved. We are already approved the moment we receive the gift of salvation and are washed clean from past, present and future sins. We are given grace on top of grace to just be children of the Living GOD. There is nothing we can’t do or be in and through CHRIST JESUS who gives us the strength and wisdom to obtain the desires of our heart. As children of the Most High GOD, we are told to enter the rest not work for the rest. Maybe the reason we miss this mark is that it’s not understood what it’s meant. Enter is to be in, flow in, advance into, engage into, to sit down, and lodge. Rest is to cease from activity, quiet, reconciliation with the FATHER, at peace, and in hope. Before JESUS hung HIS head and gave up the ghost/HIS Spirit, HE said finished. When HE ascended back into heaven to be seated at the right hand of the FATHER, this is a clear demonstration that HIS work is complete and that HE is at rest. We don’t get the full comprehension of entering into HIS rest with HIM. This is why so many of us are judgmental and working so hard which demonstrates our religion and not our relationship with HIM. Religion and self-effort will cause us to fall and remain in disobedience to the will of the FATHER. When we rest the FATHER works on our behalf but when we work the FATHER rest. We will never be able to experience all the promises of the FATHER when we are busy doing rather than living in the full faith of CHRIST JESUS and the promises given to us. Do we want to be like those who were disobedient in the wilderness? I’m certain the answer is a resounding no. But we are when we are not diligent to enter the rest of CHRIST JESUS.

Proverbs 10:4, 12:24, 13:4, Hebrews 4:11



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