Victory pt. 2


This message is more so written to my brothers and sisters of faith in CHRIST JESUS than not. Why? Because this scripture is not written to those who do not believe in JESUS. If you want this blog to be beneficial to you; than you must accept JESUS. You must confess JESUS to be the LORD. You must acknowledge that you are a sinner and that you need JESUS and that only JESUS is the only Truth, the only Way and the Life. It is up to each individual to believe and trust in HIM. Then this particular scripture that is being used today will be relevant to you; if you, a non-believer. Begin to believe in JESUS the CHRIST.

1 Corinthians 15:57 (NKJV)

 But thanks be to GOD, who gives us the victory through our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Now what would happen if we took this very same scripture and read it in this manner?

{But thanks be to GOD, who gives me the victory through my LORD JESUS CHRIST.} Did or does that change the power of the effect for you? It should because you have made the scripture personal. In most cases; we miss the power that scripture has for us today because we are both reading and standing on pre-crucifixion text which some are no longer applicable to us any longer.

Too many blood wash and redeemed by CHRIST JESUS; CHRISTians don’t realize that from Acts – Revelations we gain our strength; we grow in wisdom and we come to realize that we are overcomers and victorious through CHRIST JESUS. And we are not accepting, believing and trusting in the promises of the blessed hope in the instructions and promises left for us in the will. We are not going and getting what rightfully belongs to us. It’s like having Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey or whomever we can think of money sitting in our bank account and we are not withdrawing the funds when we are in need of cash. We say we have the victory; yet, some of us are living defeated lives. It’s shown in the way we speak first and foremost.

Change the way we speak and everything else will follow. Our outer appearance will begin to change; our finances will begin to change; our health will begin to change; our families will begin to change. And even if you; yourself don’t live in this natural lifetime to see these things come to pass; we will have establish a foundation of faith in our family that this root will bloom and blossom and our decedents will walk by the faith that we have taught them to talk, walk and live out.

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