Divided / Dividing

Jesus  removes sin

The world is disunited because of its darkness due to sin. Which means that those who have not accepted and taken the free gift of salvation which can only come from CHRIST JESUS are also parted in their decision making, and actions to do with consistency what is good. They are separated from CHRIST JESUS which makes them separated from the heavenly FATHER who is GOD. However, when we accept and take the free gift which is offered through CHRIST JESUS, HE provides us with the indications that we have been separated from the world that is dark and cold and brings us closer to the FATHER and HIMself because they now reside within us and us within THEM. Unfortunately due to immaturity in CHRIST JESUS due to the lack of knowledge and not trusting HIM in everything we resemble the world with our old character rather than resembling CHRIST JESUS in our new character in HIM. I’m sad to reveal to some and remind others that we still have a problem trusting JESUS and loving our brothers and sisters in the faith of JESUS. Because if we adhered to obeying what JESUS has instructed us to think, say and do then it would be possible for us to love those who are disobedient and still live and walk in sin because they have not taken the free gift of salvation from CHRIST JESUS.

In this world regardless or not of our being under the rulership of a monarchy or a USA president who is the head of the government. This world is a kingdom and satan is the ruler of this world. This world is divided against itself and we see this each time we watch the news. Do we not notice the waste that is all around us? People are often asking the question “what is the world coming to?” or because of the situations going on in the world people will say “it has got to getter better things can’t get any worse”. But I’m here to inform you that this world will not get any better and this world is coming to an end. Hence the dividing that we see day to day this world will not stand.

Each and every one who is a child of the living LORD GOD must study the Word to become familiar with who we are in CHRIST JESUS and just exactly who CHRIST JESUS is to us. We must study and show that because of our studying the Word of GOD we mature into the character of JESUS which will cause us to think, say and live as HE desires us to be. As a workman in the Word, we will be tested by many trials and when we are tested we will not become ashamed when people watch us going through the trials and looking as though we are defeated. We will remain faithful and calm as we go through our trials because we know that JESUS has not forgotten us and HE have not left us alone in our trials. And those that watch and make fun of us will see the victory that we have in CHRIST JESUS because of HIS promises to us. We must be diligent in either speaking the Word of truth as a witness or live the Word of truth which is our witness. Because we are called our election into the heavenly kingdom is sure and true and because of this, we will not stumble. Beloved, know that we are of the truth in CHRIST JESUS and because of this our hearts are assured in HIM.

 Matthew 12:25, 2 Timothy 2:15, 2 Pet. 1:10, 1 Jhn. 3:19


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