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December 7, 2020

Strength in Wisdom – 2 Chronicles 1:1

This blog will be our final introduction to King Solomon and in the following day’s GOD willing, we will see some of the tidbits left for us to read that King Solomon executed well through the Spirit of Wisdom.

Though there are many various kingdoms throughout this world we are most familiar with the kingdom in the United Kingdom ruled by Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. As I searched out the punishment used in today’s time for high treason, I found that in the UK the last recorded execution of death was in nineteen forty and six. The offender was William Joyce and he was found guilty of taking arms of war against King George VI who was the father of Queen Elizabeth II.  Today, the law against the Queen or her royal subjects is life imprisonment.

I wrote this to help us understand that in kingdoms, coming against a King was punishable by death. And in the Spirit realm of GOD’s Kingdom death still applies. This punishment is not executed quickly but by HIS righteous judgment of our sin. Should we die in sin the sinner will be eternally punished by his/her own heart of sin and those actions which are the result of sin and being a sinner. The FATHER, who is the Most-High GOD, also known as HIS ROYAL MAJESTY will come against the treason of humankind which is the non-belief in HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS the Savior.

King Solomon was anointed, the King before the death of his father because this is what his father desired by the instruction of GOD. However, treason rose within the house of King David, that Solomon was not to be recognized as King but his older brother. This made those who came against the decision of GOD, and King David an act of treason. 

King Solomon was not a violent man and he did all that he knew to do not to kill his brother and those who sided with his brother. Yet, King Solomon finally found the strength by the Strength in Wisdom to have not only his brother but those who sided with him killed so that the Kingdom of Solomon could be strengthened. After the enemies of King Solomon and his kingdom were all executed, his kingdom was well established in his hand.

Here is the lesson that we must take away from King Solomon today, the LORD our GOD is with us just as HE was with King Solomon and his father and Joseph of Egypt. Though the LORD our GOD was with many other people, I am singling out Joseph with King Solomon because what these two men had in common that we should be able to relate with is this. Some of us are not noticed, meaning our value is not seen, the hidden jewels which may be buried deep within us are not being dug up for the use of what is needed by others. I know that I can personally relate, my grandmother was the only person in my family who saw me in my present state and the possibilities that will come in my future. I did not understand what she spoke to me then in my childhood but her words have not been void. The second person who saw the possibilities in my future was my high school English teacher who said to me “you are a diamond in the rough”. I asked him what that meant and he never elaborated. However, today, I understand as I look back over my life and the possibilities that I yet will accomplish in the Strength in Wisdom. 

Joseph was an outcast due to his brothers who were overcome by the spirit of jealousy, so they threw him in a pit, sold him and he became a prisoner, then GOD exalted him to enter the palace where he remained for the duration of his life the second most powerful/successful man in the Kingdom of Egypt at that time.

King Solomon because he was not the number one son, was not recognized by some who were encouraged by his older brother Absolom not to recognize his younger brother Solomon as King. Yet, GOD made the choice clear to those who came against the Kingdom of David/Solomon regarding Solomon. GOD chose Solomon.

King Solomon’s success had nothing to do with his ability to rule his kingdom but had everything to do with the Strength in Wisdom that he possessed and relied upon.

We are more than what people say or see. Most often what people say about us is foolishness and garbage which unfortunately we take in and plant and allow those rotten seeds to take harvest in our lives. Because we allow the negativity of what people say since we do not know who we can be in CHRIST JESUS we are afraid to come from behind the shadows and live out our abilities to the full by those dreams we once had, the visions that we once daydreamed about and hoped for. Our lack of education, our environment, and the lack of many financial funds. 

Be encouraged, though it is wonderful to have an education and we should do all that we can to learn in the school system and from others who are where we desire to be. We should not count ourselves out due to our age, our skin color, our being male or female, the poor environment that we were born into or lived in, and thrived because we remained above the soil of the earth. We should not count ourselves out because we are financially disabled. None of these are requirements in the Kingdom of GOD.

The Most-Holy GOD is the ONE who exalts and when HE exalts us, it is done exceedingly and openly. If we want true success, success in those dreams that were abandoned, true success in the visions that we have for ourselves or our home, our environment, our country, where we attend school, or where we work. This is what has to be done in our lives.

  1. Receive CHRIST JESUS as your LORD and Savior
  2. Be baptized in the Holy Spirit
  3. Rely on the Spirit of Strength in Wisdom from the Holy Ghost
  4.  Follow the directions given to us by the Holy Ghost 
  5. Desire to be led by the Holy Ghost
  6.  Take notice of what the LORD our GOD will bestow upon us
  7. And, remain thankful to the LORD GOD through CHRIST JESUS.

Read the full story of Joseph and Solomon and realize that because GOD did what HE did in these men that HE can do the same for us regardless of what we consider our impossibilities all we have to do is believe, trust and rely on CHRIST JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit.

AMFBeM (™)

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