Do not judge your siblings, help them.

Galatians 6

Some of us still have that Cain spirit residing within us and we need to let him go. What I mean is that instead of trying to help our siblings out who are in need because they have sinned; we judge them. We speak ill of them in shameful ways with others. Now I know that every human has got to want help; however, it’s still worth the effort to try and provide help. We must do all we can to restore our siblings and we must always do this in the motive and action of gentleness and love. We all have something that we are struggling with and the moment we begin to think that we would not stumble and fall; it happens. It is imperative that we are compassionate with one another. Remember, temptation is lurking just around the corner waiting for the opportunity to pounce all over us. When a sibling is down; we all are down. We are to share in one another’s grief and joy; this is a fulfillment of the law of CHRIST. Daily we have to examine ourselves so as to not become prideful. We can all teach and we can all be taught in words and work; our character and integrity is the only bible and church most people will witness. What are you showing the world? What does the world hear from your mouth? Don’t fool yourself into a false sense of security; know who the FATHER GOD is and HIS desires for us. Because whatever you do in the flesh you will get it back in corruption of the flesh. But, whatever you do in the Spirit you will get back everlasting life from the Spirit. Don’t grow tired of what you do for the LORD because you will be rewarded in time and I don’t mean in that great by and by; whatever or where ever that is. I mean here and now on earth; the LORD JESUS did not save us to sit or stand back and wait for HIS promises to be fulfilled in our lives. Our inheritance is for the here and now for us to enjoy. Whatever HE has for each of us and collectively will not do us much good in heaven because heaven has all and everything we need without the asking. We don’t need to be in perfect health in heaven because no one is sick or will ever become sick. Here on earth it’s our inheritance to be in perfect health as our soul prospers. So remember to always do good to everyone but especially to our very own siblings; after all we will be spending eternity with them. Prayer for those who don’t seem to want help or who have a stronghold on their lives that refuses to let go can’t be prohibited. Believe that you have what you ask for; be persistent; never allow doubt to come in; stand on the Word of our LORD GOD and watch the change come. Then when you witness the change; you can boast not in yourself because you did nothing but exercised your faith in the Word of GOD; you stood strong in the power of the LORD CHRIST JESUS. Boast in the cross of our LORD JESUS CHRIST who crucified all evil of this world. And because HE was crucified; you crucify daily your fleshy passions and desires because you are a new creation; you no longer walk according to your flesh but according to the Spirit. Remember all who follow and walk according to that rule peace and mercy belongs to them.

JESUS (18)

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  1. If only we could learn this. For over 60 years my brother has resented me for something that happened when we were 2 and 4. Worst of all didn’t do anything to cause the problem,it was strangers.I have tried all my life to gain his acceptance but he rejects me no matter what. I have finely learned to put it in Gods capable hands and I will continue to pray for him to allow God into his heart. Life is to short to have resentments at one another. Thank you for sharing these beautiful truths.

    1. amfbeministry

      Hi Brenda,

      This application from this chapter in this book is also to be applied to our spiritual siblings. Regarding your natural brother; don’t lose heart because the LORD JESUS promised that HE would answer every prayer read John 14:12-14. Don’t disbelieve just believe. Love, Elder Shawn Briscoe

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