It does not matter how many self-help books we purchase, informative talk shows we listen to and people we speak with. If we are honest with ourselves none of these have provided the long-term answers we all seek. Actually, the very name in the genre of “Self-help” is a clue that it will not help because of us but it does help the person behind the product we purchased because they’ve just increased their income thanks to us. If self could help self, JESUS did not need to come to earth to teach, heal, deliver, feed, and raise the dead and most crucial save the lost. We are all in need of JESUS from birth to the grave, every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year. And though there are many who are believers in CHRIST JESUS those same believers may not be followers of HIS Word. Hence why we do not experience the very best JESUS has for us.

JESUS is the One to whom we are to ask and rely on to show us daily how we are to go about our path in life. We need to get ourselves in the presence of JESUS and remain there. Many believers know how to quote scripture but will not live scripture. There is a difference between being happy and having joy. When we are happy it’s based on a temporary circumstance. How many have had a most wonderful day and did not think it was possible to have anything to cause us from feeling amazingly happy only to be hit in the stomach with some unexpected news that sent us into a tailspin? What happened to that happy feeling? However, joy is not a feeling, joy is an attribute of the Holy Spirit and it does not matter how dark things may look all around us, we still have joy. No, we are not giggling or sitting around smiling, looking like Howdy Doody but we are at peace, another attribute of the Holy Spirit. Because you will not have one without the other, in fact when we have one characteristic of the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit dwells on the inside of us to help us we also have the other eight. It’s impossible not to have the spirit of joy in the full and when we have this to the full that means that there is nothing vacant within us.

Many of us will also say that we have the favor of GOD. But if we truly believed that then we would know and realize that having HIS favor provides us with HIS joy for a lifetime. What is our life, how do we value our life? It’s clear that most don’t see or value life as GOD our Creator does. HIS loving kindness to us is inexhaustible and this alone should prompt us to offer up the sacrifice of praise and to worship HIM.

As one who was born under many generational curses and delivered. Thank YOU, JESUS! The stronghold for me was depression and within the body of CHRIST, this demon is having a field day with the righteousness of GOD. Take your mind off of yourself and what people have said or what you think is being said about you. Take you mind off of how you are or have been mistreated. Stop listening to the devil and his demons speak to you in your mind. Every single negative thought is coming from them and people who suffer from depression are prisoners to these spirits and voices. This is how I took steps to break free from the devil and his demons.

  1. I believed the Word of GOD in that area of my life
  2. I asked the FATHER for HIS help and asked that when HE take out of me whatever was not like HIM to replace within me that which is like HIM.
  3. I then began to worship JESUS.
  4. I did not move until I knew better than I knew my name that I was free.
  5. I thanked JESUS and praised HIM.

JESUS desires that we have joy and that HIS joy within us remain full, nothing lacking and nothing lost. We can’t ever receive a joy overload because joy is refreshed within us daily.

I wrote before that when infilled or baptized in the Holy Spirit we get nine of His attributes or characteristics. Those attributes become ours, meaning that our old attributes are overridden, our character is no longer valid. In the help of the Holy Spirit we can do the impossible this is why it is possible for us to live out this scripture. I can do all things in CHRIST JESUS who strengthens me. Because HIS Holy Spirit is the One who is teaching us how to be Christ-like.

I don’t know if it’s still done today but I know back in the seventies when I came to JESUS one of the witnessing tools that were used is that people would say that we would no longer have trials and tribulations. They gave the impression that all we will be doing is tip-toeing through life smelling tulips without a care in the world. This is not true dear heart. We have trials and tribulations just as the non-believer the thing is this, we don’t face them alone. JESUS is right in the middle with us. We face them head on and take them right to our DADDY and ask HIM to handle the situation or show us how to handle the situation. There are some situations that HE steps in and will handle HIMself and then there are some situations that HE shows us just how to handle. HE teaches us how to budget our money/finances, how to be Godly spouses, Godly parents/grandparents, and family. Whatever area we need HIS help in HE is there to teach us through HIS Holy Spirit this is why it’s so crucial that all not some but all believers be baptized in the Holy Ghost/Spirit. We need to stop being just believers and believe and follow JESUS completely.

Psalms 16:11, 30:5, 63:3, 43:5; John 15:11, Galatians 5:22, James 1:2


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