Do not lose heart

1 Corinthians 4

As trustees of the LORD CHRIST JESUS we must be found in all things trustworthy. Some of us may or may not be in the habit of self evaluation; I suggest that we evaluate ourselves. We spend too much time evaluating others; judging their actions and what it is they say. In most common instances the things that are done are from familiarity as well as the things which are said and it will take time to conform from those things we did and said. Here is an example of what I’m trying to explain; a person may say “I love you to death” when in maturity of speech it would be a better witness to say “I love you to life.” STOP finding fault and love. The ONE who evaluates all with a righteous eye and ear is the LORD GOD. Remember not to judge prematurely; before HE comes HE will shine light on everyone’s darkness if they want that darkness revealed and destroyed from their lives. The LORD GOD knows the exact motives of the heart; we can be fooled sometimes but the LORD GOD can never be fooled at anytime. HE alone will reward us with whatever praise we are deserving of. Use the Word of GOD it is a benefit to us; it helps us to stop taking sides against one another. Nothing about us in the natural is special; what makes us special is the gift that comes from the LORD GOD and in that we have nothing to boast about because it is not us who are able to do anything without the gift which was given to us. For the sake of the LORD JESUS CHRIST we are all ding bats because nothing makes sense to the world when we come to show and speak of the goodness of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. However, because we are united with the LORD JESUS CHRIST we are wise. In our coming with the pure word of the living GOD we are strengthened when you become strengthened yet we are dishonored because you are honored. For centuries the name of JESUS has been defamed as well as the true believers. Many even in 2013 have been killed because of the gospel and the use of the name of JESUS; thrown into jail for holding bible studies in there homes. It’s not easy to go on day by day being cursed, persecuted, slandered and tired because we refuse to stop obeying the Word of GOD and telling others about the LORD JESUS. We go on because of our love for HIM and more so because of HIS love for us. Who is your mentor; is he/she blood washed in the blood of the LORD JESUS and living a life that is an earthly example of the LORD GOD’s will? We have only one FATHER but HE has given us leaders to help guide us; to be an example; not a replacement of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. The LORD GOD did not find fault with Apostle Paul as he fathered/mentored Timothy. The kingdom of the LORD GOD is not chatter but of power. Remove the stick of separation from your hands and come complete in the Spirit of love and gentleness.

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