We all know what it is to be away be it far, forever, or near. We understand that whatever or whoever is not close by is away. People go away from our presence for example by going out of town, or to accomplish their daily routines these are a temporary absence. Then we experience that through loss, things have gone away from us such as possessions or the loss of employment. The last example is when we just leave a room for a moment; we or others have gone away but will return. We all understand that going away signifies moving from one place to another. Most people don’t realize that JESUS CHRIST shared that HIS Words will never go away but everything that HE has created will. So, why are we so very hard pressed to keep close to us the possessions that we have obtained? There is nothing wrong with enjoying anything that we have been gifted with or that we purchased with the money that we worked for. However, it is not in things that we are to lose our mind over once they have gone away through a tragedy such as a burglary; fire; tornado and such, or to trip because someone who has gone away due to death did not leave their possessions to us. Keeping the Word of GOD near should be our priority. Don’t misunderstand me, sure we will experience sadness emotionally, but it should not be a lifestyle.

The heavens and the earth will literally go away, the things that we believe or never considered will go away, why are we clinging to what is temporary and not clinging to what is eternal? The Word of GOD is eternal! GOD said let there be and because by HIS faith HE spoke into existence all that we know, and HE did so by the craftsmanship of HIS holy hands. HIS very creations will all one day go away. CHRIST JESUS and those who believed in HIM will remain forever along with HIS Word. Imagine the world as we know it wearing out like old clothes and being thrown away. Look up towards the sky it’s laid out beautifully now, look around at the earth though it has been destroyed from the beauty that it once was it too will go away. Imagine the sky going away like a vapor. Imagine the people who have not been raptured up into the sky with CHRIST JESUS when HE returns dying like mere flies. The salvation of CHRIST JESUS is eternal it will never go away. HIS righteousness never fails. Our first birth is out of our human effort and because of the sin of Adam every birth from his first born between he and his wife Eve have been born corrupt and will continue to be born corrupt. But our second birth our rebirth is not done out of the effort of humans, so the blood of sin will no longer be present. Our second birth comes from the everlasting Word of GOD and HIS Word is indestructible. GOD’s Word endures eternally forever, and this is our Good News. When CHRIST JESUS returns to gather HIS own, those who do not believe in HIM will not be prepared and because they too will witness this will mourn because they did not believe and are being left behind. The analogy that was given to us is that none of us are ever prepared to be burgled be it our person or our home. Sure, we may have the grandest alarm system on our homes and auto’s; we may even have those personal keychain alarms but let’s face it we are still caught off guard when the thief has come and targeted you. So, when CHRIST JESUS comes back to earth gathering those who believe in HIM the heavens will pass away and it will be done with a thunderous roar. The universe will be burned up and destroyed. The actions of the people will be exposed. There will be no escape for them. And once the completion of what CHRIST JESUS is doing is done everything will go away as if they never existed.


Matthew 24:35; Ps.102:25-26; Is.51:6; 1 Ptr. 1:23-25; 2 Ptr. 3:10


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