Everyone knows what a door is and what a door is used for. But does everyone know that we all have a door to our heart? Well, we do and when it comes to our heart we are the only ones who can open and shut the door to allow or reject entrance. The door is the opening passage that allows the act of sin and negative thoughts to come in. The door is also the opening passage that we allow JESUS to enter in so that HE can clean out what we used to love in sin and HE will furnish the rooms of our heart with HIS actions from the fruit of the Holy Spirit. The Word of GOD informs us that as a man thinks so is he, whatever our spoken language and action of a character which is our integrity it’s because we have allowed this into the entrance of our heart. Everything approaches the heart but giving it access this is on us.

In the Old Testament before JESUS walked HIS created earth among HIS created people. Salvation was based on self-effort and for a while, the people did not have the Ten Commandments and the law that revealed to them that they were sinful. Adam and Eve were the only people who could share the forgiveness, grace, love, and mercy that our Creator GOD has for us. They passed this information down to their descendants and there were those who received by faith and those who rejected the truth. They did not have the written Word, radio or television as we do. However, all the same for each of us we are all born in sin because of Adam and his actions. And because we are already born in sin, sinful actions lies in wait at the door of our hearts and when we act on these sinful impulses it’s because we have opened the door to give it access into our heart. There is only one way to rule over sin and that is to reject sin through the power of JESUS. The more time we spend in the written Word and the application of HIS Word the less likely we will entertain the thoughts of evil or temptation to do what is against CHRIST JESUS. We must guard our eyes, ears, heart, and mind at all times. In CHRIST JESUS we are able to hold our heads high but in sin, we hold our heads down in shame because we have no hope and there are some sins that we participate in that we don’t want anyone to have knowledge of with the exception of those who are the same activity. We need to believe and do what is acceptable to the FATHER in CHRIST JESUS because our faith and actions please HIM. When we ignore what we know is right in JESUS sin will enter in and overpower us. Everything about sin is that it wants us and its desire is to rule over us but JESUS desire for us is that we rule over sin.

If you are anything like me when I was unseasoned in the Word I could not relate sheep to people. However, as I began to mature in the Word I finally saw the relation. Sheep are silly and is known for wandering off and causing injuring to itself. Mankind is also silly and known for wandering off and causing injury to himself. We have a propensity to do things that are despising and mean. Our vile and worthless actions of sin are our outward disdain for godliness and rejection of HIS Word and JESUS. This continuation of rejection will shift us from being sheep to goats. Because goats are delighted to eat course food and frequent rocky terrain. Mankind when they are separated by JESUS when HE comes to judge this world will separate the sheep from the goats, meaning HE will separate those who feed on HIS Word and live by faith from those who feed on course communication, speak lies which are against the Word of GOD, those who do not live by faith and reject CHRIST JESUS in their heart because they never opened the door for HIM to enter in to live. JESUS keeps all HIS sheep together because HE is a good Shepard and HE keeps all those who try to enter in by false pretense out. We are not apart of the sheepfold based on our good deeds and efforts, we are not in the sheepfold based on our religion either or because we were baptized or christen. We can’t even be apart of the sheepfold based on someone in the family, no we are apart of the sheepfold based on our personal relationship with CHRIST JESUS. We must open the door so that the Shepard will enter to care for HIS sheep. We are the doorkeepers of our heart and only we ourselves can open the door of our heart to JESUS because we heard HIM knocking and because we heard the Holy Spirit calling out to us. JESUS the good Shepard will lead us out of the darkness and into HIS marvelous light. Also, JESUS will become our doorkeeper and we will enter into HIM as well. It is here that like JESUS was often heard proclaiming that HIS FATHER was in HIM and HE is in the FATHER that we can now say with boldness that the FATHER and JESUS are in us and that we are in the FATHER and JESUS. We can make this bold statement because CHRIST JESUS has led us to live in and with HIM and continues to lead us through HIM.

The heart has many doors and rooms and just as we opened the master door to our heart we must also open all the doors to give JESUS access to those rooms as well. We will know when JESUS has been given access to what we desire to keep close to our heart that does not line up with GOD’s Word. JESUS is an awesome heart cleaner because HE remains in the one room dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and deodorizing with HIS disinfecting Word. Once HE has cleaned all the mold and infection out of that room and the Holy Spirit is comfortable to live in that room JESUS moves to another room and will knock on that door as well to gain access in. We are always quoting that JESUS will enter into our hearts and dine with us but we leave out that we too will dine with HIM. This is not a onetime dining experience we dine with JESUS each time we study the Word of GOD for ourselves, each time we communicate with HIM, not to HIM, each time we place our reliance on HIM and each time we walk by faith in HIM doing what is pleasing in HIS sight through HIS power within us.

We all need to examine our lives to find out where are we living unfaithfully not trusting GOD in a particular area of our life. Is there unforgiveness, hatred, pride, selfishness, the thought that we are hurting no one because that statement proves that it’s a lie because we are hurting ourselves? These are only a few that I can name off the top of my head but we know where we need to allow JESUS in the door of our heart.

Genesis 4:7, John 10:1-3, 7, Revelation 3:20


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