I used to watch this program on television called Justified it was a great show to watch and I never missed an episode. The premise of the show is that a young Kentucky US Marshall is sent back to his hometown actually as a punishment to enforce the law. He knows everyone and everyone knows him. The only problem is, he enforces the law with his own brand of justice. Made for good drama but this does not make for good real lifestyle living and yet this is how most of us live. We all want equal justice but we are never willing to give it. We take matters into our own hands, we listen to the whispers of others and we assume and you know what they say about those that assume, that you make an ass-u&me.

I’m just trying to shine some light into some dark places for us. I want you the reader to know that if you are a Believer in JESUS CHRIST you should never ever be bothered by the accusations of others. And you should never accuse anyone falsely either. Never entertain lies, when people come to you with gossip excuse yourself politely, do this enough they will get the message. When the calls come, you are busy. If you don’t listen to the gossip, lies and false accusations of others there will be none or very less of you. You must keep in mind that you are a chosen one, GOD’s elect child and that evil accusation against you are not for you to waste your time arguing your defense about. JESUS did not do this so why are we? Now I do understand that there may be far and in between, very rare times when we must give an answer to a false accusation. Doing these times, keep your mouth shut, hear what the person is saying but listen to the Holy Spirit speaking to you because He will tell you what to say, how to say it and when to say it. Did you pick up on what I wrote, if not I wrote (hear, listen) there is a difference? Most people are not aware of this and believe them to be one in the same but they are not.

Hear – to perceive by the ear, feel an impression of sound by the proper organs.

Listen – to attend closely with a view to hear, obey, yield to advice, and follow admonition.

You see most people just hear if they have the ability to do so but many do not listen, those that listen to what they hear follow the advice, or obey what they heard. It’s as simple as that.

Dear ones our FATHER justifies us continually, that means while we are awake we are being justified and while we are asleep we are being justified. Why some of us need to be reminded that all the FATHER sees is the Blood of JESUS on us which justifies us and makes us righteous in HIM through CHRIST JESUS causes me to cry sometimes. Why? Because it’s not being taught in many of our churches and many may read it in their bibles but are not getting it. And then there are those who don’t get it because they just don’t read their bibles and those minute rice devotions just don’t get the job done. We need to stop putting the Word of GOD in the easy bake oven/microwave and sit down and speak with HIM, read HIS Word for about 15 minutes as a start until we just get lost in HIM. We make time for everything else and yet HE still justifies by keeping us in a right relationship with HIMself.

 Romans 8:33


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