We all which includes me must become more aware of our attitude and of what we say to others as well as ourselves. We live in a cold world surrounded by people who are continually speaking words that do not edify themselves or others. Most people have an attitude of just looking out for themselves or what have you done for me lately. This is not how GOD desires for any of us to be, we all should be building up one another. Not with a judgmental attitude we should encourage others to have morals and speak of JESUS telling others who HE is, what HE has done and is doing, and who we are or can be through HIM. It’s okay to instruct one another because it helps in our improvement and progress of having the mind of CHRIST to be holy. There is nothing wrong with us teaching to persuade others to be set free from legalism and the darkness of sin. We must remain in a state that will edify others as well as ourselves.

Let us take on the attitude and mindset to self-deny for the sake of others. We need to practice how to please our neighbors and no I’m not just referring to those who live right next door or in our neighborhood. Our neighbor is everyone, every human soul. We must build one another up spiritually because this is good. In CHRIST JESUS we have liberty and because of this liberty through HIM, we can appear as though we are weak to help the weak. Becoming weak does not mean that we lack strength. Sometimes when people approach me to witness about JESUS, I pretend that I know nothing about HIM just so I can hear if they are speaking the gospel/Good News to win me over. The percentage is 50/50 that some actually know what they are speaking about and there are some who do not have the conviction that JESUS is who HE is. For those that I know are actually my siblings in CHRIST JESUS, I confirm to them that I am a family member and before you know it we are celebrating JESUS and it becomes a ministry in action openly. For those who have shown me that they are not sure who JESUS is I begin to correct them in their weakness showing them that I have a vigorous understanding of my Savior and try to persuade their feeble mind and wanting spirit. When we edify others we must have a moral force of power to convince be it through words or actions. Our edification of others has to be well supported by truth and it is impossible to win people to CHRIST when our conviction in deeds show others that we do not trust JESUS in various areas of our own life. We are to live in total confidence of GOD’s grace. Let us discontinue seeking what is best just for us and seek to find what is best for others. Though we as the children of GOD have liberty within HIM we must be mindful that some if not most of our siblings are weak, still living according to the law and the ways of the world. A major mistake that most of us are guilty of is not adapting to help the growth of those who are weak in faith and maturity. It is pleasing to those who are ignorant of JESUS as well as to our true Christian siblings to adapt as much as possible as to not be offensive. Are we to adapt to sinfulness? Of course not, we can only adapt but so far. We are not to become immoral for the sake of another. However, if there are things that others are comfortable with or do because of rituals that are not against GOD’s Word then, by all means, be as those who are weak so that we can have an open relationship to share the message of salvation in the hope that some if not all will be saved.

Now to those who speak a prophetic message from GOD, GOD’s message is to edify the hearer not tear the hearer down. HIS Word promotes spiritual growth if it does not then what is spoken is for self-glory and not GOD’s glory. Words of encouragement are to uphold and advise people concerning the matters of GOD. These words are to console and be compassionate to comfort. To those who speak in tongues as I do. Stop criticizing those that don’t, if our brothers and sisters do not speak in tongues it’s because they have not heard that the indwelling of the Holy Spirit will provide them with this ability. Then there are others who do not trust that this is a language for today or they have heard too many people who do not speak in this heavenly language pervert this language. And lastly, they believe that it’s a gift not given to everyone but that some are chosen to speak in tongues. We must inform our siblings that speaking in tongues is our native heavenly language and it’s a tool that we use to speak directly to our FATHER. In doing so the enemy and his minions do not understand what we are speaking about and cannot interfere. Also, when we speak this beautiful language it’s for our own edification, no one else benefits from this. However, if we speak in a prophetic tongue in a congregation there must be someone who has the gift of interpretation in order to share the message that GOD is giving to HIS people. Once the congregation is spoken to in their native earthly language then and only then will we all be encouraged and edified. From this we all will be promoted in spiritual growth, wisdom, devotion to the FATHER, live a more holy life and have joy.

It is a good thing to have the knowledge, be educated however, it is a bad thing for knowledge to have us because it makes us arrogant and self-righteous. But when we love and share with others in a non-condemning spirit we show to others that we are unselfish and that we only desire to look for and bring out the best in others. This act of love and kindness will build up and encourage people to grow and become wise. For those that work or attend school, it would be ideal when having lunch with others that the reading of scriptures and speaking about them with one another is done. For those who stay at home the same is also a welcome invite. We should never be ashamed to have people see us reading our Bible or inviting others to read the Bible and speak about what we are reading. This promotes edification with one another. Also, we all need someone to be accountable with. Most of us do not trust our brothers and sisters in CHRIST because most of us wear a mask not wanting anyone in the church to know that we have fleshly struggles and because most of us will condemn and judge others if they do admit that they have struggled. This needs to stop, we all mature in CHRIST at various levels just we do in the natural. Be of help and stop hindering our family from growing. Those who are still fornicating encourage them to stand strong against their desire. If they are not virgins it’s not a desire that is easily overcome but so many of us speak as though all we have done or need to do is just make up our minds to stop and instant chango the desire to have sex is over. The last ignorant witness that I will like to speak on is that many in the body of CHRIST believe that we must eat exactly as it is written in the Old Testament. This is because they are ignorant of the freedom of CHRIST JESUS and that the law has been completely fulfilled in CHRIST JESUS. We no longer have to submit ourselves to how or what we should eat and any other ritual that at one time we had to obey. But, if we desire to adhere to those customs let none of us who live in complete freedom criticize those who desire to live in bondage. If we accept an invitation of others and they have customs as well as eat certain foods then we must be as they are. For example, some desire that our shoes are removed as we enter the door of their home, don’t criticize just do it. Some refuse to eat pork or shellfish, don’t criticize eat without asking so not to be a stumbling block to them because of our freedom. Those who live in the freedom of CHRIST JESUS know that nothing is common in the sight of our LORD. As a matter of fact, this can be used for those who are racist as well, they call themselves Christians yet they have problems with anyone who is of another skin color. Don’t criticize anyone for skin coloring, for what is eaten, for rituals and for the lack of belief if their belief is weak to something but is strong in the knowledge that JESUS is their savior.

Remember to edify not only ourselves but others.


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