What Happens When We Reject JESUS?

Psalm 2:12

This is a difficult article to write because I love sharing GOD’s Word through the Encouragement, Informative, and Inspirational aspect of who the FATHER, SON, and Holy Spirit are. However, there is another side to HIM that for the moment is not kindled as HE displayed it when we read the Old Testament and that is HIS anger. The anger of GOD is an emotion that I am thankful to JESUS for escaping and hopefully, after reading this you will be also or will want to come to JESUS so that you may escape HIS fearsome wrath.

There is a reason why the command to reverence JESUS is given and that is for our benefit. It is so that we can by and through faith in CHRIST JESUS that we not only escape the punishment and torment of death and hell but to escape the wrath of the FATHER and CHRIST JESUS. It is a dangerous and hazardous game we play or life that we live when we keep ourselves at risk to the exposure of not only the FATHER’s wrath but JESUS as well. I cannot try to describe the wrath that those who refuse to reverence JESUS will succumb to but what I advise is to read of all of what happened in the history of what has been given to us in the Old Testament in how GOD dealt with disobedience.

At this very moment, we have no excuse anywhere in the world not to have heard about the Saving Grace of CHRIST JESUS. Today, we live in the age of technology and mankind can look through searching for whatever information that is desired on the internet. Our phones have a plethora of applications that we daily download for our educational and relaxing pleasure. And just as with anything that has been made, it is a tool used for good and evil. We should want to find the good in what we have for our use with our computers and cellular phones and read and listen to the Word of GOD. We should want to find out who JESUS is, what HE did, what HE does, and how does getting to know HIM, benefit us here in our earthly as well as our eternal life. Building a relationship with HIM through faith and love because we will want to get to know HIM for ourselves intimately not by what other people are saying to us, including me.

Any person who does not believe in JESUS by faith in their heart will come to know the anger and resentment of the FATHER and JESUS. Today, we hear about HIS love, and HE reveals HIS LOVE to us during this time which is called “The Grace Dispensation”. In the Old Testament, there are so many scriptures given to us that are there not only as warnings of what will happen but what did happen. They were given to us to teach us what not to do. Here are a few scriptures to share with you just so that in my part I am getting across to every reader as best as I know how, how to stop rejecting JESUS and what will happen if people continue to reject JESUS. Know this JESUS is the same yesterday, today, and forever [Heb. 13:8]

  • 22:22
  • 4:25, 6:15, 7:14, 28: 15-68, 31:17, 32:16, 21
  • 23:16
  • Judges 2:12
  • 2 Sam. 6:7
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  • Job 4:9, 9:13, 21:17
  • 7:18, 20, 25:6, 32:29, 42:18, 44:3
  • 2:1
  • 13:13, 25:14

Whew, I think that those scriptures I have provided are enough. Those scriptures provided show the anger of GOD the FATHER. HIS anger would be kindled by and exacted upon those who refused to trust in HIM and obey what HE had said. Understand that GOD is a LOVING and Most Merciful GOD, HE is a FORGIVER of sins [Rom. 10:9], but HE is not a chump. And now is the acceptable time [2 Cor. 6:2] for any person [1 John 5:1] anywhere to come to CHRIST JESUS by faith in their hearts to escape the wrath that will come without question. The FATHER sent to us as a gift HIS SON [Rom. 5:15-21], CHRIST JESUS who now is the MEDIATOR [1 Tim. 2:5] for believers only because though we believe we are human and either by choice of free will or by mistake we continue to sin. I am not writing that believers live a lifestyle of continuous sins as we once did but as we mature by growing up in JESUS some things, we must realize that we are delivered from, some things we must realize no longer have control over us any longer, some people and places will need to be removed from where we want to go and who we want to spend time with. Once JESUS cleans us inwardly it shows up outwardly. JESUS is our Peace.

Let me see if I can write this plainer than what I thought should be plain to you as my readers. Think of how you feel when you offer yourself to people, and you are slighted [neglected], or think of how you cause people to feel when you neglect them. When we are honest with ourselves, none of us enjoy that feeling that comes from being neglected. None of us want to be emotionally or physically abandoned, no one wants to be intentionally left behind as though we did not matter to the person or people who inflict this wound to our heart and psyche. None of us want to feel cared less for by others but we do this with each other and we do this to JESUS. And the day will come that the FATHER and JESUS will act out their frustrations toward those who rejected GOD’s Only Begotten SON, The LORD CHRIST JESUS.

It is written that JESUS is a LAMB [John 1:29, 36]. But JESUS is also described as a LION [Rev. 5:5, 6:16]. When a lion roars this is not the time to be anywhere where the lion can run and catch, you better be in a place of safety, out of harm’s way. Well, when the anger of the FATHER and the SON has kindled together and JESUS the LION begins to roar, it will be too late to come to HIM. For those of you who reject JESUS, you will not have the opportunity that has been given to us from the time of beginnings to the time of HIS roaring to be in the place of refuge for safety. When the FATHER and SON’s anger is leashed out, who will intercede/pray for us then? The time of sacrifice is over JESUS is the only acceptable sacrifice. There is no thing and there is no one that could or can save us from the wrath of GOD and the punishment that we ignorantly take on.

The greatest sin of mankind is disbelief in JESUS and the actions of that disbelief are the plethora of sins that are within mankind too numerous to know are there.

Just because we do not act out on some of them does not mean that we do not have the propensity to do so. Without JESUS living in the heart of mankind, sins live there and the heart is dark and wicked. With JESUS living in the heart of mankind, righteousness lives there and so does light.

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