We all have the endurance to continue in that which we believe to be vital to us personally. Each and every day we have a made up mind that regardless of how difficult something may seem or come our way we are in a state of lasting duration to stick with the goals that are set before us. For some of us, life seems difficult and we see ourselves struggling just to make it from one day to another or from paycheck to paycheck. Yet, we remain with that tenacity to live and accomplish whatever it is we need to do for the betterment of self and others. We may exhibit impatience or patience but nonetheless, we bear with those hard knocks. We refuse to allow the opposition to cause us to sink under the pressure and we live to sustain another day.

Most of the struggles we have in life are due to the fact that we never went to the FATHER to find out HIS will for our life for today. We don’t check with HIM to find out if what it is that we desire to do is what HE desires us to do and if HE is in agreement with what it is that we must do. We are not listening to HIS directions in how to obtain our achievable goals without all the unnecessary stress that we place on ourselves. As I wrote we all endure something every day because we need to endure just getting up and going about our day is a need for endurance. However, our day must be that of the FATHER’s will for us because HE has given to us a promise. The promise that the FATHER gave to HIS children is the Holy Spirit who we need to live within us, He gives us power, understanding, and wisdom through speaking to us about JESUS and how JESUS operated while on the earth and how we are to follow the Word of CHRIST JESUS. Nothing on earth is new we just have different character players from generation to generation. All sin is still being orchestrated by the ruler of darkness and all deliverance is given through CHRIST JESUS. Now I’m not writing that we the children of the living GOD will not face opposition because we will and we do. However, when the Holy Spirit lives within us we are able to face oppositions in patience with joy and peace. Instead of allowing stress to overtake us and cause us to react in ways that please the father of lies.

Beloved, we are never alone because first we were told that JESUS will never leave us or forsake us. I consider this to be important because JESUS actually said that HE will not leave us twice. Did you know that forsake actually means not to abandon, depart from, desert, leave entirely, and quit? This is great assurance and not only that but we are forever in the company of those angels who have charge over our lives. And lastly, we don’t use our spiritual eyes to see that we are surrounded by so many family members in the body of CHRIST than there are in the body of satan. We need to walk away from our old passions of the flesh that are not of JESUS, walk away from anything and everything that we believe is too difficult for us not to live with which include people. All of us are on various maturity levels in the knowledge of CHRIST JESUS however, it is far better to surround ourselves with our brothers and sisters in CHRIST than to surround ourselves with those that we love who live in outer darkness. We all have to endure the pressures of life, we live, work and play with people who do not believe in JESUS and are against us because JESUS lives within us. It’s not personal its spiritual this is why we must open our spiritual eyes and see rather than look with our natural eyes and assume. Show the world through the action of love rather than being judgmental or spiritually police finding wrong in others. Live life with the endurance of forgiveness, grace, love, and mercy as JESUS our example setter provided us with.

Hebrews 10:36, 12:1


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