1 Corinthians 1

To the household of faith we are so greatly loved and are partakers of our FATHER’s great kindness through our LORD JESUS. In JESUS our LORD we have from the FATHER the power to speak with a depth of knowledge which cannot be obtained through school or religion but through the Spirit of Wisdom. JESUS our LORD has a testimony concerning us which is established. We stand in lack of nothing concerning spiritual gifts; however, I’d like to add that we lack nothing in the natural either. What we stand in need of in the natural is not given because we are not asking appropriately or to phrase it according to scripture “we ask amiss”. For natural request our motives must be pure and we must be responsible. Only through JESUS our LORD can we maintain until HIS re-appearing. Our living, loving, providing GOD; is faithful even though we prove sometimes to be faithless. GOD our LORD called us; HE looked for us until we heard HIS call and where found. We never called out to HIM; we never went searching for HIM and HE has never been lost; we were or are depending on your relationship with HIM. Our communion with HIM is all through CHRIST JESUS our LORD. So, now that we know that we are enriched and that we lack nothing; why is there so much competition among us? Why can’t we agree in what we say; since what we speak is to come from the mouth of JESUS our LORD? HE does not change; HE is the same yesterday, today and eternally; what we speak should be found in HIS Word. There has been a split for far too long; we are not good witnesses with such differentials. We all should be of one mind and heart; we are not to promote ourselves through various doctrines of denominations. We are to lift the LORD JESUS higher for all to see. Which denomination has the power to baptize us? Which denomination died for our sins on the cross and rose again with all authority given from the FATHER? And I include which man or woman died and rose again for the salvation of humankind? Tell me; so that I can have a clear understanding of being in the wrong. I hope that I’m not being conceited; however, my mission is to carry and deliver the Good News with all boldness, encouragement and inspiration. My desire is to see the lost found and saved in the name of JESUS. To encourage all who have lost all hope. To inspire us all to not give up; to keep the faith regardless of what we see. I love to learn; especially those things that will inspire me to say if they can do it so can I. And if it’s been done once with success; it can be done again by me with GOD’s help through the LORD JESUS. I wrote that to write this; I’m not the most educated woman and I’m certainly not the dumbest. When I need wisdom; which daily it proves worthy to ask the owner for what belongs to HIM. Wisdom is not obtained through books, tapes/CD’s/DVD’s; school; our environment or our experience. We get knowledge from all those avenues. GOD is awesome in that HE will use what we consider wisdom to confuse what is happening. Take for instance the situation we are in today economically; we look to the government for answers when the answer is found in JESUS. To keep millions of employed personnel out of work to shake the finger and say there; is foolish. Everyone is being affected and the overall victims are the babies; the sick and the elderly. GOD has already ordained that the world using its own wisdom will not come to know HIM. So stop fighting a losing battle; give up; come to JESUS be Saved make HIM your LORD; cultivate a relationship with HIM that is personal and do away with religion and tradition. The LORD GOD who is not nonsense at all; yet, viewed to be nonsense is wiser than all of humanity’s wisdom; which is none. The LORD GOD who is not weak at all is stronger than all of humanity’s strength combined. To the called; consider yourself. Many of us have been battered by life and abused; told that we were unloved; unwanted; nothing and so on. However, the CREATOR of humankind placed a blueprint within our DNA. We just don’t know it; we’ve been surrounded by dream killers but I’m here to write that you are the next world shaker; you are the next history maker; you can fulfill those dreams. Stop living by the worlds standards; it’s gotten you nowhere so far. Stop being ashamed of your past; look forward to what you can do in JESUS in the future. When others glorify you; remember to give glory to GOD the FATHER and to JESUS the LORD. Boast about how JESUS picked you up when you were in a fallen state; how HE imparted HIS holiness, HIS redemption, HIS righteousness, HIS unity and HIS wisdom on you. HE did it for me; so I’m assured that HE will do it for you. http://amfbem.me

JESUS (18)

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